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Good morning. Lets start with the expiry of an arrest warrant for Julian Assange on rape charges. He won't be leaving the embassy he has hidden in any time soon, however, because other countries want his head on a pike, but there won't be any justice for the women that accused him.

A place that tries to help children that could turn out to be psychopaths to play by the rules of society. Programs in cities to help parents talk sufficiently to their children so that they will have a big vocabulary entering school. A reminder to limit screen time for children.

A child makes a strong case that collective punishment in school contravenes the Geneva Conventions. Unfortunately for her, nobody is yet willing to classify schooling as a war recognized by the Conventions. (I wonder if schools that require uniforms might have this case work better...)

Less gaily, some children's shelters use the police and arrests as their way of attempting to get the residents to behave properly, which sets up a very bad feedback loop.

Data to try and visualize why the United States has such a high prison population. A call to raise the age in which people are tried as adults, instead of lowering it, and how that might reduce the rate of recidivism. Racism has real health effects on children. Incarceration makes it harder for black children to succeed in school. The way in which "broken windows" became "Stop and frisk", and the ways in which white people are using the police to displace their own fears about having black and brown neighbors. And the fact that it takes so very long for justice to come to black households, even when the lead poisoning is obvious.

Stories from the front lines of children raised in houses where addiction is the norm. The ways that privilege and appearing to be nonthreatening give some people better mental health care than others. The vicious cycle of needing an identification to get an identification.

Despite what your average preacher may tell you, the idea that it falls solely on women to dress "modestly" to prevent the wandering lusts of men is not Biblical. It's also not even fertilizer-grade bullshit.

A Colorado man was mistakenly freed from prison, but used the opportunity to make a good life for himself, and thus, when rearrested on the oversight, was set free again by a judge. Or would have been, were it not for federal immigration authorities demanding he stay in prison. Which is a potential threat to any immigrant's life, based on the way that private prisons with ICE detainees are run.

Families broken apart by deportation are often further damaged by the way that protective services are underfunded and understaffed.

Lots of cholera case potential in Yemen. A bomb in Kabul that killed more than 150.

To understand the stories that happen in a place, you must understand the people that live there. Native journalists are a necessity for understanding life on the rez.

The king of the Netherlands flies commercial planes when not being a king. Excellent Disney-themed latte art. Fifty years of mixed-up files and art museums. Immigrants sweeping the streets of Rome for the donations they can get while they wait for decisions on residency. A city being built from the ground up, through the coordination of volunteers, community-appointed liasons, and NGOs. Training surgeons for the remote parts of the world using people who are already in medicine in those parts.

Now that the curtain is coming down, peek in at the life and work of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus.

A barrier wall of Jews around a group of Muslim protesters, but for good effects this time, rather than ill.

The ways in which Wonder Woman failed to be a good movie for the audiences it most needs, because while Gal Gadot qualifies for Amazonian beauty, some of the other things she stands for don't work. And some do, but likely by serendipity rather than intent.

What apparently is going to happen at women's-only screenings of Wonder Woman, at least according to the great fears of the person that wrote an uninformed screed to the Mayor of Austin (or whomever hacked their email).

A great video about the need to cite sources and otherwise practice responsible scholarship.

No matter what anyone says, women have always been in your fiction, genre or otherwise. And exploring the world. And using their craft skills to get political points across. Or using their craft skills to encode information or get close enough to spy.

The Little Free Library is currently being deployed in places that it is least needed and least likely to be well-tended, making it little more than an outward display of ideology and privilege.

Speaking of privilege, trans women may not have "male privilege", because they sacrificed quite a bit to get where they are, and so "unearned" may not apply to them.

If you are a more privileged person, there are questions you can ask of your friends and partners that will get you information on how to make your environment less hostile to them.

Ascribing generalizations to groups of individuals is not particularly good, especially when it leads to harmful actions, a lack of empathy, or believing untrue things. Or situations that have been done before and are not helpful.

Flappers did not usually dress in flapper dresses.

Sexting as a way of getting over body shame, being more open about what someone wants, and practicing more feminist ideas of what sex, negotiation, and consent should be. With a bunch of people in a moral panic shouting at you that innocent girls are being corrupted by the practice.

A suffragist statue commissioned early, but then hid at the direction of Congress, celebrates twenty years back out in public. Accompanied by the bullshit idea that feminists and women who advocate for themselves will be unble to find love.

DO NOT IMPOSE YOUR OWN WORLDVIEW ON OTHERS WHERE THEIR AUTONOMY IS MOST IMPORTANT, says Captain Awkward. Which counts for a lot of things - being ace means you get exposed to a lot of people trying to tell you that you aren't what you are. Identifying as a woman means you have entire cultures telling you that no matter what you are, you are not enough to be beautiful or attractive.

Switching your clothier to a place that stocks plus sizes is a small step to acknowledge bodies come in all sizes. Being a person willing to take up their full allotment of space (or, if someone given more space than you actually need, making room for others to fill themselves) will also help.

Harper Watters dances in heels. And looks very good at it.

Although, if you believe consumer activism is perpetuating a harmful ideology or that the idea of the activist itself is suspect, then nothing that you can do to change your spending habits will have sufficient impact.

Yarn that stripes itself as you knit, no special technique needed. Giving monks the power to levitate and meditate. The wooden giants of Copenhagen, created from recycled wood. The beauty of endpapers, scenarios where it might be plausible to abandon a planet for another, A slab lost in Berlin, found safely in a collection at Michigan (the Kelsey is a great museum), the roofs of Mumbai taxis, the brutalist monuments of the former Yugoslavia, the presence of an extra-long second toe on many works of art, touring New York City with a focus on the waterfronts,

The linguistic shift in music trying to simulate exertion without actually having done it. The ways in which grammar (or its lack) can be used to harm someone. The need to use correct words when referring to relationships. The need to use correct words to convey meaning, instead of ablist shorthand.

Staying alive is a selfless act, and an exhausting one. Well done if you are holding it together. Or even if you are not.

Chess champions in Baltimore. The spectres of chess in Cuba.

Very young children can be trained on focusing, but there's not enough research to determine whether it's a good idea to do so or whether it will have appropriate benefits.

Plan ahead before you publish by yourself so that you know what you're spending and how you'e going to sell your book. You may want to use a service like Instafreebie to put ARCs and previews of your work in the hands of readers to generate hype. If you are looking to get paid for your writing for other markets, having a rebuttal guide to common attempts to get you to work for free may help you stick to your guns about getting paid.

Faux amis are not false cognates, and should not be taught as such. The use of receipts to indicate proof of a thing is moving outside the bounds of the memery. Merriam-Webster takes a look at squee.

A cat as physics paper co-author, a church in the shape of a bird, the difficulties of making a product without using animal parts, a tree that has sprouted from a two thousand year old seed, returning a rainforest to its original state, transforming apple farming through the use of hardy dwarf rootstock, the way a mango became a symbol for Chairman Mao (temporarily), the plot to kill grey squirrels to save red ones, the sacred river that's being polluted by the majority that doesn't recgnize it as sacred, the life of the ravens of the Tower of London, why it's a bad idea to feed bread to ducks, a capybara that's mother to the animals on a farm, some snakes that hunt in groups rather than alone, a newly developed superhot chili in Wales, the need for lots of space to let wolves control their prey populations, the way a drug war may be contributing to deforestation, and a town where it rains spiders from the sky.

Technology says pulling on various parts of the ATM may uncover theft devices, as would covering your hand when entering sensitive information. KMart stores got hit again by credit card thieves. The password manager service OneLogin also suffered a data breach.

If at any point you worry about any emails that might have been involved in a data breach, Have I been Pwned is an excellent resource. (One of mine has, for a particular software incident, so it's always worth taking a look.)

It should be incumbent up to governments to report, rather than hoard and exploit, security vulnerabilities in software, so that you don't end up with hospitals suffering from ransomware attacks.

Having just taken a survey with three percent of women responding, GitHub announces an all-men conference speaker lineup. Almost as if they didn't pay any attention to the demographics.

A heat-resistant ceramic that can be squished and reforms its shape.

The Internet has come a rather long way since its inception.

Less frost is soon going to be attributable to climate change.

Maths education in the States is going about things improperly, by focusing on speed and memorization, instead of showng visual things and teaching more about the linkages between maths.

Speaking of education, having schools that understand trauma and try to work with students over it, instead of giving detention or other exacerbating disciplinary measures, would be fantastic. And there needs to be scrutiny taken - towns with prominent universities near them often have significant achievement gaps between white and minority students. It shouldn't stop at the high school level, either - as it turns out, having women mentors in STEM fields helps keep women students going in STEM fields, as it appears to help preserve confidence and a sense of belonging.

Finding where old waterways ran, so as to incorporate them into the cities that grew over them. A summer camp where students construct their own language. Sorting two metric tons of LEGO by machine learning and sorting and the construction of custom software to recognize the bricks and classify them. Time, not temparture, matters in successful handwashing. The invention of the parking lot, and the way it shaped future architecture.

Last for tonight, excerpts from the Urban Dictionary of the 17th century. A Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles. And a transit authority that claims to help with existential crises.

Examine your beliefs, repeatedly. They may not have the chain of evidence you think they do.

Nearly eight thousand words on Twilight, its derivatives, and whether any of them can get anywhere close to the mantle of feminist.

Finally, a series of works that shows the superhero shadows of children at play. It's exactly as wonderful as you think it is, and prints are available if you want your wall to be decorated in such things.
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