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I don't give access, generally. For one, nearly everything posted is public, so you're not missing out on anything by not having that access. If I do post something under access-lock, it is probably something intensely personal, and so I'd be hand-selecting who I want to see it.

(This idea stolen and modified from [personal profile] trascendenza, who first broached it in their own journal when talking about commenting culture and their own anxieties.)
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So. This is a bit awkward to write, not just because there's a whole cultural Thing involved here, but because, y'know, we try so hard to put up a front of invincibility, or at least competence, that it's difficult to say that you've basically Failed.

I've bought into the myth of the American Dream, where it should be possible for any person to enjoy a middle-class lifestyle with a family (or at least a significant other and yourself) on a single income, especially one of a government functionary with a reasonably good college degree. Perhaps in another economy, this might be possible.

I knew that this was basically impossible for someone at a minimum wage job, even providing for themselves. For a while, living by myself, it seemed like I could pull it off - at least for living by myself. Then, well, relationships, and pets, and unexpected expenses, and let's just say that the budget is not looking healthy. And continues to not look healthy.

This is not, unfortunately, the kind of thing where I can say "I just need a little money to take care of those unexpected expenses and all will be well." I would rather not be a charitable burden on someone for an indefinite amount of time, until my salary catches up or the budget gap gets filled with work from my significant other. So, to try and fill the budgetary gap, at least until my S.O. can find steady work, I present the following offer:

I Want Work.

I have various and sundry skills - I can write, read, edit, create ePUBs, make simple static web pages, research, simply edit audio, images, and video, and and other things. I have various oracles that may be helpful to you. Programming, unfortunately, is beyond my ken. I'm pretty good at looking at something and being able to adaptit with some examples and a lot of thinking, but creating stuff out of whole cloth? Not my thing right now.

There are a few caveats:
  1. Obviously, whatever Work you have to offer will have to be something done electronically (or that you're willing to pay for the postage cost to and back for). I cannot travel, nor do I expect you to be willing to travel for the Work
  2. This must be Work that you are willing to pay for. I can't take much in trade (unless it's a Really Cool Trade) because the bills still have to be paid.

Prices are to be negotiated based on the Work you would like me to do. Payment method will have to be negotiated, as I do not have PayPal or other electronic methods. You can leave a comment or use the private messaging system to contact me. Any comment threads will be screened upon request.

So, yeah, I need work. And lots of it.

Please pass the message along to your contacts and others who might have some money to spare and Work they are willing to pay someone to do. I know, in this economy, that this is unlikely, but it never hurts to ask.

Please link to this post so that I can be sure that everything is in one place.
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Okay, so I floated an idea and people seemed willing to work with it. So, here's how this goes:

I've had enough experience with the game of baseball, as player, viewer, follower, fan, and umpire that it's always going to be a party of my life. I was thrilled to discover, early on in life, that someone had created a tarot deck based on the game of baseball. It's a very visually appealing deck, and like other decks, closer examination can sometimes reveal details that inform the construction of the image.

Here's where you come in: Baseball can be confusing, especially for people whose only exposure is television broadcasts, because there's a lot that goes on in a baseball that the cameras don't focus on. Same thing with Tarot. So, whether you're curious about the game or the deck, here's an opportunity to scratch the knowledge itch.

Leave me a prompt about a baseball term or thing, or your favorite card in a Tarot deck, and a date (or date range) when you would like to read about it, and I'll find the card in the deck that has the term or the equivalent from another deck, then write something to post on the day you choose.

If there's no prompted card for any given day, a card will be drawn at random for that day and you'll get to hear me talk about that.

I also plan on front-loading as much information for this as possible, so I may be writing posts well in advance of the actual day. More prompts is better, in this case.

Here's the current calendar of prompts:

  • December 01: The Rookie (The Fool)

  • December 02: The All-Star (The Magician) for [personal profile] redsixwing

  • December 07: The Seventh-Inning Stretch (Reflection/The Hermit) for [personal profile] nanila

  • December 22: The Five Of Mitts (Error) for [personal profile] strangecharm

  • December XX: The Three Of Balls (Shake-Off) for [personal profile] cxcvi

  • December XX: Slump (The Hanged Man) for DawnM

  • December XX: The Eleven of Bats (Switch Hitter) for [personal profile] redsnake05

If you're not on the list, why not suggest something? Or go look at [personal profile] kaberett's list of December Days postings.
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So! There's a big fandom friending thing going on - your host is [personal profile] theladyscribe. If you're looking for more people writing fic and talking about shared interests, go find, go find!. It's already four pages long and likely to grow more.

But I'm not participating. (I may end up doing December Dailies on a shared baseball/tarot theme, analyzing cards from said Baseball Tarot deck at request of audience. Yea/Nay?)

Because I feel excluded. Which is a bit odd to be saying, considering I watch media, and read books, and listen to podcasts, and otherwise comment when others are talking about their media diet. I'm even trying for detailed media analysis of a classic series of science fantasy, so I don't think I'm somehow outside the community of fandom in many ways and places.

However, the way things are constructed for the friending, I feel like there's an incredible weighting toward those who regularly write fiction in their fandoms. Which I do not.

So, what's being asked, outside of a Dreamwidth user name?

tumblr username
other platforms (please specify):

I realize tumblr has made it very easy to be fannish, with the ability to reblog and with the focus on single things making a post, really. And other locales are likely to be AO3 and so forth. Not really much of an issue, but since I have neither tumblr nor AO3 account, or anywhere else, really, apart from the company I keep on other platforms and locations, I'm already putting up a sparse profile.

active/primary fandoms:
inactive/secondary fandoms: (fandoms you like to read/watch but maybe don’t fic or otherwise engage in)

I don't really consider anything in my media diet a primary affair (or even a few somethings), and the inactive commentary suggests that engagement is primarily fiction made in that fandom. It's possible for "commentary on that piece of media" would count as engagement, but I don't do that here, instead appearing in other places to talk with people in their domain. I don't think I've done much for posts on those matters. So, it's pretty easy to define me completely out of active fandoms and to make all of mine inactive ones or secondary ones. Which is a pretty pitiful profile, if I'm not really anywhere and don't really have anything that I'm active in.

I post about: (fandom, real life, combination)

And then, the options here suggest that one speaks of fandom, or of one's personal life, or a combination, but not really any other options. Since I'm a linkspammer with an eye toward current and newsworthy events, and the other eye with the magpie's avarice for shiny things, and only rarely do I dive into introspection or work-type talk, I'm an "other" in this category, too, talking and explaining too much, with too little in the keywords department or the published work portfolio to be easily scannable and to have a decision made about.

So I don't think I'd be much in gathering people as friends during this affair, even if there are wonderful people out there who would be great conversation partners and very insightful.

Which goes to the other part of the lack of participation - to have assembled a corpus of work in various fandoms or original working requires an investment of time that I'm not able to produce, as well as being inspired to write things (which, frankly, I haven't been, except for that one plotbunny that I will get around to when I have a very large amount of uninterrupted time and no other projects to work on). To be a reviewer or reader takes time and reading and kudos left. I'm neither of those things. I'm hanging out in meta land, ready to talk character development or plot speculation or overall theme, which I think is a part of fandom, just not one really served by this friending thing.

This isn't to say it's bad or that people shouldn't participate, just that I'm probably am edge case who thinks I'm a bigger slice of the pie and doesn't feel included, when I'm really just on the edge of the bell curve.
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Given the prevalence of food allergy in children, it may be wise to have non-food items to give as Halloween treats. Use a teal pumpkin as the signifier of those items.

Twelve steps that can help a parent be able to help an angry child learn how to handle anger and emotion well. In some ways, I think this would work on adults as well, especially ones that may not have had much training in how to handle things as children.

Lacking monetary resources to engage in your life stresses your store of willpower, leaving the poor often without the willpower necessary to make improvements on getting out of poverty. The suggestion is to find ways to avoid spending the will - instead of resolutions, definite actions that prevent temptation from appearing (like removing the television instead of resolving to watch it less).

The National Health Service of the United Kingdom wants to lead by example regarding health - so they will try for healthy food in hospitals (good) and strongly encouraging staff to join gyms, exercise programs, and weight-loss ventures (bad).

If you think girls only play with their dolls in ways the advertisement shows...think again.

Equality of time spent doing unpaid housework does not mean equality of chores or of work performed, so articles claiming equality based on time are not making good claims.

The 2014 Nobel Peace Prize is shared between Malala Yousafzai, who was shot in the head by the Taliban for advocating girls' education, and Indian children's rights advocate Kailash Satyarthi. The committee acknowledged the synergy of selecting a Hindu Indian and a Muslim Pakistani for the prize, whose criteria is for the person (or persons) who best advance the cause of fraternity between nations.

The death of the first diagnosed Ebola patient in the United States has his family calling for an investigation on how he was treated, with allegations that the staff treated him differently because he was a black man without insurance instead of a white person with insurance, despite showing appropriate symptoms of the infection and mentioning he had been to a region that has the virus. The four days he spent not getting medical care could have been the difference between life and death.

After several significant failures of security and discretion by the Secret Service, the head of the agency resigned. Scandals involving the Secret Service involve armed people getting into elevators with the President, scandals involving prostitutes and agents, and a person who jumped the fence and entered the White House before being captured.

Since the elections of 2010 that made many states governed by Republicans, those Republicans have been busy passing new laws that restrict who is eligible to vote and that require unprecedented amounts of documentation to vote. Occasionally, the courts block such laws when they are too obviously designed to force Democratic-leaning voters to jump through new hoops, such as in Texas and Wisconsin. Sometimes the Republican government decides to act more directly, launching fraud investigations against groups tied to prominent Democrats, even though voter fraud is nearly nonexistent. The organization is now hounding the Secretary of State to process all of the 86,000 registrations turned in, instead of only the half they have done so far. The Secretary of State for Georgia claimed not to know where the missing registrations are, and seems uninclined to try and find them.

And then there are blatant lies. Like the Congresscritter that claimed fighters for the Islamic State crossed the Mexico-United States border and were arrested, prompting both the Department of Homeland Security and the Mexican Embassy to state that claim was baseless and false.

A North Dakota Congresscritter filmed a political ad in a veterans' cemetery, using the tombstones as his backdrop. The poor taste by itself should have been enough, but it may also have been in violation of election rules.

The data is in, and it suggests that the Affordable Care Act has achieved the things it wants to, and is managing to avoid the projected pitfalls its opponents were sure would happen. It's a success, and because of that, it's not being used as a punching bag for the elections.

In saying he wants to die at 75, a bioethicist says he doesn't want to decline into nothing through the process of old age and modern medicine, and unintentionally makes strong cases for why socialized medicine is an excellent idea - it relieves the burden of caring for long-lived parents and it also means being able to get care for the youngest, even when it would not be affordable. The article, though, even though the author denies it, advocates for the idea of old people and the disabled being left to die after they have reached an arbitrary age. The discussion from this idea focuses on the points not said explicitly. And with age often comes a new perspective on the matter of dying, as well as the process of dying.

A tourist went into a bookstore at five minutes to close, past employees, spent fifteen minutes on the Internet, then had to resort to social media to get out - even after tripping the alarms.

Outlander is a show following an increasing tradition of showing the female gaze and complex, competent female characters. This is a good trend and should continue.

Kate Harding is looking at the larger context of women changing their name at marriage and says feminism should focus on that, not on having to justify why their choice to change was feminist and right for them.

In attempting to insult him, trolls inspire Mr. Scalzi to explore the idea of his very own person gender, scalzine. The community reacts generally positively, and the trolls keep trying.

The politicians are not helping. A Colorado political candidate declared that an IUD causes an abortion, which is patently not true, as IUDs prevent fertilization and implantation. And the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals allowed a Texas law that requires abortion clinics to meet nearly-impossible standards to stand, forcing the closure of all but seven clinics in the state. Yet those politicians will still claim there's no burden or undue hardship being placed on women who want to access abortion services.

Attempting to find sex and gender differences in the brains of very young children and proclaim that men are and women are from these things is a fool's errand.

After a credible threat of mass violence, Anita Sarkeesian canceled a planned speaking engagement when the institution said it could not prevent persons with concealed weapons (and attendant permits) from attending due to state law.

A Florida city has ruled that data collected by cellular phone towers requires a warrant to access, and may also require warrants for the use of devices intended to mimic cellular phone towers. Using the data the towers collect as cellular phones establish network connections allows law enforcement to determine the locations of the phones, and by extension, their owners.

Ever thought about the personalities of the Canadian provinces of they were personified as high school students?

To promote a love of reading and writing in school, there must be more reading, writing, and discussion, rather than arbitrary distinctions of what is reading and assignments that don't involve reading.

At many of our lowest points, some of us do better being told what to do rather than having an offer of help.

To get people, especially children, to listen, there are six things that we think work, but don't. It's quite effective to do what's recommended in the post.

Snapchat, a service that claimed to work in one-time-viewable picture messages, had had an archive of transmissions dumped onto the World Wide Web after a service that archived Snapchat transmissions using a third-party application was hacked. Snapchat blames the problems on its users using third-party applications, which its TOS explicitly forbids, but those applications were only possible through a reverse-engineering of the Snapchat API, suggesting that Snapchat didn't do enough to secure itself in the first place.

An older version of web security is vulnerable to a client attack over open wireless access called POODLE. There are enough people using older brothers and operating systems that this is a possible problem, but the attack requires someone being connected to the same network and using old security protocols.

Last for tonight, The Purple Store, where all the items for sale are purple-colored, and various facts about the world, history, and other assorted miscellaneous et cetera.

And how erotic fanfic is better than mainstream pornographic video because fanfic creates characters, as opposed to porn that transforms people into body parts.

Okay, and A. A. Milne reading a chapter from Winnie-the-Pooh, but that's it.
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My most recent flirt with my destructive mindset produced a few new ideas about myself that I hadn't considered in detail. And a few that I already knew fairly well.

I am apparently ridiculously weighted in favor of other people's praise. This is a bad thing in a profession where external praise is often limited to occasional comments, unless you hit the rockstar jackpot and have something published in a prominent publication.

Some part of this weighting might have to do with the time of the previous manager, whose name should be spoken only as a curse, and who I generally try not to interact with when she is in the branch as a user, least my resentment show through at how she tried to get me fired with at least one lie and several more uncharitable interpretations of mistakes. Because when you're afraid your manager is capricious, the way you fight back is with numbers and commentary.

Librarianship is increasingly a numbers game, using quantitative methods to try and classify a qualitative service. Circulation, attendance, door counts, and other statistics are all thrown together to try and determine whether the library is appropriately staffed, has sufficient budget, and is doing things the community finds meaningful. It's not completely a numbers game - my most popular programs for teens, basically a hangout and play games program, was killed twice, despite the numbers, because The Brass didn't approve of a program that didn't Do Something. While the building itself was having the issues that come from having too many teenagers in too little space. For the most part, however, numbers are becoming increasingly more important in determining things. And bad comments about you can be deadly, just like in other customer service jobs.

Librarianship is also a profession where badassery is required on a daily basis. The basic setup of the help desk is that you can provide information (or at least the beginning of a path to information) and recommendations to people on any topic they can conceive of, often on a short deadline. Then add in having to manage people when they are unruly, dispute your account of their due dates or fees, or are uninclined to follow policies and procedures (or, in at least one recent case, although not in my library system, attempting to burn the library branch down because their fines were not waived), pile on the expectation of regular programming, often on no budget, and then add on all the potential drama of a workplace and Management, all for a salary that can suck, and a big likelihood that you're employed part-time, so no benefits for you, and you have a public librarian. That's badass by itself.

Youth and teen librarianship, sometimes even more so. Because take everything above, add an often weekly or many-times weekly expectation for a stage show for the very youngest...and their parents, the knowledge that if children or teenagers are misbehaving, you will be expected to wade in and be the disciplinarian, summer reading programs, school visits, and up the difficulty of your information and recommendation requests with the added twist that you will be almost constantly working with incomplete, missing, or incorrect premises and information. And understand that your work, since so many youth librarians are women, will be discounted and assumed to be just a natural extension of being a woman (or that people will thank you for being a rare male in the profession).

There's a reason I'm only half-joking when I respond to people asking if they can do something for us with "Say all those nice things you said about us, but in writing, so I can give it to my supervisor."

So, yeah, business as usual is actually pretty impressive, not that people notice the use of the soft skills. And performing at a high level makes things that are impressive seem routine. Which means that when there is praise, it often seems undeserved, because it's "just" business as usual. Where the praise that I really want is from people in the profession, who know all the things and can compliment the whole thing. Or publish articles and/or posts about it. That, however, is into rockstar territory.

That's one part of Impostor Syndrome - there isn't enough meaningful praise from peers, supervisors, and other people who can appreciate the complexity of the work.

The other part is that the praise has to be unsolicited or it doesn't count. Which, um, yeah. There are a lot of librarians working alone - and others where it can seem that way. And my organization isn't exactly chatty about the compliments. So while going fishing for positive things often turns them up, it seems to cheapen the experience to have to ask.

That's work. Then there's home, and that's the actual reason for the title of this post. Holidays, for me, have always been about gathering friends and family together to share meals, stories, and camaraderie - to eat too much, make fun of things (sometimes each other in a general, good-natured way), and otherwise enjoy each other's company. I've been in my current location for many years now, but the local people I know are through work or through Significant Other...and they all have lives and aren't very local, so it's not very easy to call an Orphan's Feast, or to go up to someone else's house, because animals must be taken care of. And family is quite a ways away, so while there are contact methods, it's not the same.

So that leaves me in the un-enviable position of desiring lots of human contact for my holidays from among my friends, not having local friends to invite over, and so suffering the holidays.

Then there's the money concerns, which are always true and slightly more concerning around the holidays.

So if I admit that I don't have the holiday spirit...and haven't, for a while, now you know why.

Completely unrelated to this, if you want to spread good things about people, [personal profile] kaberett is holding a place to give compliments, also called a love meme. My thread is in there, if you want, but there are also many others who could use it. Or nominate yourself or others.
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[personal profile] plures linked us to a piece on "hateability", or the invisible attribute applied to certain groups that make them acceptable targets for violence, harassment, and trolling, by [personal profile] amorpha in 2011. Now I have a single word what used to take the entire Geek Social Hierarchy to try and hint at, and for that, I am immensely thankful.

The applicability of the word and concept are immediate and far-reaching. For example, in current Republican and conservative politics, women and minorities have much more hateability than white men, and poor people are also more hateable, even if they are white, perhaps especially if they are white. Also, though, intelligent people are more hateable, because people have successfully been sold on the idea that people who are smarter than you believe they are better than you - by people who are smarter than they are and do believe their intelligence, wealth, and privilege make them better.

The piece, however, mentions plural bodies and the Otherkin as examples of how groups can receive the invisible stigma that marks them as acceptable targets based on models of the world that must categorize everything, and generally do so dualistically into things that are/are possible/are desirable, and those that are not. Things that exist outside the mental model must be reclassified in such a way that brings them into these mental model - so plurals who choose to live plurally are refused existence as themselves and become not really plural with the accusation of "faking it" or "not really being multiple/dissociative" because they don't meet the definition a hater uses to define the world around them (to mean "one body, one mind, one entity inside"). Anybody outside "cis, straight" as their self-perception and orientation doesn't meet the definition conservative Abrahamic religions use to define real people. Anyone who doesn't see themselves as human entities, but are yet stuck in human bodies don't meet the definition of real people because body is definition. By their target not meeting the definition of "real", a hater no longer has to feel empathy for the target, and therefore can hate without tripping their own conscience.

One of the things a cursory study of Eastern religious and philosophical thought will turn up is a running theme that things do not sort so easily into categorizations without harm being done. Not This, Not That. Buddhism seeks to separate a person from being caught in the illusion of This And That by ceasing the operations of a mind that insists it must categorize and distinguish, least reality itself come undone. To which the Buddhists point out that the reality the mind insists is there is also an illusion, crafted by that same mind that must distinguish. Quiet and still the mind, and all the illusions will fall away, leading to the enlightenment where one no longer insists on This or That.

The Daoists are a little less dour about it, but they also point out that from the cosmic whole came two, and from them, innumerable things, all of which are still part of the cosmic whole, and which contain their opposite inside them, nebulously, at all times, so every This has a That already in it, and so trying to exclude That from This is a pointless exercise.

In other beliefs and traditions that are nominally invested in the saving of as many souls as possible for their deity, there's at least a wave at the idea that everyone should be at least given the option to join the committee of the select. Yet here we have people being jerks and assholes to other people they have never met, based entirely on whether or not those other people fit an arbitrary definition of normality. Its not like someone can choose whether or not to climb Mount Normal or not. And for many, to do so would do great violence to their selves and leave them as much less than what they are.

Yet haters are still gonna hate. Because in our brains, we have to determine who's in and who's out as a question of surviving and thriving with each other. The brain says to trust those who are like you and distrust those who aren't. And even in this technologically advanced age, we're still struggling with that - discrimination of certain forms is prohibited by law, but those whose job it is to enforce the law end up in a lot of situations that look like they're discriminating in precisely those forbidden forms, and the people who can prove it are conveniently dead. Or sentenced to very long prison stays.

Or their politicians engage in that discrimination by passing laws and initiatives that say "you cannot have these rights, we reserve them for people like us only, who believe as we do." And "you may have these rights, but you cannot access them except at great expense and difficulty, because we believe you should not have them but are barred from taking them away completely."

Or they use their money to purchase the government so that the rules will be rewritten to favor them and give them the power to enforce their own beliefs on their employees, whether legally permitted or not, with the very real threat of leaving and taking the economy with them as their leverage.

Or they use the power of their technology or their fame to intimidate, harass, and silence those voices that talk about the advantages conferred by looking or acting a certain way, by holding a particular position in society, or how media and technology often cater to certain groups without considering the large swath of others who are also interested in this thing and want it to work for them too.

Because they lack the ability to see with new eyes, from perspectives not their own. Because they've been told they should be ruling at the top, but instead they're toiling at the bottom. Because there's so much invested in making sure that they fight with each other instead of fighting together. Because they're sure they aren't one of the players that gets to play, so the remaining option is to be the hater that's gonna hate.

As an example, have I mentioned how much I love Sarah Mensinga's Dragon Girl? It's a great story because it's about a princess asserting herself and getting what she wants, after some false starts where others try to convince her that she should be happy in some other role.

It is also an Otherkin fairy tale. Not because Sarah Mensinga is Otherkin (to the best of my knowledge, anyway), nor because the tale is explicitly so (Vylah's motivation for wings and fire breath is so that she can stay with the family she's always had), but because it is about a girl who wants a body form more like the dragons she was raised by, and because the tale explicitly ends "And so she did. And Vylah was happy." So it's not a story, like the others, where someone is transformed by magic as a curse and wants to go back to their human forms, but one where the princess wants to not be human. And for someone who understands at the core of their being that they are not human, a story about someone who wants and gets what they want in this way can be powerful.

Does that make this tale more hateable? Having pointed out this aspect of the story, does that revise anyone's opinion of it? Should Sarah Mensinga be persecuted by the under-bridge dwellers of the World Wide Web because she created a story with a strong woman? Because it could be read as a tale for a group that is traditionally very hateable? Because princess stories should be cast in the Disney mold, with happy marriage as the end result for princesses always? (Even Frozen does this - Princess Anna is getting married, Queen Elsa isn't.)

If any of those questions sound ridiculous, it's because they are. But not all cases are this explicit. And not all cases will be this detached, either. Because there is an organized anti-you brigade out there somewhere, waiting for the point in time where you identify or ally with their chosen target. You can see them at work on others who are vocal about their membership in hateable groups.

So, if there's an Us and a Them, is it because there's a difference, sometimes strong, but that essentially the two can coexist or the errors can be corrected? Or is it because one group is being excised out entirely and becoming an acceptable target? Down the latter path lies atrocities considered acceptable. That way lies the Bad End for everyone.
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Understand this: A teenager that comes out to their family has a high chance of being sent off to live on the streets - and in families with strong religious beliefs about the evils of being anything other than straight, the chances of the term becoming homeless skyrocket. Yet there is precious little money available to shelter these teenagers and help them rebuild their lives, and even less space that is friendly to them and that will place them with people of similar orientation. I would like to see those politicians that claim to be all about life, and those religious figures that claim to respect and want to nourish life, both put their considerable resources to the sustaining of all life, including life that may not believe as they do, but needs their support anyway.

Additionally, women and children stuck in Quiverfull and other highly Christian movements are often willingly suffering in abusive environments because they have been taught to believe that God wills it. There would be another place for those concerned with life to put their efforts - in ensuing that women and children can live full lives and that have the resources to leave if the life they have is abusive and dangerous. That is, if conservatives weren't so entirely wrapped up in trying to make women get back into the kitchen and/or bedroom and make pie or babies at their man's behest.

Now that the state of California has passed a law requiring affirmative consent ("yes means yes") for sexual encounters, observe that affirmative consent is often the sexiest option, instead of the buzzkill it is claimed to be. And when talk is actually engaged, it generally results in better sex for all partners involved.

In 2011, attempting to write to companies to ask for accommodation on websites and apps resulted in total failure from the companies to do anything. I sincerely doubt anything has changed in the last three years. Persons with disabilities do not exist to make you feel inspired in your own life. If you want to be inspired by persons with disabilities, fight to make sure everything in your life is accessible. The way things are framed, though, even stories that aren't suppressed to be about inspiration end up being that way - an article about the Maine Coon cat that helps an autistic artist be more social and interactive plays up the cat as a miracle creature, instead of pointing out all the ways an animal of proper temperament can be therapeutic.

A 2012-2013 series of writings by [personal profile] tim on Impostor Syndrome is still relevant today, especially with regard to how institutions can believe their work with minorities is completed once minorities are recruited. Part One points out that if someone is told only a limited number of outlets and traits are good and acceptable, unsurprisingly, those traits and outlets tend to take on outsize influence in determining self-worth. Part Two points out the deck is often stacked heavily against people who don't conform to the idea of what the people in power believe are people who should be included, Part Three points out that those made to feel left out from a club will tend to stop coming, those that excluded them will believe it's because the excluded aren't worthy, and those excluded will often develop and cling to their own hierarchy in revenge, committing the same cardinal fouls as the group that pushed them out, and Part Four offers concrete suggestions for academic institutions on how to make themselves more inclusive past the recruiting point, so as to not generate Impostor Syndrome in students.

United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron offered a distinctly United States-style lack of justification for tax cuts intended to help the wealthiest, and attempted to dissuade voters from going for an anti-EU party by claiming any vote not with him was with the Opposition. Other members of the Government plan on changing all welfare benefits to be pre-paid cards, only usable in certain situations, so as to combat what the Government believes are rampant use of benefits for cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, and other vices.

The United Kingdom would like more sperm donors, but is having to fight through cultural shame and other factors to get them.

In China, as protesters call for democratic reforms, viruses and malware appear through channels designed to hit people who have jailbroken or rooted phones, which will disproportionately affect those people protesting. It's not necessarily possible to trace the malware to its source, but high probability that it is government or their allies responsible.

A 1959 map shows the linguistic boundaries of Africa, based on native languages. And people wonder why there might be a lot of conflict in Africa once the white oppressors abandoned the place to the capitalists and left all the rest behind. Of course, in America, we're still trying to forget that White people enslaved Black people.

Adobe's digital rights management software and Adobe Digital Editions appear to be collecting personal data from those who read ebooks and sending it back to a mothership. This has many libraries upset about the privacy issues involved, as their partners in ebooks use Adobe DRM almost exclusively.

In the United States, an organization that believes firmly on allowing ordinary people to manufacture their own unregulated guns is now in the business of selling machines that can manufacture the regulated portions of assault rifles. The Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics Department offers an interesting counterpoint - the odds are more likely for someone to die from being shot by a police officer than for a police officer to die by being shot.

Code and proof of concept for an attack that strikes at the USB protocol and rewrites microcontroller firmware was demonstrated at the Black Hat conference. In the words of C-3PO, "We're doomed." Or, at least significantly screwed for a while.

KMart is the latest target for data-stealing thieves, with malware installed on register computers.

23andMe, a (now) genetic ancestry service, decided to not automatically enroll people in a service that would have them matched up with other genetic relatives, after such matching discovered family members from indiscretions or earlier relationships in more than one case.

A mother sued the sperm bank that provided for her child at she discovered she had been given the wrong donor, resulting in a black child being raised by white parents in a white neighborhood. The stated reasons appear to be that the white woman has a black baby. Which doesn't engender anyone to her.

A politician who suffered a serious Twitter harassment campaign was unhappy about how seriously it was taken, even if the harasser was jailed.

For as much as one promotes the new possibilities brought by technology, one must keep in mind how the materials and manufacturing of that technology happens. As well as the consequences of that technology - the television show Person of Interest, much like The X-Files that preceded it, has subtly and obviously made commentary on the question of technology and surveillance, while packaging it in the guise of a novel-seeming detective story.

Sport is still trying and failing to find a way to allow intersex athletes to compete, because it is still trying to find definitions of what constitutes men and women, presuming that men intend to compete in the women's divisions. This should sound familiar to anyone who had had to deal with bathroom panic.

A photograph and bio article about First Nations women trying to preserve their languages and cultures. The women alternate between dress in what is presumably more traditional costume and more "culture surrounding us" wear. The photographs look respectful of the women and contribute, rather than detract, from the gravity of trying to capture and preserve culture and language before it disappears.

The payment processor breached that handled many Jimmy John's transactions has been more than just compromised - they weren't certified to be able to handle such payments securely.

Lifehacker releases a Google Chrome extension to customize the look and use of the Netflix website, which allows for half-star rating, hiding of Facebook interactions, dimming of things already watched, and more.

Analyzing current social media trends, by [personal profile] liv, in the light of the popularity of a tool intending to horn in on Facebook when it started a Real Names policy.

Mr. Gaiman tells us that Mr. Pratchett is not a jolly, amiable man, but one driven by anger and frustration about the world and himself. Which is quite possible - social messages about the long-suffering people who are married to those with chronic illness can show up even in books written by people with chronic illnesses.

An interview with Ursula K. LeGuin, who offers advice on writing and commentary on the destructive nature of corporate capitalism and publishers treating books as commodities.

And then, mistakes people complaining about mistakes often make.

Time capsules! With excellently preserved artifacts.

"Do what you like" extends in many places, including things like cooking. If you are cooking to fish for compliments, you're going to be disappointed. All the time. But at no point should do what you like be used as a way to make people do work for less than fair compensation, or to place categories of work that are necessary, but not always creative, into some form of second-class-ness. I happen to like what I do, but I find that the profession's tendency to employ people part-time so as to avoid paying health care costs reprehensible, not to mention the part where the wages are not nearly enough in the public sector to match the work and degree requirements performed.

On the flip of that, more often than not, men, including men who other men are pointing at as examples of feminist media figures,, substitute the male perception of what women want, which is very male gaze focused, for what women actually want, which may not include men at all. This can lead to one of the examples of an attempt to name and classify several varieties of mansplainer. These things may be classified as subsets of rape culture, which men have special responsibility to dismantle and call out.

Or you end up with the very different ways men and women react to finding out that the person on the dating profile looks significantly different in person. Comments talk about how this could be a case of anger at "lying", but what constitutes the lie is disputable, and I think the line of explanation that talks about the different social expectations of how to react has a lot of merit in explaining the discrepancy.

Sticking on a theme, somewhat, there are no cookies to be had if your feminism does not include all women - in the same vein of protests claiming Not All Men, protests saying not all white feminists are asking the marginalized to validate the exceptions for their own peace of mind before they are willing to talk. Because if it isn't about you, then you don't have to take anything to heart. Thus, the real fights and future of feminism resides squarely with those who have the most need for it - women of color and people in low wage jobs who need access to health care, good education, and social services. And with those who write and discuss books about women and their experiences.

Most people in favor of gun control don't want to take your guns. What they do want is to be reasonably sure that people who are carrying them are properly trained in their use and won't hurt people with them, by accident or deliberately.

Names and colors, put together, with the idea in mind of being able to use and recall the right shades at the right time. Might also function as a color calibrator for computer monitors and televisions.

Finding your own errors in proofing is difficult, because it's trying to compare what's on the page to the ideal in your own head. Using other people to proof is good, then, because they can only see what is there.

An author speaks to the books, all the books, not just a single list, that have influenced her in her life.

Photographing a cat in the middle of a jump produces images that make cats look like they are doing other things.

Pictures of what happens to a woman's internal organs when she wears a laced-up corset.

By changing what you do with your cookie recipe, you can affect the finished product in terms of taste, texture, and even uniformity of cookie look.

Last for tonight, even when you know the depression is lying to you, it still feels like the complete truth. And the unabashed joy of finding the princess who is like you. Then, a series of nude photographs of people who are outside the conventional models of beauty, staged to resemble classic painting motifs. Additionally, being perceived as a nice or good person increases your attractiveness. Finally, the utter necessity of practice, whether you intend to try and be really good at someone or whether you use it as a sounding board or medium for some other part of your life.
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Let's start this time with women cartoonists drawing naked women's bodies, along with quotes from the cartoonists about bodies.

Continuing, a letter, from one guy to another, containing many of the mistakes and assumptions made about women, their experiences, and feminism, asking whether or not his views are sexist. (They are.) Notice this - calling for more male YA authors ignores that there are plenty there already, and that they're actually showing up a lot on the award and bestseller lists. Which suggests a very different thing than "the aren't enough male YA authors". More like people are of the opinion that women can't be too successful, or that women who have written bestselling books shouldn't try their hand at film adaptation, or that no woman could possibly understand video games enough to talk about their tropes. These and other claims leveled against Anita Sarkeesian are baseless and do not actually address what she is talking about, but all the same, they are waved about as "proof" that women are fundamentally incompatible with things that men used to keep as their exclusive property.

Or that women are meant solely to be objects, with their nude bodies traded in pictures, with no hack too low to score such pictures. And that's before even the threat of violent possibilities dissuaded women from making complaints in places that have codes of conduct.

And even though progress is painfully slow on these fronts, the arc of the future also bends toward justice, turning what used to be effective attacks into kindling for a much bigger pushback.

Calling a person exotic is not a compliment, because it places them outside the boundaries of conventional words and descriptors. For people, and especially women, of color, there's a long history of bad things that come with being outside the mainstream. It piss up in other places, too, like how the systemic exclusion of women from STEAM means many of the things we expect from The Future aren't here yet because we're not devoting all the brains we can to those problems.

Cards Against Humanity, and many other forms of satire, often rely on us laughing at something because we think it's obvious how wrong it is, and how laughable the people are who would take it seriously. And then there's Poe's Law.

One might suggest that the entirety of the Congress be arraigned on charges, possibly including treason, as they continue to refuse to do the duties regarding War mandated to them by the Constitution.

Insanity is famously defined as doing the same thing and expecting different results. United States war policy and invasion policy has not been sane since Vietnam, if not earlier, even if the current incarnation is the return, yet again, to Iraq, now expanded to Syria as well.

Consumer debts from a variety of sources are ending up in court, where creditors will attempt to manipulate the situation into summary judgment against the debtor, allowing for garnishment of wages up to 25 percent of the paycheck. Additionally, any money in a bank account could be seized to attempt to pay the debt, immediately denying access to banking services and likely forcing overdraft fees and other additional costs of being poor on someone so manipulated. About the only thing not being done is putting them in debtor's prisons and forcing their families or friends to pay their debts.

The state of Tennessee (and possibly others) forbid parents from giving their children surnames other than a parent's surname or a combination composed of the entire surnames of the parents. The article doesn't adequately explain why, other than a vague wave at genealogy, which should mean nothing at all.

Abusers and the abuse cycle destroy the very things their victims need to be able to leave confidently, things like judgment, confidence, and the ability to leave someone without the guilt keeping someone there.

An interview with the librarian for Ferguson, Missouri, and how the library fared during the unrest and protests in the city over the death of Michael Brown.

A meditation on the idea of the librarian as educator, to help people develop their interests, and to provide resources to people to take those interests and go very far with them. Which works, even for those who work primarily with kids, babies, and parents - we just tend to have more structured opportunities for people to find and develop interests before we turn them loose in the resources.

And sometimes we get to go to nice places - like putting a library on a boat out in the middle of a lake.

Or giving more than twenty thousand dollars to the Ada Initiative, meeting a match goal on the first day it was offered, and then beating a second stretch goal fairly quickly, and then one more, and even one more, all within a seven day time period.

Copyright law has some interesting complexities with regards to both use and access of materials, including that contacts you or others sign may limit your ability to use both copyrighted and non-copyrighted material. Not under the law, but under the contract.

The top court in the European Union has ruled that libraries are allowed to digitize works without seeking permission from copyright holders, but that those digital works cannot be downloaded to a personal digital drive or printed without appropriate recompense to rights holders. So, if you want to read works at a library terminal, that's okay. But actually copying the digital copy would violate the law. This has interesting implications - I wonder whether such things could be made available with proxy access or VPN with appropriate authentication, such that the data was never moved from the dedicated terminal, but that would open up access.

In trying to scrub negative mentions of their company from the Internet, Sundance Vacations forged court documents and presented them to MetaFilter. The company denies doing so, but someone certainly did, and I wouldn't be surprised if they worked for the company.

Facebook gets wise, releases tool to help users make sure their privacy settings are set correctly.

Researcher danah boyd riffs on how those who want to surveil or data mine will use the excuse that your data is public (in that it is published) to attack your desire to be private (because your data is only intended for certain contexts and people). That assertion, and the contracts and courts that will validate it, is how many people are both unaware of what they are sharing, and entirely aggravated when that data appears outside of their desired context.

Devices meant to capture bank card information have undergone a swift evolution to become incredibly common. There's some things you can do to be aware of whether your ATM has been compromised, but that's not the only point where thieves can steal your information - your payment processors are tempting targets, for example. The Goodwill breach, for example, was 18 months long before anyone reported anything.

Lots of helpful links for tools and technology to help with your work or with organization of The Things.

Stress may trigger parts of our biology to attack the parts that deal with mood regulation and memory.

Sagging pants and hoodies may have more in common with zoot suits than at first glance - both appear to be statements made by young people that have been intertwined with criminal behavior and indecency.

We may have just invented computer-mediated telepathy, using brain-computer and computer-brain interfaces to encode, transmit, and decode thought-data. The implications are... many.

Computers and servers using the Bourne Again Shell as their default may be vulnerable to specially crafted attacks settling to take advantage of how the shell handles requests. Patches and fixes are available.

Last for tonight, let's make some great bread, plates with planetary images on them, how narcissistic personality disorder is now like paranoia and other issues where the brain doesn't see the illness as foreign and a problem, take a tour looking for benches based on books, the second part of the tour of book benches, and part three of the book benches tour.

Oh, and ways to stop the procrastination loop - deadlines imposed by others is one good way.

Okay, one more - Chris Hadfield, rock star astronaut, attempts to calm the fears of a five year-old who is worried that the Voyager spacecraft, now beyond the helioshock and truly in interstellar space, is lonely and what will happen if something breaks. The responses are excellent, age-appropriate, and qualify as heartwarming. Listen to the full conversation, recorded by the CBC.
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Several things make a post, I am told.

[personal profile] plures and [personal profile] kaberett both gave introductions for me that I think are highly flattering.

[personal profile] plures: You often have insightful and helpful things to say when people are going through difficult times, and you seem to find some of the most comprehensive and inclusive news around!

[personal profile] kaberett: silveradept posts astonishing, beautifully curated, linkspams - there never fails to be Something I Didn't Know, Something I Wanted To Know, Something I Ought To Know, Something Cool, and so on; and they flow logically and kindly and the descriptions are very well done. They set an excellent example of how to grow the commenting culture you want to have; also excellent rants and signalboosts. Generous with energy and attention and affection; their comments over here always, always make me smile, and always, always make me feel valued.

I'm very flattered by both of them, they are simultaneously exactly what I want and they feel like someone is giving me compliments that are unearned. Why yes, I do work in a field that encourages Impostor Syndrome.

I also haven't yet articulated why I feel increasingly distant from the television show Glee. It started out as an interesting premise - a small high school in the Midwest, its show choir, and the very real consequences of being someone different in a conformity-enforcing environment. Then, as time went on, the villain became more cartoonish, and things started to unravel. But it's Rachel Barrie that has undone it for me. In the beginning, Rachel was the spoiled, privileged girl who played foil to everyone else's problems, the clueless singer with big dreams who would be routinely made fun of because she was a spoiled privileged girl in a Midwestern high school. And as time went on, Rachel succeeded, even where others had setbacks. Once part of the cast moved to New York, I expected to have the big real world stomp all over Rachel Barrie, and for her to have real trouble. But Rachel continued to succeed, even with other characters dealing with issues. She landed a leading role while still in the school, then landed a development deal, apparently, even though doing so should have gotten her fired for not showing up to her performance. She quit the school before that, feeling that she was done with what the teachers had to teach, and yet, she still succeeds while everyone else has issues. At this point, I'm beginning to think this story is actually being told to us by Rachel, because she seems to be immune to the plot and any problems it presents.

Related to work-ish things - new rule: children used as couriers must be compensated by their parents before the message is delivered. Because it annoys me to hear "my [adult] needs help with the computers" from all the adults who have only one child with them in the library. They're on par with the people who gesture, whistle, or otherwise try to catch our attention from their seats. It appears they are afraid that if they leave their computers, some imp, devil, gremlin, or other unsavory demon will see their session unlocked and immediately commandeer it for a nefarious, Screwtape-esque purpose. "Look! Seventeen left! Quick! Porn! Warez! Illegal file-sharing of terrible music, hahahahaha! Oop, they're returning! And, awaaaaaaaaaay!"

So, yes, children must now be compensated.

And we desperately need a "Social Media for Beginners" course.

What's on your minds? Happy, sad, needing guidance from a baseball-themed oracle?
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We start with a frustration - if you are building a keyboard for touch devices, make absolutely goddamn sure that you include some sort of undo function, especially if your keyboard allows you to do things like select everything through a keyboard shortcut. That way, people like me, who have fingers that aren't always accurate to the keyboard layout, don't trash the draft of their post TWICE before saying "Fuck it, I'm going to my desktop to build this post" because they accidentally tapped a Ctrl-A and then another key when trying to type the word "an".

Anyway, moving on.

The Dead Pool Comedy Club says "Oh, oh, oh!" to Joan Rivers at 81 years of age.

Scotland's referendum on independence is getting remarkably close to 100% of the population registering to vote on the matter. So THAT's what it takes to increase turnout...

A request to not say the altered Pledge of Allegiance so as not to give legitimacy to one specific kind of theism in governmental affairs. Which will be joined by the Air Force's insistence that "so help me God" be said by every person enlisting or re-enlisting in their service.

Despite looking for excuses to deploy militarized weapons given to police departments for a purpose that is no longer manifest, police will disclaim any sort of double standard, even if a white man behaving erratically with his gun gets talked down instead of shot up.

Think about how the coverage from Ferguson would have looked had it happened outside the United States. Then realize that police interactions with young black men have filled the niche where extralegal groups of white men used to do violence to black men for many of the same stated reasons.

There may be progress - Oakland's mayor said that Urban Shield, a police and first responsder conference and training exercise, would not be held in the city next year, although other people in the city say that she has no authority to say that. And Ferguson and other police departments are starting to adopt the use of cameras on police officers so that there is a record of their interaction with citizens.

Missouri's legislature believes women are stupid and should have to wait three days before receiving an abortion. Because, aparently, women who go to the lengths to get abortions just need more time to think about it so they can choose to keep the kid. The legislature passed this bill over the veto of the state's governor.

A federal judge ruled that British Petroleum was grossly negligent in the Deepwater Horizon disaster, paving the way for a possible fine of $18 billion USD on top of all the other costs the company has incurred in cleaning up and reimbursing residents.

Governor Cash and Prizes, Bob McDonnell, was convicted on 11 felony counts related to the acceptance of gifts while in office by a jury, with his wife being convicted on 9 counts of the same. The "our marriage was awful, so we couldn't have colluded" defense did not convince the jury to find him not guilty on the majority of offered charges. The governor and his wife rejected a plea deal that would have reduced the charges to one felony for the governor, none for his wife, and that would have skipped the trial part altogether. Instead, now he had to deal with 11 convictions and a potentially long jail term, and his wife has 9.

Now that school is back in session, we can look forward to the new round of school shootings. Not that anyone knows where it will happen this time, because it will keep happening as long as schools are zones where social pressures are brought to bear on individuals to conform to the group, instead of being able to be their unique selves.

Four students have developed a nail polish that can (theoretically) discreetly detect whether a drink has been spiked with common date rape drugs. Which is an excellent thing to have at all times, even if one is going to a party where one feels safer. That said, sex education is woefully inadequate in many places, and parents are implicitly trusting their children to find the good sex education websites to fill in the gaps, instead of teaching them what the school won't.

Activism carries costs with it in terms of time and energy - and sometimes produces results that are ignored by a system that prioritizes output over efficiency.

The phrase "gamer" should be used as a pejorative, so long as people who keep claiming that moniker continue to behave in misogynistic, anti-women ways.

Better scientific analysis of Viking barrow remains suggests that about half of the warriors buried in them are women, calling into question the current beliefs of what Vikings were doing as they sailed about.

[ profile] xiphias posits a form of depression where self-harm happens on the upswing out of depression instead of on the downswing, as well as a framework for seeing depression as an outside disease, and therefore being able to rally support to fight it off, instead of accepting it as an internal, eternal matter.

A comparison between two conventions, one oriented at a more social-justice aware part of fandom, that correspondingly draws younger and more diverse audiences, and the other that runs on its own inertia, attracting and often playing to and perpetuating less savory elements of fandom that the social-justice aware are trying to eradicate. And speaking of conventions, make sure your Accessibility chair is going for 100% solutions, because if they don't, the thing they miss usually comes back to bite them in the ass.

Oddly enough, states with legalized medical marijuana have less deaths from opioid painkillers. Not because weed lessens pain, but apparently because weed makes people care less about the pain. Which is probably a preferable result to the hallucinogenic honey that bees pollinating specific rhododendron plants make.

For writers - the question of whether a character is likable is often secondary, to a reader, to the question fo whether the character is real in their world.

In technology, wearable computing devices may provide unexpected data to those who know where to look, like how many people were awakened by an earthquake near them.

Caffeine and electricity may have similar functions when applied to the brain. Which may help, as some low level electromagnetic treatments can help get neural networks back into functioning order. And apparently magnetic stimulatio ncan help boost memory, as well.

Speaking of neurons, it appears skin neurons can perform edge detection and other calculations related to the dimensionality of objects without requiring a trip to the brain.

Thou Shalt Not Use Science To Blame They Mother. Or anyone else's, for that matter, because the things that usually invoke blame are based on values and shoulds, and not data and is. And once mothers are gone, the process of grieving for them takes a very long time, if it ever finishes at all.

The winners of a yearly contest that showcase radiographs of the odd things pets tend to eat. All pets radiographed are fine and doing healthy.

Darknet drug sellers are innovating in many arenas, including privacy, anonymity, and methods for providing excellent customer service so as not to lose customers to their competitors. Several large conglomerations could stand to learn a thing or five from these sellers about customer service.

It appears the Dairy Queen chain of stores has suffered a security breach, releasing credit card data into the black market. Home Depot also suffered a security breach. Thieves are using the weak automatic systems in place to reset debit card PINs and then drain accounts dry with ATM withdrawals. Some banks are even being successfully socially-engineered to increase the daily withdrawal limit after being spun a story by the fraudsters about traveling in a foreign country.

Sanrio, keepers of the Hello Kitty brand, would like to remind us that Hello Kitty is not an actual animal, but is instead an anthropomorphized cat-like entity in the same vein that Disney's Goofy is a dog-like entity. I'm sure there are many furs rejoicing at having a major property be explicity one of them.

Last for tonight, an iProduct app that wants to replicate the look and feel of a mnual typewriter, but with all the benefits of iProduct technology, how every browser ever lies and says it's Mozilla, because in the beginning, only Mozilla got the good webpages, attempting to disrupt the ability of bacteria to sense a critical mass, and thus prevent them from attacking the body, a hotel with paleontological items and dinosaur relics, and a love story that started between two teenagers, attempted to grow to encompass all the complicated religious feelings associated with that love, and then eventually discarded the religion in favor of the love story.

Oh, and Babymetal, a group that fuses the highly-stylized worlds of metal music and J-pop, generating an idol group that does dark songs. From all accounts, it's a highly successful pairing.
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We start with the death of Robin Williams, actor and comedian, at 63 years of age. Mr. Williams was known for comedic and dramatic roles through his career, and was apparently battling the beginnings of Parkinson's disease at the time of his death. There are lessons to be learned from this, and many of them are not what the media says they are.

When Robin Williams' daughter went to Twitter to grieve, she was beset by harassers. So much so that she swore off Twitter, and Twitter actually decided to take notice and plans on doing something about it. Maybe this time, they will, unlike so many other women who have complained about their harassment to Twitter. Because experience is almost the only way to truly understand. But others posting about their experience of depression sometimes helps others to the necessary empathy.

The Smithsonian Institution needs volunteers to help transcribe digitized documents in its collections, because what they have is far too much for their own staff to get done in any reasonable time.

Breakfast on the morning after a sexual assault - because it was thought that breakfast could erase what happened. It doesn't. And when you have Anita Sarkeesian forced by a stalker to leave her house over death and rape threats that included the address of her residence, it makes the truth even more plain - feminists are persecuted for their beliefs.

Casual racism at heavily-accented English drives the children of immigrants to develop a perfect-sounding, broadcast-style English. And then, at least for Arthur Chu, voice actor and Jeopardy! champion, his acting jobs want him to go back to the accent he spent so much time getting rid of. For "authenticity". As one might guess, there really is no way to win when the -ism cuts both ways. And when movies about the blackest of black entertainers have an all-white creative team. Because Hollywood will happily appropriate anything it can, but it won't actually put minorities in charge of what's being appropriated. They might actually do it authentically, and that would make the audience uncomfortable. Also on the topic, what you consider to be the prototypical example of a category also establishes what you believe is not, even though the real boundaries of a category are far fuzzier than anyone believes. That's what makes erasure easy to do, and it helps establish the points where the hedges happen - where X is technically Y, but it's not prototypically so, so difference in treatment is justifiable (even though it isn't).

Maine authorities captured a man who had been living outdoors and stealing from the cabins for nearly thirty years - and a GQ reporter tries to get his story.

In the "governors under federal indictment" department, Governor Bob McDonnell is defending his bribery and corruption charges by saying it was his wife that accepted the gifts, and his marriage was falling apart when he stepped into the Governor's Office.

Governor Cash and Prizes is not the only member of the club any more. Governor Rick Perry was inducted on an abuse of power charge after he zeroed the funding for the state government ethics watching office after its Democratic head refused to resign after a DUI charge. The governor claims that he's just doing his governor thing and there's no retaliation or intimidation, but his case is harmed significantly by Governor Perry not doing anything about the other persons of the same level who were also charged with similar offenses.

The citation of sources in works is a fundamental tenet of academic rigor and honesty - allowing people, especially children, to claim other works as their own tacitly says it is okay to cheat in other places as well. (One of the examples cited could be swapped out with , considering that the possible scientific plagiarism involving lionfish appears to have been the result of a bad headline, but even then, proper citation and attribution can help remove even the appearance of impropriety.)

The nature of social justice is such that it becomes too easy to be swamped by all the things or to fight on past exhaustion. It is a marathon, not a sprint, and long-term care and thinking will help avoid the burnout. Because you can find plenty of examples. The Advocate, for example, noted a piece written on a website that seems designed to be as retrograde as possible.

People making categorical statements about others often do so with an eye toward reinforcing their own privileges or in trying to avoid thinking about and working through something that upsets them. That also means intersectionality will remain a thing forever - even in places where the definitions tend to run "not this, not that", there are those seeking to remove the ability to define oneself away from images and definitions, instead of toward them. And it also means finding clothes that fit the definition can be a nightmare. It can also lead to a realization of how easy it is to become complacent about one's privilege, even if that privilege is manufactured.

But it also means pay attention to the messages that posit deities as interested in sustaining life, instead of the ones that insist the deities are interested only in destroying it. I much prefer those who see the Being Represented By The Tetragrammaton as one interested in life, who can be persuaded, either by the humans or by the satans, that his violent impulses should be contained and that occasionally, he's being a jerk and needs to stop. The ones who see him only as a destroyer to be wielded against their enemies have failed to notice the context. Those people are dangerous.

Numbers from a survey conducted with regard to harassment experiences and the American Library Association's Code of Conduct. Which are then accompanied by stories of harassment experiences from attendees and the standard bevy of the clueless and the trolls to someone pointing out harassment happens. Thing is, there's a lot you, as conference attendee, concom, or otherwise can do to curb harassment. (If you don't like text, it also comes in pictures.)

An Iranian woman, Dr. Maryam Mirzakhani, will be the first to receive the Fields Medal, an impressive achievement in mathematics, for her body of work in relation to hyperbolic geometry. Imagine what maths, or many other disciplines, would be like if all women were able to persist in their passions.

One of the most infamous Chick Tracts has received a movie treatment that tries to stay faithful to the original material as much as possible. Since it's a Chick Tract, Hilarity Ensues.

Using the Chronicles of Narnia, problems and all, as a touchstone for seeing the world and its magic.

Google Translate used to have many different meanings for the placeholder text phrase "lorem ipsum" and its different parts and pieces. Some of those phrases made it look like someone could have used the Translate function to pass along secret messages. It's also likely that this was machine learning trying to make sense of nothing. On the other side, strategies on using the connedtions in mythic poems and stories to learn more about them and reconstructing a song from very, very long ago.

Advice for those entering school - geared to community colleges, but applicable everywhere. And a very short list of technologyblearning resources.

More credit card numbers stolen, this time from the parent company of Albertsons or Jewel-Osco - and an assertion that the market for such things may be saturated because of all the mass stealing of data. Speaking of security, people who work in cybersecurity offer advice on how to keep kids safe on-line, and it runs the gamut from trusting kids to spying on them.

An agent of the London Metropolitan Police charged with infiltrating protest groups had a son with one woman he was supposed to infiltrate...and at least two other relationships while he jilted the mother of his son. That is compared with the pain and grief of losing a mother to cancer, and all the pain and grief of your mother still being dead.

Pregnancy, at the cellular level, is a pitched battle between mother and fetus, both trying to maximize their own health and development. This conflict may also be part of the reason why ape brains are bigger than many other animals.

And yet more with pain - At The Will Of The Body, which is a series about what happens when the pain finally gets so great a doctor has to become a patient, pushing a person who normally lived in the mind firmly back into the body, the ways in which modern medicine reduces people to bodies, the conscientiously maintained illusion that doctors do not need medicine, only give it, and a reason, perhaps, why doctors do not make good patients at all.

Last for tonight, determined animals that are cute while they are determined, anxious dragon stickers, children in meticulously-constructed vintage-type photographs, the stories that tattoos tell, scissors throughout history, the language in Webster's dictionary, compared to the drier successors, and the utter success of the Discordians in their practice.
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The stratification of wealth in the United States is one way powerful white men hate you.

The deliberate shutting-off of water to residences behind only a little while corporations who are behind so much more are allowed to stay in arrears is another way powerful white men hate you. And if you protest this barbaric act, powerful white men will put you in a mass jail, refuse to give you your rights, and then attempt to intimidate you into pleading guilty for having done nothing wrong but oppose powerful white men.

Police officers will shoot unarmed black men, create a story to justify it, and then respond to peaceful assembly for redress with Special Weapons And Tactics teams, heavily-armored vehicles, and attacks on journalists and the assembled crowds. And repeated threats against the media. Also, an officer of the local police referred to the protesters that are seeking justice as animals. This set of attacks are something police have done because police departments country-wide have been bulking themselves up with military-style hardware and looking for excuses to use them. The police have also been trying to conflate the peaceful assemblies with violent looters. The response is such that those with more experience send their advice along on how to beat tear gas attacks. All of this police response is because powerful white men hate you and think that you are not with enough of a damn for them to investigate their own racism. This is nothing new for people of color, but this, like the Trayvon Martin case, appears to have been the linchpin for all the rest that has gone on without the television cameras or the protests.

Those who have done military scenarios in foreign countries look at this response and shake their heads in disbelief.

The response was so obviously awful that the local police were relieved of crowd control and working with protestors. The State Highway Patrol captain assigned to Ferguson, a black man himself, marched with and provided an excellent escort to the protests, which looked like it would defuse most of the tension between police and protest, which would put the focus back on the issue of the officer that shot the unarmed black man. So the police that had been taken off the case sabotaged the chances of good relations by accusing Michael Brown of having shoplifted cigars from a store, an allegation later walked back after it had achieved the necessary effect of inflaming the protests, so that the issue of the unarmed black kid being shot by a white police officer could be muddled or dropped.

The official reports so far have had redactions to the point of uselessness. That is, when they aren't actively trying to paint the young man as some sort of criminal, claiming he had marijuana in his system when police officers shot him, for example, in addition to the spurious rubbery claim from earlier.

Lies are also nothing new for the police department in Ferguson.

For those reasons and others, United States Attorney General Eric Holder and federal investigators are on scene, and may or may not file a federal claim for violation of civil rights, depending on how the question of whether criminal charges will be filed against the officer that shot Michael Brown.

If you want an easy sign of how bad things still are, more money had been raised on GoFundMe for the officer that shot Michael Brown than for the family of Michael Brown.

It gets to the point where it seems like any black child wanting to grow up and live as an adult is on a fool's errand. To help that, white people can help by being true allies. Because living in denial doesn't help fix the racism problem.

A different incident that ended in the death of a black man shows police choosing lethal force as their first option when responding to a call about an erratically-behaving man. No attempt to use stun weapons as the man approached them aggressively, appearing to request his own death from the police officers.

What does it mean to be anti-racist? And how can privileged people do better?

[personal profile] shenalia provides the capstone - a minority man can be doing nothing wrong at all and be harassed and assaulted by police. And tree way the article was written, if it hadn't been for the White woman witnessing what happened to corroborate the video evidence the black man had, the black man might have still gone to jail or been convicted of something.

Finally, while they have been more than willing to let all the other clinics be shut down through dishonest means, an appeals court finally said that Mississippi cannot have zero clinics in the state that perform abortions. In doing so, though, they are still contending that the idea of having to cross state lines to get constitutionally protected services was not an undue burden to women.

Powerful White Men hate you. Even more so if you're not white and a man.
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Patriarchy is an impossible game to win - and women playing well according to the rules will likely die, with the choice of "slowly or swiftly?" as the only option.

If you wish to be conscious about your purchasing, Good Books is a used book store that donates their profits to OxFam. For not-books, Buycott will tell you whether a particular brand mark supports causes you oppose.

WisCon made a decision about a retired case of harassment - provisional, appealable ban - after a year of appearing to do nothing. The official explanations aren't that great, either. The committee then came back and made a stronger decision - a permanent ban.

The Book Of Jubilation offers an insight into the mind of the Nice Guy (TM) and how easy it is to crush someone, intentionally or otherwise, who already believes their worth to potential partners is near nil.

When you fight with others, do you sling truths as weapons, or do your fire cutlery from your broadside cannons?

Stereotypes about women being less competent in certain affairs lead others to lie to them in negotiations more. Isn't that...peachy. Presumably, appearing competent from the start helps with this, but it also produces other stereotypes about women being cold and bitchy, so there's no real easy for any woman to be treated well, or like how men are treated, by others.

A school fired one of its instructors after his supervisor told him that a blog post on homophones made it sound like the school was talking about gay relationships. There is not nearly enough facepalm in the universe for this, but then there are the other comments allegedly made that seal the deal about the boss being an ass. On the opposite end teaching children sex-positivity early, with age-appropriate phrases and words.

Amazon believes self-publishers are the key leverage point needed to make the Hachette Book Group accede to Amazon's wishes on electronic book pricing. As one might suspect, if one stopped to think about it for a bit, Amazon's tactics are poor, at best.

It's not always obvious, but being able to cook on your own carries with it a lot of unstated assumptions about privileges, when cooking should be a much more democratic affair. And fraught with less fear, as well. You may also want to look skeptically at cardiothoracic surgeons with television programs.

Scientists are interested as to whether a gene mutation detectable in the blood could be an accurate predictor of whether someone will have a high suicide risk.

Nicola Griffith points out that a genre that constantly asks questions about what could be will eventually begin to apply those questions to itself, much to the consternation of those who set themselves up as its leaders and most important people. If your primary question is What If..., at some point the question will turn internally...

Published authors talk about the Suck Fairy and how they deal (or don't) with its presence. On a different topic, published authors on the reasons they continue to write. And, for your edification, a list of 101-level discourse on queer intersectionality, courtesy [personal profile] skud.

If you do things with privacy and security in mind, the US National Security Agency is alerted to your actions so that they can study you more and make an arbitrary decision about you. To that effect, they may record the audio of your telephone conversations. And all of this warrantless, baked-into-infrastructure spying is costing the United States many billions of dollars in lost technology contracts, credibility in the international sphere about promoting freedom on the Internet, and several alliances and good will from other countries.

Slightly less doomy, there's also the site that teaches you about geotagging in digital pictures by plotting where your cat lives.

An investigation into the FBI's forensics unit revealed flaws in their process spanning two decades into the past, affecting more than 2600 convictions. Not to ask the obvious question, but why did it take two decades to notice this?

As with other things that are built with the ideal of people being nice to each other, USB controller firmware can be hacked and rewritten to do any sort of malicious task thought, and there's no easy way to detect compromise or to reverse it. Which would cement the idea of USB devices as disposable at best...and hurts libraries a lot, since we encourage people to bring and use their own devices, since we wipe sessions after they're finished.

Security and encryption for remote access and administration tools of cellular phones can be broken, putting a lot of phones at risk for malicious OTAs and device usage.

It may seem like a good deal to have unlimited app access, but what you're trading is unlimited access to everything, not just a carrier's preferred apps.

The Jimmy Johns sandwich chain is investigating a security breach at a payment processor used by many of their franchisees.

Confirming what was already suspected, minority defendants are much more likely to receive worse outcomes, even in plea bargains, than white defendants. How unsurprising it is, when cultural stereotypes still exist that paint minorities as dangerous and requiring exclusion from proper white society.

After it was pointed out to him as an ablist slur, Weird Al Yankovich apologized for the use of "spastic" in Word Crimes. As a professional satirist and parodist, he is interested in making sure he always punches up. George Takei provides an example of why intersectionality is important - it does no good tip advocate for yourself and not for everyone else, as well.

Coping with brainweasels and life is easier when you have someone who can manage the small things and details. Because even the small things take energy and spoons, yo.

Cultural context may influence the demeanor of heard voices, according to a Stanford study. Cultures that view hearing voices as a sign of pathology tend to report angrier, harsher voices than those who don't.

Learning new languages also learns new ways of looking at the world, because languages reflect the environments they came into existence in. So it's possible to describe certain concepts more easily or in greater detail in other languages, because they evolved the need to do so.

A significant number of cultures in the world find the pursuit of happiness counterproductive, and many who are happy have anxiety about when it will end.

Doctors who work in edge cases and doctors who work in conventional cases need to talk with each other better - and the people who swear by one or the other need to put down their pitchforks. Also, people who make money by making edge cases health fads should be stood in front of effective methods for convincing people past behavior is bad.

A rumination on how the Federation of Star Trek manages to exist as a money-less society - because they changed the medium of exchange.

The Museum of Online Museums - providing indexing and exhibition of collections worldwide that are on the World Wide Web.

An Austrian park switches from being a place to take a stroll to a place to take a dive when the spring melt and rains arrive.

NASA has decided on what it wants to send to Mars on the next mission. The question is whether they'll have enough budget to send it there.

Last for tonight, a secret operation that got silly fast, even though the misinformation campaign apparently worked, a library of wildlife sounds, the cookies of the Dark Side, learning to swim like a merperson, the illustrations of T.S. Eliot, the chemistry of book odors, soap bubbles that look like alien planets, high-magnification pictures of life at work, and fabric that detects changes in the environment and adjusts its coloration accordingly.
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Hi, everybody!

Look at this - if you deliver consequences to people who behave abusively on-line, and you do so citing the specifics of the problem, bad behavior stops. A lot of the time, anyway. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work in the opposite direction. Google+ has finally relented on their requirement that people use their real names to use the service. The apology, however, lacks some critical points in it that would demonstrate Google understands what they've done with that policy - an alternative formulation demonstrates what the apology should have looked like to show that Google is really committed to not doing evil on this.

Melanie Gillman has a comic about the intersections of many spaces, all under the guise of a Christian youth camp. And the art is gorgeous.

Sailor Moon is a way that many engaged with adult topics in feminist ways, without being preached at or After School Specialed.

The Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics Department reminds us that before freaking out about a particular statistical conclusion, it pays to read what actually had been considered in building that conclusion. The example linked is that persons living in collegiate shared housing, like dormitories, are consisted to be living "at home" for the purposes of Census data - so a large part of the "failure to launch" freakout is due to an increasing number of young people getting collegiate degrees.

A surface-to-air missile fired in separtist-controlled Ukraine struck a Malaysian Airlines commercial plane, crashing it and killing all those on board. The missile itself is not one that can be fired with a little training from a shoulder-mounted launcher, but that takes significant hardware and military training to fire accurately. The plane that was destroyed contained a significant number of experts on HIV/AIDS, whose expertise is now lost through their deaths.

If you are part of a protest group or other civil disobedience element and someone new is pushing you to go bigger and possibly commit a terrorism act, they are most likely a government agent, should be named as such, and then immediately expelled, as a report analyzing high-ranking profile terror cases points out the direct involvement of such agents provocateurs in almost all of the cases analyzed.

Goodwill Industries, operators of many, many, thrift stores across the United States, is the latest victim of a data breach that stole bank card information of customers.

As if you needed another reason to hate the Congress, because the Senate cannot be arsed to allow confirmation hearings, more than one quarter of United States embassies have no permanent ambassador. A very small percentage of those may be due to current diplomatic hostilities, but most of them are due to a lack of confirmation.

Another botched execution - this one took more than two hours, and the person executed exhibited visible signs of distress and pain from the drug combination. The process took sufficient time that the defenselawyer for the executed called a federal appeals judge to appeal for an emergency stay of execution, which wasn't granted due to the final death of the executed.

In the Dirty Tricks Department, Michigan's Republican party sent out interns equipped with glasses that could record video to Democratic fundraisers and public appearances to ask them questions that would be turned into campaign fodder. I'd like to say that it's because the Republicans are so very desperate not to get stomped on in the next election that they have to resort to the dirty tricks department, but there are enough conservatives in the state that this is probably just standard operating procedure. After all, they believe it's legal to depose elected government and install a dictator in mostly-black towns, cities, and school systems.

Seanan McGuire points out what most scholars actually already know - much of the work we consider "literature" now can fall under the heading of fanfic - we just have had enough time and distance from the originals and this fic to consider it on merit, rather than as derivative drivel. They also take time to point out two important things about fic - it's not all about sex, really, and that many writers write because they think the creator (or writing team) messed up somewhere, and often do so by creating relationships that don't exist in the original work.

Redrawing Disney characters to read as a different gender or race. Note that not all racebending is created equally - from minority to minority isn't necessarily a good thing. I, personally, like the idea of costume swapping better - it creates female characters with power and identity instead of putting them into similar-looking poses and dresses. And, it can lead to questions and conversations about how men get the benefit of being normal and genetic, while women are always marked as different - especially in sport, where people will blithely say that the all-time leading scorer for football is a man with half the goals that the chief scorer of the women's game has.

The Oxford Dictionaries family is now offering forums and discussion boards, for those whom langauge and its complexities are their passion in life. Or for those who are looking for more information after reading the Guardian and Observer style guide.

Your public library should be a place that helps you stay private online, with their technology and their knowledge about privacy tools. If they don't know, and you do, offer to teach. Provide them with data about whether smartphone apps really do reflect or protect privacy and are clear about what they'll collect.

For example, Trello is a system designed to keep track of things in a collaborative way. How clear is it going to be about what data it collects, how it shares that data, and what happens to the data should Trello vanish? Or get sold? (It looks like a cool app.)

Juries are allowed to use their power to do more than determine guilt or innocence - they can also determine whether or not they consider the law or the sought sentence just, and vote accordingly to not convict someone they believe is guilty of the crime. This power, of course, is not something you will hear from any court officer or lawyer, because there is a very real fear that if juries exercised this power, the authorities would be unable to put away the people they want to rot in jail. (You may add your own -ism implications if you like, they're there.) Additionally, once in the system, it is very hard to get away from it - one man was held in a mental institution for twenty years despite clear records showing that he was not suffering from any psychosis.

A person suffering from scarcity expends a significant amount of time and cognition dealing with that scarcity - which keeps them alive at the cost of having no ability to take advantage of long-term thinking and offers. The easiest way to defeat that cognitive tax is to remove the scarcity. Surely there are enough people who can give from their excess so that others do not have to trust that a safety net will be there for them? Or some form of basic guarantee could be made so that all citizens don't have to worry about scarcity?

Unsurprisingly, the higher stressors that accompany life as a black person contribute to an accelerated aging process, biologically speaking.

Peek in on the construction and operating procedures of biosafety-level-4 laboratories, where research on extremely dangerous pathogens is conducted. As one might guess, especially if a fan of the Mira Grant novels, there's a lot of disposable items and required cleaning to get in or out of such a facility.

People who read fiction and nonfiction in deep ways are better able to empathize, philosophize, and make better dates, according to this article. Something about this makes me go "That's a nice compliment, but that's not really it, is it?" I can't quite put my finger on it - maybe it's that this is another thing that emphasises one part of a person to the exclusion of others? But in a positive way, instead of having to react to negative statements like "this body is too wrinkly to make a man excited". More like using a beauty pageant contestant's decision to show their medical device while competing to make a point about how much easier it is for ordinary people to do the same. But not quite to the level of sharing stories of ordinary doctors with authentic compassion and a willingness to treat their patients as people who know their own bodies.

Making changes to nature results in nature changing to adapt - so sea wind farms attract mussels, attracting fish, attracting seals.

If you need a quick background removal, the Background Burner will do so in a jiff.

Some quick tips on how to make Evernote work better for you, as well as a system of organizing tags for efficiency.

Flights coming to the United States will require technology to be switched on to prove they are not explosives or terror devices. If you're able to get on the flight, there are some ways of making sure you stay the healthiest you can.

The musicians of the MET have a blog, with all sorts of really great musical things, including all the work a reed instrumentalist goes through in creating and refining their reeds and the ways professional musicians approach music to make it sound the very best it can in a performance - there's so much that isn't printed on the page that a musician has to do to make it all work together.

If music isn't your thing, a website devoted to showing and teaching calligraphy basics.

How do you pay tribute to the anniversary of a gold-medal ice dance routine? One with a perfect score attached? In Nottingham, they teach the dance to many different community groups, city service workers, and others, and then film them as they recreate it. Of note in the video is the sheer diversity of people participating - all ages, shapes, sizes, and ability statuses got to participate in the recreation.

And now, it's opposite. Tech startups and Silicon Valley exhibit all the signs of being cliquey in their selection and hiring practices. If you asked them, though, they will deny it to your face, often because they don't get that they are doing it. In some ways, it's reminiscent of how the Republican Party alienated black voters by nominating Barry Goldwater as their candidate, which sent a very clear message about what Republicans stood for, or how dress codes for establishments are used in such a way to make sure the "wrong" people are denied entry, especially through selective enforcement of those codes that always favor one group over another.

Take a look at these photographs that work against the myth of the absent black father. Then read many quotes from people of all races about the continued prevalence of racism", the reaction of others to the idea of a child being named with the mother's name instead of the father's, and ways to combat privilege in public spaces.

And taking more about destroying stereotypes, a YA author who actually is YA talks about what the demographic actually wants to read, and what publishers should be buying and promoting heavily.

A British documentary shows how the gun-happy culture of the United States looks from the outside on the matter of teaching kids the use of weapons. Of note in the write-up is the many, many, references to the responsible and safe use of weapons and proper training that the United States families provide for their children. So it's not just giant gun nuttery.

As one might guess, the evolution of the roads and paths of a city govern how the city develops and expands over time. The linked city and its animations is London, but similar patterns would likely emerge in other large cities with sufficient history.

A study finds that people left to themselves with nothing but their own thoughts do not find the experience pleasurable, and that many find it difficult to entertain themselves only with their own thoughts. The suggested reason, although lacking sufficient evidence to be conclusive, is that evolution is interfering with introspection, as introspection and existing without doing anything means not being alert to environmental changes.

Things marked as lower in calories, fat content, or other elements that suggest they are healthy for you have are reported as being less satisfying when consumed, according to a recent study, suggesting that the advertisements intended to get people to purchase "healthy" things may be causing overconsumption of those same products, based on satiation.

...if that's deliberate, then the corporate officers of those companies could stand a public shaming as the bare minimum of outcry.

The things that we are at fault for and those things we have responsibility for do not have a one-to-one correspondence. Taking the right responsibility helps create a healthy view of the world. That can mean being more open about the things that trouble you and cause pain and stress.

San Diego Comic-Con, even with a Code Of Conduct, still has issues to work it regarding harassment at the convention. Because the Code still needs staff and volunteers who can enforce it on the spot, including how people in costume are not automatically consenting to anything, including pictures.

Last for tonight, a joyride involving a llama, the American Museum of Natural History has digital image connections for free, movie characters taking selfies, real-time maps of lightning strikes, how adopting a shelter cat, especially the difficult ones, is life-changing for the cats and the humans alike, pictures of waves from inside the wave (also, many beautiful pictures of turtles), and Trowel Blazers, women pioneers in fields such as archaeology and paleontology.

As a postscript, calculations about whether to do something yourself or hire out for it should also include questions of health, ability, and time.
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[personal profile] thebonesofferalletters is moving very soon into a much better situation, but has run into unexpected expense. They are offering art and writing to raise money for those costs.

I know that many of you have been excellent at helping others into better living situations. If you happen to have largesse, or happen to be in the commissioning mood, could you send your material that way?
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Unsurprisingly, the Hobby Lobby decision is already being used well past what the Court claimed was its narrow ruling.

The group They Might Be Giants, who I was first exposed to on Tiny Toon Adventures, are offering live performances of the first album they released for free. "Minimum Wage" is still enough of an audio cue to remind me of certain high school tests...

Passing through a space delineator, like a doorway, may caush the flushing of certain memories, making it easier to forget why you changed from one room to another.

Let's do some art. Because the creation of art has benefits, including building resilience and stress relief. When it's something like embroidered panels of Calvin and Hobbes cartoons, there's happiness all around.

The world of mythological creatures is more expansive than our literature would normally suggest.

xkcd suggests that when we find other people lacking, it is our own perception and expectations that are being disappointed, not that other people are particularly lacking. So we're quite happy to read about the people who do Cards Against Humanity apologizing for a transphobic card in earlier printings, and revealing that they change out cards when they realize cards are punching down instead of punching up, and gamer editors understanding the depth of casual sexism present in the community, and that they are contributing to it, which means they do better than many of the standard responses to discovering prejudice, discrimination, and -isms in your backyard. Have we mentioned yet that television and movies are clearly documenting that shows about strong women will succeed, even though this documentation isn't moving the needle a single iota on the conventional wisdom that women will never sell? Or pointed out how facile an argument it is for conservatives to hate footie and call it not a real sport, and, by extension, the cosmpolitan attitudes of the younger generation? (Blame Canada! Blame Canada!)

Need a break. Enjoy some eye candy while reading satire about how male sexual clothing causes marital issues.

And we're back, with an understanding that what constitutes beauty changes from one country to another, using the body as canvas to create art that glows in black light, although I note all the featured pictures are women's bodies, and vintage photographs of gay and lesbian relationships.

Facebook conducted research by altering News Feeds to see if, by changing the posts others see, they could affect the moods of users. And published the results - it appears you can influence emotion in such a way. This particular study has a lot of people very upset that Facebook claimed it could do this to its users without informing them of the plan and collecting their explicit consent. Researcher danah boyd considers the outrage to be public outcry about corporate ethics, which deserves a serious conversation, instead of one-stop shopping at things like an IRB for corporate research.

Several Massachusetts Special Weapons And Tactics teams claim they are private corporations and immune to public record requests...while also collecting taxpayer money, exercising law authority, and functioning as a government entity.

Regrettably, even after the Supreme Court said phones are protected under the Fourth Amendment, the government can still easily spy on your communications in secret. Likely because The Supreme Court requires large amounts of technology instruction, as well as needing to let go of analogies to predigital technologies.

Herd immunity is a thing, and when you have a population with low vaccination rates, outbreaks can happen from even one unvaccinated child.

Applications that auction vacant parking spaces in the city of San Francisco are receiving cease-and-desist notices from the city attorney for engaging in illegal activities. The creators and defenders of such applications claim they are only selling information about a soon-to-be-open space, or that private parties are conducting a transaction regarding efficiency.

The CEO of American Apparel was dismissed from his position for causes involving improper behavior, misuse of corporate funds, and attempting to keep all of it quiet with payments and hush money. The CEO was costing the company too much money and notoriety, so he had to go.

Collective action is the tide that lifts all boats, regardless of what revisionists of history wasn't us to believe. So tell us what would a feminist-oriented crowdfunding site look like?

There now exists a device to assist women in performing pelvic floor exercises that measures the effectiveness of the exercise and communicates that data back to a smartphone application. Feedback from the device intends to improve the technique of the exercise.

One does not alleviate a gender gap in professions line technology by imbuing the tech with coded-female colors in an attempt to get more women. One alleviates the gender gap by making the environment welcoming, the pay equal, and by stomping hard on mindsets that suggest women are lesser and must work twice as hard to be seen as equal. Or by treating female fans exactly as you would male fans, including all the drills and all the coach encouragement and everything else.

Disabled students are not finishing college, often due to buildings that are inaccessible and faculty that do not accommodate, even when they are required to, as well as the prevailing narrative that insists disability is an individual problem, and something to be overcome.

This piece is a stellar example of Othering and exoticizing an asexual, making them into something weird and deviant and somehow wrong. Instead, realize that ace people exist, can form healthy relationships with allosexuals, and are not immune from assault, either. They are, just as you are.

Blaming the presence of complaints about triggering content everywhere on oversensitive youngsters does not make for good arguments, especially not when trying to make an economic theory fit a social issue. Especially when even a cursory step outside a privilege bubble reveals that most people experience plenty of harm, danger, and trauma in relation to their identities, with the attendant issues that accompany being triggered by content.

Transracial adoptions of kids of color by white families produce significant issues, because kids out of the culture their skin color suggests can't always get back in because of mistrust of their white parents. Which leaves the kids getting the culure of their parents and not the one people assume they have or need because of their skin color.

A new study suggests the annual gynecological pelvic examination for women may not have any actual medical benefit or basis. Although, it may be a useful vehicle for conversation about other health issues, but it also runs the risk of being triggering or problematic for abuse or adult victims.

Some things on our need to keep our mental state healthy - [personal profile] kaberett leads with the trick of not making the problem bigger when it appears, which is really quite difficult to do when in the middle of the problem. [personal profile] umadoshi linked to The Book of Jubilation, which chronicles many things related to therapy and being a therapist. Starting with a point regarding the absolute variability of normal, going through how everyone, including therapists, should get therapy if they need it, (even if there's a very real possibility that admitting you got help will make people uncomfortable around you)and then landing at how stoicism in families is not good for fostering support in families, and, for that matter, neither is telling those stories from childhood that are funny only because they rely on the victim being too dumb to realize it. Which gives some insight into why I don't like certain stories to be told.

What I found best, though, is the understanding that praise may be the last thing that a person needs, after validation and encouragement, to have a positive self-image.

Neil deGrasse Tyson, most recently of Cosmos fame, had a strongly athletic background, including the creation of a wrestling move based on physics, the Double Tidal Lock.

Tips for improving the quantity of kudos and comments on your fanfiction endeavors. If you're a person who enjoys fandom, published authors think fandom is great, even if they aren't able to read your work until they aren't writing in that universe anymore. If you're struggling, understand how others are, too, even the highly successful ones, and build a community that boosts each other while trying not to get bored down in jealousy.

Last for tonight, passion is important, but if passion consumes your life, it is important to step back. And possibly do things to help you maintain your happy, productive life, instead of driving yourself into the ground trying to be all writer, all the time.

Monster cookies.

Oh, and sometimes, the easiest way to get out of a low mood is to do a thing that is doable, so, congratulations, you've read the whole post. That makes you awesome all by itself. Have a poem, that's really more of an affirmation or an oath, and one that I strive toward all the days of my life. It's by [personal profile] jjhunter.
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And here's my evidence:
  • The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that establishing a fixed buffer zone to protect women's health clinics, their patients, staff, and doctors from acts of terror is subordinate to the right of terrorists to commit acts of terror. Theoretically, it's about the right of protesters to protest something they find objectionable, but to argue that requires someone to ignore the storied history of violence against reproductive and women's health centers, the intimidation and harassment that women receive when trying to access their constitutionally protected services, and the intense campaign state legislators and government are waging against women. If there wasn't that history, and it was all just about the right of someone to stand and yell, then the argument that things were being taken too far would have more weight. The tendency of those particular protesters to act beyond shouting and standing should give some different considerations to decisions about free speech rights and how they are exercised.

    Based on this ruling, I'm sure the Court would have no problem at all if I camped the entrance they used to enter their building, being conspicuous not to block their way in, but setting myself up so that I can hurl invective at them as soon as I see them until the door closes, and I can bring as many people as I want to line the sidewalk and the path to the entrance to do the same, every hour of every day of the year.

  • The Supreme Court also determined that corporations with few owners are allowed to impose their religious beliefs on their employees, regardless of the religious beliefs of the employees or the number of employees that in the company. This "corporations are people" bullshit is really perverting the law and the Constitution. Corporate entities should not be entitled to religious protections, unless they incorporate as religious entities under the codes and laws that govern them. Persons running corporations are certainly allowed to express their personal religious beliefs, and even, if they are so determined, to try and write those beliefs into the corporate policy. But they should not be permitted to contravene the law and claim that the corporation shouldn't have to obey because of their personal religious beliefs, unless they truly are religious entities.

    The majority claims they're ruling is very limited in score and only pertains to this particular mandate, but the precedent established is likely to be cited in later cases. Because it will only be a matter of time before someone objects to all contraception, or to other procedures, or to hiring women.

  • The Court also ruled that persons reimbursed by a government agency but hired privately do not have to pay agency fees to the union that bargains for their wages and benefits. Because the plaintiffs objected on free speech grounds, saying that they shouldn't have to support a union they don't want, regardless of what benefits they accrue from the collective bargaining. The simplest solution would have been to say, "Fine. If you don't want to pay them, you don't get the benefit of their work. Negotiate your own contacts and wages." Which would be bad, because the sector, before collective bargaining, was low wage and no benefits.
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  • Saw the Book Three Korra premiere. Found it underwhelming, considering the past two seasons. Except where Asami and Korra found out the other was not as concerned about Mako. And where we got to see Fire Lord Zuko's most excellent ride, and where he and the twins commiserated a bit about past attempts to kill the Avatar.

    Otherwise, though, I couldn't really accept that both Tenzin and Korra are so phenomenally bad at trying to recruit. For one thing, Tenzin seems unable to figure out that he has the ability to remake the Air Nomad culture into whatever he wants it to be, and to use that to his advantage. Korra, while never particularly good at PR, would never take the same approach Tenzin did after seeing how poorly it worked. Or because it was Tenzin's approach. So the characterization seemed off. And even more so with what Korra does for the Earth Queen. Korra had been down this road before - more specifically, last season and to some degree, the season before that with how Amon positioned himself in relation to benders. At this point, she should be immediately suspicious of these kinds of favors or fetch quests. I'm hoping we get some interplay between Team Avatar and Team Villain Benders where it's not one-dimensional evil.

  • [personal profile] jenett has a great icon that reads "Virgo Hufflepuff - Details Managed", and that makes me wonder what sort of phrasings would be used for each of the main HP houses and the primary Western zodiacal sun signs. I don't know enough about the actual sun signs to even hazard a guess, but I would also expect that it's been done somewhere and my searching skills aren't quite up to par enough to find it.

  • I'm still continuing the series of deconstructing (or at least trying) the Dragonriders of Pern at The Slacktiverse. I'm just about finished with Dragonflight, which will mean new opportunities to jump in at the beginning of a book when we move on to Dragonquest. There's a lot more wrong going on there than I noticed when I was younger.

  • I got to see Catching Fire on a second run tonight. I can't say that I'm wild about the decisions on what content to exclude from the adaptation, because it took away a lot of the development and uncertainty that the novel presented, making it more of a "wha?" when it turned out that Plutarch was with the rebellion. Although I personally always saw Plutarch as a tall black man, so yeah. They also cut out the watching of footage portion, probably so as to not have to hire in more actors, but that part also means neither Katniss nor Peeta got to see the previous Quarter Quell, where they find out that sober Haymitch is freaking scary. The adaptation decision seems to have been that the audience would know no more than Katniss is supposed to, if that. It made the movie much more straightforward than the book was. I'm not sure what they will do with Mockingjay, since it's the most straightforward of the three.

  • Oh, so close! Still, I suppose it's progress to have required extra time against Belgium. Next time, Gadget, next time.
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Staying at the very beginning, persons with Massachusetts connections, please come to the aid of one who needs a new housing situation, as well as possible leads on social services and/or employment prospects.

This may sound like a broken record, but if you're in a profession where you get to regularly see the cool things other people are doing, understand that Impostor Syndrome is a thing, and that it may reach very far, indeed. It doesn't even have to be about work - women get taught a variation of Impostor Syndrome almost as soon as they start to realize what beauty standards are and how they are expected to react and conform to those standards.

So when I get in the mode that I'm "just" a curator of links, I need to remember (or be reminded) that my creative exercise is in how I present the material and my successes at getting my readers to think in new ways - which would be a great compliment when I'm not feeling like I'm doing productive things or that my essay quality or output isn't much. Also, if I get that way, I should probably make pancakes from scratch.

The idea that prominent female science fiction writers of the past would attack someone for putting out Women Destroy Science Fiction is untenable, especially once you read the words of the women in question.

And continuing in the writing theme, the little good things often have more weight than the little bad things and Mr. Hines with bullet-point advice on improving writing. If you'd like a longer series, [personal profile] hellkitty is offering a sequence of kickstarts, on topics like clustering thoughts into ideas, how much is too much, constructing good sentences, using established stories to tell new ones, untethered writing, and springboard sentences or images.

A study conducted in Europe suggests that parental affection is an important factor in determining whether or not adolescents use drugs. The headline suggests that he strict-control, no affection "authoritarian" style is ineffectove, but they distinguish between it and the effective "authoritative" style by talking about parental affection, and they do the same in contrasting the ineffective "neglectful" style and the effective "indulgent" style. Such effective parenting may be a method by which perfectionism dies not develop in children, but more research is needed.

Similarly, research suggests that talking with your partner(s) about relationships and how they are handled helps prevent separations. This particular experiment used movies as the catalyst to the discussion, so that nobody had to feel defensive or put upon.

The Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics Department reminds you that the presence of a study on a subject does not mean a universal conclusion on that subject has been reached.

A Methodist minister whose credentials were revoked after he officiated his son's wedding had had them restored on appeal, although that may not be the final word on the subject, as the appeal may be appealed.

A United States Federal District Court judge ruled that the "no-fly list" violates the constitutional rights of United States citizens because they have no method to challenge or dispute being placed on it. Not that having a list of persons not allowed to fly because of capricious reasons is illegal, but that the lack of redress is the problem.

The United States Marshals Service seized records legally requested by the ACLU pertaining to the use of a device that can spoof a cellular tower and gather significant information about any mobile phones used in its radius. The Marshal Service cited a non-disclosure agreement signed with the manufactured of the devices as the reason for the seizure. There has to be a law broken here somehow, and preferably one that can't be swept under the rug of "national security". It makes no sense how a corporate agreement can have more force than the Freedom Of Information Act request that had already been properly executed and approved. And then there's the knowledge that the Marshals service told the local police to deceive the courts about the use of the spoofing device. Now I'm really interested in what they were looking for.

Even more interesting, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled unanimously that cellular phones require warrants to be searched, subject to ordinary rules that prevent expedience in situations where evidence might be destroyed in the delay for a warrant.

Some states have built legal frameworks that allow for the incorporation of companies whose primary missions are not pure profit, allowing them to focus on other priorities without the threat of being sued by the shareholders for not being completely about profit. Since money is a measurement and an instrument of power, rather than some firm of finite resource, it makes sense to orient a company on protecting the finite resources, like people, rather than protecting the money.

Starbucks is not actually creating a scholarship for its workers, but is instead reimbursing some out of pocket costs and negotiating a steep discount of cost per credit hour with Arizona State University. So, I guess it really isn't then trying not to be evil.

The pressure to confirm to an arbitrary beauty standard leaves marks. And this sorry if thing starts early, as school dress codes assume barely pubescent women are wearing clothing with the intention of sexualization, when nothing is further than the truth. Apparently, we're all supposed to be at the mercy of all the boners out there giving their unsolicited opinions. Or constantly being pressured to be sexual, instead of letting each person approach their sexuality in the way that makes sense to them. Instead, let's cheer on comics heroes that are unafraid to be women. And celebrate the idea behind Before You Were Hot, even if the execution thereof doesn't quite ring all the bells in sequence for me.

The alternative is to have more columnists justifiably aggravated at people blithely placing the responsibility of avoiding sexual assault on the victims. Or having people be amazed at the presence of a graveyard for sex workers and other people considered "disgraced".

Pictures of love and surprise at the first sight of a partner at their wedding.

In their pursuit of keeping it alive, many Japanese businesses have skillfully replicated and improved upon products of the American past. So much so, that if you want to go retro, you're probably getting it from a Japanese-owned business. But be aware - that thing that you might find exotic and chill could very well be someone else's albatross, because others see them differently than you do. Not that this is the first time someone is mining culture to make a profit - drug companies want to manipulate your perception of what constitutes an illness, so that you will buy their product.

Video devices can, when equipped with an algorithm, correctly guess a numeric passcode with excellent results, because they can basically figure out where your passcode keypad is and extrapolate the numbers based on the analysis of various shadows.

Those who allow their trademark to be eroded slightly in exchange for having their trademark become the generic term trend to fare better than those who insist on protecting their mark, add this article about the Xerox Corporation's successful campaign to stop people from using their name as a generic has proven.

Certain versions of the OpenSSL security implementation are vulnerable to a man-in-the-middle attack that can trick both ends of the communication into using weak security, if both ends of the communication are running vulnerable OpenSSL. A fix has been released, so it's update time again.

The PF Chang restaurant security breach likely stretches back to September 2013, which is almost a year's worth of possible fraud, card selling, and other account abuse possible from dining at a particular restaurant. Additionally, a large data breach occurred through the use of compromised remote administration tools for point if sale terminals at car washes.

An app aims to avert panic attacks by having minigames timed to breathing exercises available for mobile platforms. Another person suggests that looking at the world through the camera lens of a smartphone may be a useful meditation on being present in the now.

Aside from English and Spanish, seeing the most spoken language in your state can be quite interesting.

Very pretty cosplay from people who racist nerds think shouldn't be able to cosplay.

Ethical behavior is influenced by energy level, which is related to time of day, so people operating in the opposite realm of their preferred times tend to be less ethical, according to the authors of a study.

Last for this post, the differences in visual technique with regard to Western comics and Japanese comics, the baby stolen by the Goblin King in Labyrinth premiered his own puppet-driven short and a book that has butterflies fluttering forth from the pages.
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Not to try and depress you right at the start, but the communists generally are right about how the world is currently arrayed. And if you would like more proof of that, understand that reality television is probably one of the last ways to study a culture and understand its underlying assumptions. That is, when the legal system isn't helping plenty, by sending a man convicted of raping his partner at home back to that same home to serve out his sentence.

Long-term weight loss is unlikely, but the article chooses to say "so the obesity crisis is awful!" instead of "so we should consider the idea of health at every size as our default". One can guess what the comments say.

For further anxiety, not only does research suggest that high school is, indeed, hell when it comes to the most important self-defining time in our life, but that the experiences gained during that time have profound and lasting effects on our adult lives.

Teaching children rhetoric may be a way of preventing fights with them down the road. Assuming that a parent is willing to lose to a well-crafted argument. And willing to explain from the depths of their knowledge where warranted</>.

Speaking of lasting effects,
no, being family is not an automatic entry into the lives of children, grandchildren, our significant others, and especially not if that family has been abusive.

And of things in adult lives, the casting of opera roles, normally a matter of skill in singing, is trending very dangerously toward the idea of looks first, singing ability second.

The Dead Pool Disc Jockeys department claims Casey Kasem at 82 years of age, although more people may know him now as the voice of Shaggy on the animated Scooby Doo Mysteries than as someone who counted down the top songs of the week.

Hall Of Fame baseball player Tony Gwynn died at 54 years of age from cancer developed from the use of smokeless tobacco during his playing days. We realize, though, that not many people will look at that and choose to stop their usage of tobacco products.

An unfinished but still published commentary makes the point that many women writers rely on a second income from their husbands or boyfriends to make ends meet while they write. The intended attitude on display, and as one might see in the actual URL slug, is that women are taking advantage of their husbands to write instead of contributing with a "real job." Since that never appeared, not really, instead a writer chose to focus their response on the blithely-assumed heteronormativity in the incomplete piece.

The best way to combat that is for women to unlearn what has been taught to them about how they should behave. Getty Images is starting to help with that, by actively promoting and photographing active women doing cool things, of all body types, and not letting them be dead-eyed props. And to not accept crap excuses for objectification of women. And speak out when ye religious institutions censure you for asking questions and starting conversations.

Also, if you believe that the presence of other women, scantily clad or no, is an impediment to your happy marriage, rethink the priorities of your marriage. Most people do not stay married because they are solely interested in the body of their partner. And if you are worried about other bodies, have you thought about talking with your husband about other bodies? You may find it interesting to see what he will say when he sees that he can talk with you about those things and you won't come off as being insecure.

A couple years after the emergency financial manager ordered the Catherine Ferguson Academy in Detroit closed, despite their proven track record at getting teen mothers through high school and into four-tear colleges, the school had to close from lack of enrollment as a charter school. Because the people that the school was serving wouldn't really be able to afford a charter tuition. And because the emergency financial manager and state leadership in Michigan are misogynist dicks.

Illegal drugs and sex work contribute approximately 10 billion GBP to the United Kingdom economy. The majority share of that 10 billion is in sex work. Imagine what would be possible for the economy if it were a licensed and regulated practice.

Even by conservative estimations, the benefits of the current Clean Air Act outweigh the costs by at least a 2x multiplier, and more likely, several orders of magnitude. Not that it stops complaining about how new proposed rules will bankrupt everyone and everything, despite that not having happened every time it was floated in the past.

The Transportation Security Administration's backscatter scanners, that produce a nude image of a person being scanned, are being relocated from airports to prisons, because while citizens can object to having nude pictures taken of them in the name of security, prisoners can't.

There is much less recoverable oil in a popular fracking destination than previously estimated, which should be obvious once it became known that the original estimate was based on industry calculations.

Google has released testing source code for an encryption plug-in designed to make email messages more secure. It's the tip of the iceberg on the need for privacy and anonymity. The Internet's current model for making money is mass surveillance, which doesn't actually make money but does allow for the centralization of data so that governments, companies, and hackers don't have to go very far or to very many places to get that data. So that things like credit card skimming and hacking, like at the P. F. Chang's restaurants most recently, becomes a lot less lucrative of a deal.

The increased visibility of minorities in our current times makes it possible for them to build a robust social network and to be able to rely on that network when problems develop. It's not a substitute for actual stability or the ability to live a comfortable life, but it is much better than what it was even a short time ago. That is, unless they are put into the justice system - as a consequence of the War on (Some) Drugs and the still-offensive idea that minorities and the poor are more likely to commit crime, courts are charging costs and fees to their defenders, especially those convicted, for things including the use of the public defender, their own mandated treatment or monitoring devices, or their own jail time and supplies.

Lightspeed Magazine has an issue entitled Women Destroy Science Fiction. Which is great! If you don't believe me, Seanan McGuire gives you plenty of good reasons. Why Seanan? Because she intrinsically understands the power a story (or many) can have on someone.

The pick-up artist culture embodies a lot of the worst aspects of toxic masculinity. But we knew that, even before the recent violence. Even though a lot of those same people would decry it as "gay", taking a page out of the ancient Greek playbook and building strong friendship between men could help.

The Secret Service is trying to develop a way for a computer to catch sarcasm, so as to filter serious threats against a President against non-serious ones. Which, if it succeeds, will mean the birth of the Singularity, among other things, because understanding sarcasm requires so much contextual and cultural awareness that you would need an A.I. to pull it off.

Bacteria resistant to the strongest forms of anti-biotics available have been detected in the food supply, which removes "last resort" protections for many with regard to possible infection by virulent superbugs. Beware the upcoming global pandemic, perhaps?

Suggestions from someone who is chronically ill about their own mental state, so that those around them can understand seemingly random events.

After being told there was'nt space for him on a transport to the beach where the Allied invasion of Axis Europe began, a veteran in a care home slipped out, found friends and hitched a ride to the 70th anniversary celebration. The care home called police after the discovery of the missing veteran.

Not everyone celebrates Father's as a celebration of a loving family. Some celebrate it as a reminder of their triumph in getting away from their family.

Texas Republicans refused to allow a booth at their state convention advocating for the inclusion of gay men and lesbians in the party, because the both conflicted with the party's current platform decrying the existence of homosexuality as anti-family. A nice Catch-22 there. The spokesperson said that gay and lesbian Republicans could attend as delegates and attempt to change the platform, but there would be no large visible space with which to get the delegates thinking about that issue available for them.

The last prisoner of war from the conflict in Afghanistan was returned in a prisoner exchange - five Taliban fighters to Qatar, one United States serviceman home. This was greeted with happiness and well-wishes. Right up until the point where they realized that a Democrat had achieved this. And allegations surfaced suggesting the prisoner had deserted or was responsible for the deaths of other soldiers. And so, the people who were happy thata soldier was coming home scrambled to delete their congratulatory social media messages as fast as they could. Not that the Internet forgets such things, mind. And it has sparked an interesting discussion as we see the normally hyper-jingoistic conservative side reverse themselves and decide not to support the troops, the decision, or anything else related to the return of this soldier.

Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader (the vice-captain for the Republicans in the House right now) lost his House seat to a one-track campaign decrying the evils of immigration reform. This is bad, in that it's the bad being beaten by the worse, and that this victory will likely reinflame the conservative movement for another several rounds of trying to invest those they consider too moderate for conservatism. This may be a gift to the Democrats - but it will depend entirely in how well the anti-immigration message does with the general voting population.

Think about introverts and how they react to things before inviting friends over, our, for that matter, responding to an invitation

Last for tonight - the love of books promotes the skill of reading, which your children's librarians have known for a very long time. It also promotes skills like critical thinking, so that when encountering a hypothesis that doesn't do the research, you can look askance at it.

Also, an actress enjoying her role, an excellent attempt to photographically recreate an iconic opening anime title, and The coup that Pearls Before Swine pulled by getting some panels drawn by Bill Watterson.


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