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[sticky entry] Sticky: The commenting culture of my writing space.

I welcome all of the following types of comments on ANY of my entries:
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  • Sequential commentary. It's totally okay to comment about one thing as you read it, then another thing in a separate comment, then a third thing after you've chewed on it for a while and feel ready to talk about it.
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I also welcome:

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My great anxiety is that there's nobody out there and I'm shouting into the wind. If you’re feeling like you want to comment with something, feel free to comment with what feels good and comfortable to you, whether that’s leaving a !!! or an essay. If you don't have the spoons for any comment, that's okay, too. No pressure, no obligations.

How I reply to comments:
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I don't give access, generally. For one, nearly everything posted is public, so you're not missing out on anything by not having that access. If I do post something under access-lock, it is probably something intensely personal, and so I'd be hand-selecting who I want to see it.

(This idea stolen and modified from [personal profile] trascendenza, who first broached it in their own journal when talking about commenting culture and their own anxieties.)
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2017-10-08 10:12 pm

So far behind, I'd need to amnesty twice - June(?)-September(?) 02017

Let's start with interviews with some of the most prominent Beats and their contemporaries, of those still alive, that is.

A pair of things that are important - the near-impossibility of paying for care and living when you're older, coupled with the idea that everyone deserves retirement not just from "men's" work, but "women's" work, too, especially those who have been performing that "women's" work for most of their lives.

The multi-camera sitcom is undergoing a revival, which is good, because a lot of good shows are in that format. (And so are a lot of bad ones.)

Hollywood is having a bad time with portraying interracial couples, even though it's been fifty years since marriage between races was legalized.

A man sent home for wearing shorts came back in a dress. French bus drivers use skirts to beat the heat when their shorts are deemed inappropriate. Exeter students wearing skirts when told they can't wear shorts in the heat.

What you think about discrimination is strongly influenced by your political leaning and your region of the country. After all, the Southern Baptist Convention almost managed not to condemn racism and white supremacy. (They have produced a more gender-inclusive translation of the Christian Foundational Writings, even though if you asked them, they'd deny they were doing it that way, claming it's just historical accuracy.

Long after the mosque was set ablaze, a Muslim community still feels the effects of terrorism. In places that aren't beset by radicals, breaking bread with your neighbors, regardless of their religious beliefs, brings community together. Exposing an insular person to the realities around them can change their minds.

Inside a high school that has nearly half of its student population as refugees from other countries.

Photographs of black soldiers working in the Army Corps of Engineers to build Alaskan land links. Repurposing a highway stretch to become a more civic-oriented and community-building place.

The practice of women serving in combat roles in the army of the United States is older than the United States. Using a pole and friends to walk up walls.

Venezuelans are crossing the border to get necessary supplies in Colombia before coming home. The problem is that even with minimum wage increases, the puchasing power of the currency is going down. In Brazil, the squatters are banding together to try and eke out their living while the government is cleaning all sorts of house as corruption is revealed and prosecuted all across the parties.

Soccer academies across Africa are giving some residents a shot at a U.S.-based education along with the sport training, but there are far too few academy students to meet the needs for thorough education in many of the target countries.

Riding the trains of India that were revolutionary...about a hundred years ago.

The cookbook of District Six, a South African neighborhood forcibly altered by apartheid. Bosnian students protesting segregated schools.

International schools that teach in English are getting more popular as parents seek a competitive edge for their children in the United States. The cultural forces working to make Indian-Americans spelling bee champions. The long climb to get black students competing with white ones in the spelling bees.

Japan's child shelters need significant amount of work to get up to the standards of other nations. South Korea is not a welcoming place for tattoo artists, especially those tattoo artists that are women, due to cultural notions of purity and a law that forbids being a tattoo artist.

Movies where more than 30% of the main cast are nonwhite do waaaaaaaay better at the box office.

Inmates in a tent city in the middle of Arizona - no air conditioning, and if they're lucky, the low might be 90 degrees. And to his credit, the current Sheriff is shutting it down...because it's uneconomical. Maybe not so much credit. Because prisons put heavy costs on those who want to visit. That is, when the prisons themselves aren't causing health risks by being situated on toxic ground or failing to correct, or even have entities supposed to catch, things going wrong in a prison.

A Kansas inmate was released after it came to light that a person that looked exceedlingly like him and had a similar name was in the same area the inmate was when he was accused of a crime.

Human trafficking happens plenty for farm workers who can't get any oher jobs without their immigration status becoming known.

The United States Post Office used to be the center of technical innovation in the service of getting the mail to move faster and to the farthest reaches of the country.

The need to be able to not only be armed with fact against fakery, but to be able to provide it in ways that can't be weaseled out of.

Differences in culture can mean easy passage of a test that confounds another cultural group.The calculation of the earth's circumference, based on observations of shadows cast.

An interview with the journalist that discovered the anti-gay purge in Chechnya.

Disney princesses and Disney Queens, portrayed by models and their mothers.

A nonsense rhymer of India, Anushka Ravishankar, being compared to Theodor Seuss Geisel. Soviet propaganda books for children. A fable, fairy tale, and folklore classification index.

Liberal arts colleges are putting in special efforts and cohorts to get veterans graduated with college degrees.

Linguistics explains why trying to say "covfefe" is going to result in your vocal systems rebelling against you.

Using tattoo work to give scars context and art, jewelry pieces that look like scale, the first registered tattoo artist of Victorian England, with pictures of his work,

An African show produced by MTV that's also subtly providing useful sex ed for Africans.

a study supporting the idea that high lead level exposures as children resulted in more violent crime later on in life.

Honey created with colors, using sugar sources other than plants, microbes evolving to eat petroleum products of various sorts, elk get better at avoiding hunters with age , herd dynamics are complex mathematical situations, dinosaurs owe volacnoes thanks for their evolutionary supremacy, New York City, when it was mostly farmland and grazing space, the ways that cats became human companions, the cats of a museum, animals in funny situations, foxes that decorate with skeletons, popsicles made from the polluted waters of Taiwan, crocheting giant urchins for the marina landscape, which is different than the giant rubber duck that appeared in a water near me during a maritime festival, the best cats of Reyjavik, tattoos and drawings of cats giving tattoos, trying to conserve giant insects in New Zealand, studying antlers and the cells that make them to see if we can achieve impressive regeneration in humans, modeling the possibilities of crop failures worldwide - it's not a pretty picture, farmers benefiting from less intensive methods in crop production in a zone with climate troubles, different breads may have a different blood sugar response in different people, trying to reduce the rate in which kittens are killed, desperately trying to save soil from being farmed and then blown away in a dust storm, the economic benefits of reversing climate change, a non-organized fractal planting pattern results in optimum yields without coordination, a garden grown in a prison yard that the inmates started illicitly, but that helped keep them behaving well while there, and s baby bird preseved in amber that teaches us a lot about the dinosaurs that the birds came from.

In technology, the Deseret alphabet, designed by Mormons, the rubber-chicken solution to a broken bus stop problem, raiding the pharmacopeias of previous eras to find new ways of fighting infections and microbes, some of the first color photographs from an autochrome process, trying to figure out when fire became a staple of early human life, noticing cuneiform as accounting language, the changing ideas about whether windows are good for patient rooms or bad, the prominence of currency throughout history, using a particular copper form to potentially produce biofuels with carbon dioxide and electric current, the reason why every baker has chemists to thank for baking powder, a "social media" app that doesn't actually offer social. Or media. Or lets you do anything but just tap to watch things appear, the successes of public health against deaths by diarrhea, the importance of following the Do Not Track protocol, analyzing malware meant to infect and turn off power grids, making microbeads out of plant matter, watching light bend apparently frictionlessly around substances, the possibility that the television you consume can shape your views toward authoritarianism, as much of the television produces leans in the direction of authoritarianism, a gene that might express how much we feel pain, the House of David baseball team, cultists with remarkably good bat, ball, and pepper game skills, and the difficulties of preserving a thing that was made with things that decompose, change, or otherwise refuse to stay put.

The Supreme Court of the United States says people cannot be banned from the Internet in general, regardless of what they've done to earn it.

Last for tonight, a heat wave in the desert melts much of the technology humans use to survive in that desert.

The terminiology around marijuana has changed...some in the last sixty years. And some hasn't.

The Silent Reading Club, which sounds a lot like a great way to get your introverts to recharge after a day of having to people, remembering the books that were essential to you but that others may not recall at all, the unionization announcement of the Baby-Sitter's Club,

And how much Dungeons and Dragons owes to women, as writers, columnists, and book authors. Along with a lot of other things that lots of geeks owe to women. And women scientists in countries where women are not considered good enough for anything.

Lois Lane explains to us the very first instance of Superdickery.
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2017-08-23 09:53 pm

As if I thought this would get me caught up - May-August, maybe, 02017

Beginning with an attempt to fix that which was broken...which went so poorly that the original thing came back to be rejoined.

A victory against forced conversion therapy--in China.

The idea that the young are ruining everything is Older Than Dirt.

Give children more art opportunities.

The Dead Pool claims Steven Frust, star of Animal House and yet another member of the Babylon 5 cast, at 63 years of age. Also, George A. Romero will be kept under observation for a good long time to ensure that he has not become Patient Zero in a zombie apocalypse. Adam West is no longer the Mayor of Quahog, nor the only Batman that ever existed, after many years of making us laugh.

Natalie Morales is queer and proud of it, with a story of how that came to be that resembles many other stories of queer kids coming to their own realizations.

Buckle stores suffered a credit card data breach.

A bookseller with an extremely poor reputation and an entry fee designed to avoid having his time wasted is closing up his shop. To the delight of everyone who had to interact with him. A council in Australia is abolishing their fines because it doesn't actually do the things that fines are supposed to do.

The Asian stars of Hawaii Five-O quit the show when CBS refused to pay them as much as their white costars.

Let's talk a little Diana. The designers for the 2017 Wonder Woman movie clearly took their inspiration from functional armor designs of previous societies. The story in the movie is about a Chosen One that chooses herself. Wonder Woman is one of many comic characters that really should be canonically queer. The character Chief is actually the Blackfoot demi-god Napi. Lots of cute art abounded with her Japanese premiere, and a wrap design with the Wonder Woman logo.

The first Great War is not the war with all the movies - because it provides much less of a heroic narrative for the United States. Which would make the Cold War an excellent decision for a sequel to be set in - even though there's more posibilities for "heroic" narrative, that conflict is definitely one that could be seen as not having any clear good guys.

Being genderfluid sometimes means rethinking your stance on being trans*, and also presents a host of new problems for someone to face. I'm not really thrilled with how The Stranger paints this as an issue of "detransitioning" and reinforces the binary model while doing so. I do find it reprehensible, though, that the idea that people who are being fluid can be picked on by TERFs and the conservative movement together.

A village in the skyscraper district is trying to hold out against the encroachment of the big buildings.

A fully-accessible water park opens in Texas.

The difficulties that an Indigneous family has to go through to get an Indigenous child from an anonymous sperm donor, which often include not having a lot of sperm donors to choose from.

Pyramid Seven offers boxer brief-style underwear that can support the use of menstural products such as pads. (Sweet!)

The long struggle toward a more gender-inclusive curriculum in the United States. A campaign in India to discourage the practice of bridal dowries. The Kenyan women with a stake in controlling their water supply. The Thirteenth Doctor is a woman, Jodie Whitaker. Imagining the Disney Princesses as the Disney Engineers. Which reminds me of a discussion that I undertook some time ago about the various Dungeons and Dragons classes of the Princesses. Much fun was had by all transforming them into engines of heroism. What the little mermaid does if she doesn't take the sea witch's deal. It turns out very well for her.

Requirements and advice for medical professionals on how to treat trans* patients. Using person-centered language means using the language the person wants you to use. A book of 100 stories that accompany 100 photographs of penises. A woman set her boyfriend on fire, and then doused the fire with urine. Iranian women choosing not to wear hijab while driving, arguing that a car is a private space that doesn't require the "modesty" rules in place in the country. The woman whose name appears as the printer of the Declaration of Independence.

Tying the Star Trek franchises to the Marvel Cinematic Universe through the presence of boombox-toting punks.

Pope Francis has created a new pathway to beatification - the miracle is still required, but people who die because of their beliefs (and not in a martyrdom and persecution way) may be eligible for becoming saints.

A monument to the Ten Commandments in Arkansas lasted less than a day before being destroyed by a vehicle. By a person that said Satan commanded him to destroy the last one, no less.

The billionaire who supplies most of the cheese you eat on pizza, regardless of where you get it from.

An asshole explains why he's suing a woman for texting during their date. Explanation: He's an asshole. Mansplaining on the comic book direct market. A model that makes the clothes pop told she needed to become lighter-skinned by a jerk. The Puritans and their sumptuary laws that have been telling women they're tempting men into sin for centuries.

The creative methods people get up to so that their potholes can be fixed. The people who are crossing the border into Mexico to get dental work that's affordable. Visualizing how cities devote their space between cars, trains, and bikes, and the adjustments some cities are making to make cars less dominant. Trying to make urban living much more family-friendly, gardening in the cradle graves of strangers,

The ideal situation for your hometown is for people to leave, get experiences abroad, and then return to disribute wealth and experience. This isn't happening much in this generation, because many of them aren't getting enough to leave in the first place. On the opposite end, many of the people in the upper quintiles of income want you to believe they're just like you with their money troubles.

Crime might strongly correlated with the presence of alcohol dispensaries, which would be an accidental conclusion of a study meant to try and figure out whether commercial zones were more likely to be centers of crime.

The story of the original Gotham, a village that did all sorts of crazy things to stop the King from visiting. Advice to recipe-writers on how to make their recipes more friendly to the average kitchen. Black Cowboys photographed, giving a middle finger to the idea that the people settling and expanding were all white. The diet of Amelia Earhart, which often fluctuated between what would go well on a plane and what was given to her by the hosts of where she landed. How SPAM became such a popular thing.

The Philadelphia Zoo is blogging the raising of an elephant, baby goats and other cute things, the conch as inspiration for tougher plastics, the rehab space for birds injured in the Five Boroughs, the shortage of natural vanilla caused by the demand for organic vanilla in everything, a laser method for labeling an avacado, the ravens that will choose tools over treats so they can get better stuff later, even without having been trained by another raven to do it, the experience of what a deep-fried grasshopper tastes like, the structures that ants build out of self-preservation, farming in the dense urban jungle and organizations that will help farmers and their produce, cats as mostly-wild animals in the house, which genetically is still rather true. Cheese is apparently an acceptable topping on apple pie, shape-shifting organisms that adapted to their environment, First Nations tribes looking to revitalize the shellfish in their area, the possible return of the lynx to the United Kingdom, enginnering bananas to be extra-packed with vitamin A, the nearly-lethal encounter with an insect, the possible decline of hedgehogs in the UK, cockatoos that will make drumsticks to make music for mating, the method that jellyfish use to spine venom into their victims, finding that some corals use pigmentation to filter the light that comes into the sea, the foreign origins of the apple pie, learning about predators in the egg, the fact that humans are relatively calorie-poor compared to other sources of nutrition, the days of a cattle and livestock police officer, ninety-nine animal-related tweets, a miniature horse to help de-stress airport travelers, a nervous cheetah that gets a support puppy as companion, animals caught in the act of being naughty, atttempts to re-seed Nigeria's yam stock with healthy yams, DON'T FUCKING DECLAW YOUR CATS, the problem of pollinators extends well past bees, inventions to help frogs and others climb out of house pools, and the new conclusion that human smell compared to animal smell might be as good or better, depending on what's being smelled.

Interesting things to see in the smaller towns of the United States. A new name for a new crayon color.

What you feel about the war fought in 1812 depends very heavily on which side of the conflict is your history. the reporting of a blackout in New York that focused heavily on the misdeeds of the residents and not the rest. How babies went from being depicted as tiny adults to more innocent-looking children. The Tom Thumb wedding, where children play at marriage, including ceremonies, vows, and receptions.

The value, or lack thereof, of null results. The difficulty of adopting counterintuitive but scientifically-validated things.

Writing a bad first draft says nothing about you, the author, other than that you were able to get most of your notes and ideas out onto your medium of choice. Then comes revision. Applying Moral Premises, should you have them, to your stories. Applying comic stories, should you have them, to your classroom.

People are generally willing to redistribute income, so long as it preserves social rank...or gets rid of rank altogether. The way in which Shakespeare made suggestions about how not to be xenophobic. Even in the context of a play that is explicitly xenophobic. How even historical markers can be used as a battleground between opposing factions.

Ablist justifications abound in allocating scarce medical resources. Sexist justifications do as well, which can lead to the unhappy department of having medics essentially fail to do their jobs because their jobs are telling them they can't spend the time or the resources on you.

In technology, studying the microbial culture of humans and their food, the possibility that most things we thnk of as genetic issues could be the concert work of thousands of genes, rather than being isolated to certain siingles or small sets of genes, progress on trying to get individual immune systems to recognize and destroy cancerous cells, why it took a rather long time for the current knowledge about conception to evolve, children see art much differently than adults do,

A paen to the blockchain, with thee thought that the cryptography involved in generating and verifying them is good enough that it can power more than just cryptocurrency, like voting or stock issuance, or other applications where outside verifiability built in is a necessary feature.

Japan sent up a robot into the ISS, and it's taken some pictures in microgravvity. Also, information teleported through entanglement, lots of Microsoft product-related books being given away, thousands of vintage sewing patterns now available online, along with a searchable archive of several thousand years' of fashion, the search to make the kilogram a constant of the universe, instead of the mass of an object, software companie allowing Russian government entiries to examine the source code for malice before allowing it to be sold in the country, trying to get some medical training into Syria by telepresence, the first Wonkavator, moisture-responsive nanobots made of graphene, the one company that makes most of the bread clips in existence, the way that Jupiter is incredibly, celestially weird, a park with a high incidence of dinosaur things, espionage through knitting,

Mysteries of the universe that need answers, but there aren't any forthcoming yet, and to say the least, we have very little idea of what space is, much less what it does.

You can get your ink cartridges refilled in the United States, says the Supreme Court. Which is great.

There are a lot of ways that humans can extinct themselves, and many of them are related to climate change. Corals dying is a problem. The heat in your city could become unbearable. The planet itself might absorb more energy than it reflects and start warming itself. The air could still try to kill you. Denver is a locus of people fighting and studying asthma and the ways to manage it.

Thank Robert Recorde for the abilities you have at maths and computer programming, as the equals sign he contributed is one of the major components of both. On the other hand, the possibility that the universe is ultimately chaotic and accurate description of it requires abandoning the idea that it has structure at all. And why various road signs have the shapes they do.

Suggesting that the Ashkenaz that lends its name to the Ashkenazi could be somewhere in Turkey.

The many attempts to replace plastic straws with much more ecologically-friendly alternatives.

Last for tonight, decoding the diary of Beatrix Potter, the British child's propaganda book for the first Great War, the continued construction of language, and a strong reminder that attitudes and actions from the abled are also disabling, sometimes more so than the actual disability. People working together to provide prosthetics and chairs to the low-income people that need them the most.

The presence of superbug STDs should give everyone pause and worry.

We can thank...Nazis? for the giant novelty check idea, and then Publisher's Clearing House for planting that meme thoroughly into our heads.

A human chain that rescued several people caught by a riptide. Photographs of the United States experience.

Body-positive childrens' books. One hundred thousand books (and a lot of tape) creates a Parthenon replica on a site where Nazis burned books. Requests for transcription of magical texts. Pluralizing octopodes. Profanity and blasphemy around children are not specific words, but ideas intended to make them feel that they are somehow wrong for being who they are. Letting a neural network attempt to write Harry Potter fanfic summaries and titles.

Inspirobot, a generator of inspiring quotes. And flag code for the bedroom. (A lot of lder people are having sex outside of their marriages. Younger people, not so much - because they're not getting married, and also the polyamory, and a lot of other things.

And a conference of Sarahs that hides a mystery of Agatha's.
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2017-08-01 11:29 pm
Entry tags:

Before the other shenangancs (Politics of one sort or another)

(As always, if you have a paid account, you can exclude the tag "political links" and not have to actually see this entry.

More matters of politics )
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2017-08-01 11:22 pm

Shenanigans made me late - May(?)-June(?) 02016

Good morning. Lets start with the expiry of an arrest warrant for Julian Assange on rape charges. He won't be leaving the embassy he has hidden in any time soon, however, because other countries want his head on a pike, but there won't be any justice for the women that accused him.

A place that tries to help children that could turn out to be psychopaths to play by the rules of society. Programs in cities to help parents talk sufficiently to their children so that they will have a big vocabulary entering school. A reminder to limit screen time for children.

A child makes a strong case that collective punishment in school contravenes the Geneva Conventions. Unfortunately for her, nobody is yet willing to classify schooling as a war recognized by the Conventions. (I wonder if schools that require uniforms might have this case work better...)

Less gaily, some children's shelters use the police and arrests as their way of attempting to get the residents to behave properly, which sets up a very bad feedback loop.

Data to try and visualize why the United States has such a high prison population. A call to raise the age in which people are tried as adults, instead of lowering it, and how that might reduce the rate of recidivism. Racism has real health effects on children. Incarceration makes it harder for black children to succeed in school. The way in which "broken windows" became "Stop and frisk", and the ways in which white people are using the police to displace their own fears about having black and brown neighbors. And the fact that it takes so very long for justice to come to black households, even when the lead poisoning is obvious.

Stories from the front lines of children raised in houses where addiction is the norm. The ways that privilege and appearing to be nonthreatening give some people better mental health care than others. The vicious cycle of needing an identification to get an identification.

Despite what your average preacher may tell you, the idea that it falls solely on women to dress "modestly" to prevent the wandering lusts of men is not Biblical. It's also not even fertilizer-grade bullshit.

A Colorado man was mistakenly freed from prison, but used the opportunity to make a good life for himself, and thus, when rearrested on the oversight, was set free again by a judge. Or would have been, were it not for federal immigration authorities demanding he stay in prison. Which is a potential threat to any immigrant's life, based on the way that private prisons with ICE detainees are run.

Families broken apart by deportation are often further damaged by the way that protective services are underfunded and understaffed.

Lots of cholera case potential in Yemen. A bomb in Kabul that killed more than 150.

To understand the stories that happen in a place, you must understand the people that live there. Native journalists are a necessity for understanding life on the rez.

The king of the Netherlands flies commercial planes when not being a king. Excellent Disney-themed latte art. Fifty years of mixed-up files and art museums. Immigrants sweeping the streets of Rome for the donations they can get while they wait for decisions on residency. A city being built from the ground up, through the coordination of volunteers, community-appointed liasons, and NGOs. Training surgeons for the remote parts of the world using people who are already in medicine in those parts.

Now that the curtain is coming down, peek in at the life and work of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus.

A barrier wall of Jews around a group of Muslim protesters, but for good effects this time, rather than ill.

The ways in which Wonder Woman failed to be a good movie for the audiences it most needs, because while Gal Gadot qualifies for Amazonian beauty, some of the other things she stands for don't work. And some do, but likely by serendipity rather than intent.

What apparently is going to happen at women's-only screenings of Wonder Woman, at least according to the great fears of the person that wrote an uninformed screed to the Mayor of Austin (or whomever hacked their email).

A great video about the need to cite sources and otherwise practice responsible scholarship.

No matter what anyone says, women have always been in your fiction, genre or otherwise. And exploring the world. And using their craft skills to get political points across. Or using their craft skills to encode information or get close enough to spy.

The Little Free Library is currently being deployed in places that it is least needed and least likely to be well-tended, making it little more than an outward display of ideology and privilege.

Speaking of privilege, trans women may not have "male privilege", because they sacrificed quite a bit to get where they are, and so "unearned" may not apply to them.

If you are a more privileged person, there are questions you can ask of your friends and partners that will get you information on how to make your environment less hostile to them.

Ascribing generalizations to groups of individuals is not particularly good, especially when it leads to harmful actions, a lack of empathy, or believing untrue things. Or situations that have been done before and are not helpful.

Flappers did not usually dress in flapper dresses.

Sexting as a way of getting over body shame, being more open about what someone wants, and practicing more feminist ideas of what sex, negotiation, and consent should be. With a bunch of people in a moral panic shouting at you that innocent girls are being corrupted by the practice.

A suffragist statue commissioned early, but then hid at the direction of Congress, celebrates twenty years back out in public. Accompanied by the bullshit idea that feminists and women who advocate for themselves will be unble to find love.

DO NOT IMPOSE YOUR OWN WORLDVIEW ON OTHERS WHERE THEIR AUTONOMY IS MOST IMPORTANT, says Captain Awkward. Which counts for a lot of things - being ace means you get exposed to a lot of people trying to tell you that you aren't what you are. Identifying as a woman means you have entire cultures telling you that no matter what you are, you are not enough to be beautiful or attractive.

Switching your clothier to a place that stocks plus sizes is a small step to acknowledge bodies come in all sizes. Being a person willing to take up their full allotment of space (or, if someone given more space than you actually need, making room for others to fill themselves) will also help.

Harper Watters dances in heels. And looks very good at it.

Although, if you believe consumer activism is perpetuating a harmful ideology or that the idea of the activist itself is suspect, then nothing that you can do to change your spending habits will have sufficient impact.

Yarn that stripes itself as you knit, no special technique needed. Giving monks the power to levitate and meditate. The wooden giants of Copenhagen, created from recycled wood. The beauty of endpapers, scenarios where it might be plausible to abandon a planet for another, A slab lost in Berlin, found safely in a collection at Michigan (the Kelsey is a great museum), the roofs of Mumbai taxis, the brutalist monuments of the former Yugoslavia, the presence of an extra-long second toe on many works of art, touring New York City with a focus on the waterfronts,

The linguistic shift in music trying to simulate exertion without actually having done it. The ways in which grammar (or its lack) can be used to harm someone. The need to use correct words when referring to relationships. The need to use correct words to convey meaning, instead of ablist shorthand.

Staying alive is a selfless act, and an exhausting one. Well done if you are holding it together. Or even if you are not.

Chess champions in Baltimore. The spectres of chess in Cuba.

Very young children can be trained on focusing, but there's not enough research to determine whether it's a good idea to do so or whether it will have appropriate benefits.

Plan ahead before you publish by yourself so that you know what you're spending and how you'e going to sell your book. You may want to use a service like Instafreebie to put ARCs and previews of your work in the hands of readers to generate hype. If you are looking to get paid for your writing for other markets, having a rebuttal guide to common attempts to get you to work for free may help you stick to your guns about getting paid.

Faux amis are not false cognates, and should not be taught as such. The use of receipts to indicate proof of a thing is moving outside the bounds of the memery. Merriam-Webster takes a look at squee.

A cat as physics paper co-author, a church in the shape of a bird, the difficulties of making a product without using animal parts, a tree that has sprouted from a two thousand year old seed, returning a rainforest to its original state, transforming apple farming through the use of hardy dwarf rootstock, the way a mango became a symbol for Chairman Mao (temporarily), the plot to kill grey squirrels to save red ones, the sacred river that's being polluted by the majority that doesn't recgnize it as sacred, the life of the ravens of the Tower of London, why it's a bad idea to feed bread to ducks, a capybara that's mother to the animals on a farm, some snakes that hunt in groups rather than alone, a newly developed superhot chili in Wales, the need for lots of space to let wolves control their prey populations, the way a drug war may be contributing to deforestation, and a town where it rains spiders from the sky.

Technology says pulling on various parts of the ATM may uncover theft devices, as would covering your hand when entering sensitive information. KMart stores got hit again by credit card thieves. The password manager service OneLogin also suffered a data breach.

If at any point you worry about any emails that might have been involved in a data breach, Have I been Pwned is an excellent resource. (One of mine has, for a particular software incident, so it's always worth taking a look.)

It should be incumbent up to governments to report, rather than hoard and exploit, security vulnerabilities in software, so that you don't end up with hospitals suffering from ransomware attacks.

Having just taken a survey with three percent of women responding, GitHub announces an all-men conference speaker lineup. Almost as if they didn't pay any attention to the demographics.

A heat-resistant ceramic that can be squished and reforms its shape.

The Internet has come a rather long way since its inception.

Less frost is soon going to be attributable to climate change.

Maths education in the States is going about things improperly, by focusing on speed and memorization, instead of showng visual things and teaching more about the linkages between maths.

Speaking of education, having schools that understand trauma and try to work with students over it, instead of giving detention or other exacerbating disciplinary measures, would be fantastic. And there needs to be scrutiny taken - towns with prominent universities near them often have significant achievement gaps between white and minority students. It shouldn't stop at the high school level, either - as it turns out, having women mentors in STEM fields helps keep women students going in STEM fields, as it appears to help preserve confidence and a sense of belonging.

Finding where old waterways ran, so as to incorporate them into the cities that grew over them. A summer camp where students construct their own language. Sorting two metric tons of LEGO by machine learning and sorting and the construction of custom software to recognize the bricks and classify them. Time, not temparture, matters in successful handwashing. The invention of the parking lot, and the way it shaped future architecture.

Last for tonight, excerpts from the Urban Dictionary of the 17th century. A Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles. And a transit authority that claims to help with existential crises.

Examine your beliefs, repeatedly. They may not have the chain of evidence you think they do.

Nearly eight thousand words on Twilight, its derivatives, and whether any of them can get anywhere close to the mantle of feminist.

Finally, a series of works that shows the superhero shadows of children at play. It's exactly as wonderful as you think it is, and prints are available if you want your wall to be decorated in such things.
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Thing of note?

I've decided, for the few of you that read my work, the you can offer commentary about my fiction work in the thread named for me on the fic positivity area. Or, if so inclined, you could go directly to the works and leave commentary there.
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Fiction Output, January-June 02017

Because maybe you are interested in it. Or not, if you like.

  • Hermione Granger and the Two Boys (5838 words) by silveradept
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
    Rating: Explicit
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Hermione Granger/Harry Potter/Ron Weasley
    Characters: Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter
    Additional Tags: BDSM

    Ron invited Harry to go to a club. Ron forgot to tell Harry what kind of club it was, much to Hermione's annoyance. Harry gets a lesson. Ron gets a punishment.

    Because when the wheel of prompts stops on the Trio, you write something about their adult lives afterwards.

  • The Gold Curse (1193 words) by silveradept
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Once Upon a Time (TV), Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
    Rating: General Audiences
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Characters: Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Rumplestiltskin | Mr. Gold
    Additional Tags: Crossover

    The curse hit Hogwarts, and only Hermione knows anything about what happened. So she goes to confront the source. Not that Gold is telling anything.

    A scribble I'd put down that is only really notable in that it establishes that TRUTH SHOP is not just in one story.

  • Retreat (1357 words) by silveradept
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: The Princess Bride - William Goldman
    Rating: General Audiences
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Buttercup/Westley
    Characters: Buttercup (Princess Bride), Westley (Princess Bride), Original Character

    Buttercup needs a break and a change of location before the task of being Princess causes burnout before her wedding.

    A Poetry Fiction prompt. Nor a great work, in my opinion, because it doesn't have the zip of the original, but the original is hard to duplicate.

  • The Oncoming Swarm (600 words) by silveradept
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Bone (Comic)
    Rating: General Audiences
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Rose Harvestar & The Great Red Dragon
    Characters: Granma Ben, The Great Red Dragon

    The Great Red Dragon comes to warn Gran'ma Ben about what is to come.

    Exactly what it needed to be and no longer, and thankfully, I didn't need to clear a thousand words to post it. Still well-received.

  • Opposing Powers (2095 words) by silveradept
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey
    Rating: Not Rated
    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
    Relationships: Lessa/Kylara
    Characters: Lessa (Draongriders of Pern), Kylara (Dragonriders of Pern)
    Additional Tags: Dubious Consent, Hate Sex, Mind Control

    Lessa chases a familiar feeling and finds a familiar foe.

    It was clearly inevitable that I'd end up writing the words I've been giving so much grief to. And on a pinch hit, no less. That said, I really do like how this one turned out, and I think I got my characterization correct.

  • A Little Blue Bottle (2219 words) by silveradept
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Once Upon a Time (TV)
    Rating: General Audiences
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Captain Hook | Killian Jones/Emma Swan
    Characters: Emma Swan, Captain Hook | Killian Jones, Henry Mills (Once Upon a Time), Evil Queen | Regina Mills, Rumplestiltskin | Mr. Gold, Violet (Once Upon a Time), Prince Charming | David Nolan, Snow White | Mary Margaret Blanchard

    Emma and Killian go on a date, but something gets in the way of enjoying it fully.

    This one got away from me just a bit, and it was mostly in the bridge in between the start and the ending I had in mind. I persevered and put something together that works, but it didn't flow as easily as some others have.

  • To Create Life Without Taking It (1381 words) by silveradept
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Tenkuu no Escaflowne | The Vision of Escaflowne
    Rating: General Audiences
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Eriya & Naria & Folken Fanel
    Characters: Eriya (Escaflowne), Naria (Escaflowne), Folken Fanel

    Folken summons his two Luck Soldiers to gift them a present and explain a secret.

    This one wanted to be shorter, but it helps when you have a reader who asks great questions about what's going on, so that that's extra words to be mined in answering them. Plus, I liked getting to write from one of my earliest fandoms.

  • Brother Setzer's Traveling Salvation Show (and Casino) (2679 words) by silveradept
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Final Fantasy VI
    Rating: Mature
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Celes Chere/Locke Cole/Setzer Gabbiani
    Characters: Celes Chere, Setzer Gabbiani, Locke Cole
    Additional Tags: Light Bondage, Sensation Play

    Celes wants to go to bed after her last performance. Setzer has other ideas for the evening, but it turns out very different than anyone had planned.

    This one worked out great. I like the pacing and the way that it all goes a-jumble and gets brought back down to a manageable situation.

  • The Boy Who Wrote Cats (2509 words) by silveradept
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: 絵猫と鼠 | The Boy Who Drew Cats (Mukashibanashi)
    Rating: General Audiences
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Characters: Joji XVI, Mr. Bubbles, Jason (The Tourist)

    A tourist stops by the shrine for the family who drew cats with a strange story. The keeper of the shrine offers to help, even though he hasn't yet manifested the family talent.

    This one was a delight to write, inspired by a different fic in the same fandom. It also suffered some from a bridging problem until I figured out the right way to show how the action happened.

  • The Lost Mixtape Mashup (5511 words) by silveradept
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Leverage, Psych
    Rating: General Audiences
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Characters: Parker (Leverage), Alec Hardison, Eliot Spencer, Shawn Spencer, Burton 'Gus' Guster
    Additional Tags: Background Relationships

    Shawn and Eliot don't get along, despite being cousins. Parker investigates why there was a falling-out, but nobody seems to agree on the story, much less the details.

    I took Rashomon as the idea of the story, where everyone would tell their perspective, they would all be different, and nobody would necessarily be right. And then added bickering and boasting cousins to the mix, and let it pop out some comedy. It went well.

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Of politics - Aprli-May 02017

A bright spot before the rest of politics: Dwayne Johnson, stage name The Rock, might make an excellent President, based on virtues other than his celebrity and physique.

Greek citizens went on a mass strike to protest the continued austerity measures keeping their counry poor.

And now, we examine the latest of the United States and its administration. If anything in here makes you want to contact your elected officials, ResistBot is a way of getting your message delivered to the correct places, as it handles the lookup of finding your elected representatives.

Here we go again )
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2017-06-08 06:52 pm

Linkspam are like Mogwai... - April-May 02017

Would you like to write about happiness? It's 3-6k, and can be creative work or scholarly.

Chelsea Manning has been released from prison.

Let us begin. The Dead Pool claims Roger Ailes, a man responsible for what Fox News has become, at 77 years of age. Roger Ailes was not a hero in any sense of the word, and instead could easily be classed as a serious villain to democracy and functional government and media. (Even so, it's pretty likely that people of opposing political views visit the same news websites, even if only to bicker. And...people's preferences may not be changed by facts, even if people will agree that facts are facts. Because people sometimes tell lies that reinforce social ties in their group and efficiently Other other groups.)

Television networks are sending signals that they do not care for stories starring and talking about marginalized people. For many, this is in the same vein as various exercises of women tired of partirarchal behavior and those finding out that the location they live in still has giant impacts on whether they have access to good public services.

Eric S. Raymond believes that all true science fiction is libertarian science fiction, a conclusion in my opinion, that seems to follow on "if it would make Ayn Rand proud, it's proper science fiction", but without actually wanting to include anyone or anything a libertarian would find icky. Like women, minorities, or anything that is other than the cis-het-white-MASCULINE paradigm.

Nevada bans conversion therapy for minors, although it exempts clergy from the ban.

Puerto Rico is going bankrupt, and this has potential effects for the rest of the United States.

Poorer neighborhoods are not getting expensive projects to prevent flooding and so must deal with storm surge and water on a regular basis. Minority neighborhoods are targeted by police terrorism. The standard practice of plea bargaining gives prosecutors inordinate power over trials and sentencing. Except when someone's promising career might be cut short by actually being put in jail, apparently.

Having ADHD has costs that most people don't associate with the disorder. For things that get lost, or re-bought, or the medicines and time taken in keeping them filled. Or in being employed in a profession that doesn't take your issues into account. And then there are the social costs, as well, in addition to the need to let a person with a chronic illness or other condition fully accept it and grieve, should they need to.

To keep women in STEM jobs and degrees, change the men that are making women's lives hell.

A play about a play that was sent off from Broadway because two women kissed in it.

The benefits of immigration to immigrants are, well, substantial, as well as the benefits of immigrants to the places they immigrate to.

Infant mortality is down in the United States, but mother mortality is up, in stark contrast to comparable countries. The framing story is a woman who died of blood pressure-related complications that were noted but not treated when they were first noticed.

Invisible disability often means that the truth is no longer considered acceptable for why you are disabled. It also means you often look like nothing is wrong, especially when treatment regimens are working.

The current runner of the "Stever Rogers is a Nazi" storyline did not have very progressive views when running for local office more than a decade ago. Unfortunately, the storyline continues to run, despite the violence it does to the character of Steve Rogers. This is not a precedent to allow, especially now that white supremacist symbols are being given legitimacy by this HYDRA-based Steve Rogers. This culminates into Shut the Fuck Up, Marvel, a project intended to show off how this problem is not unique to this Steve Rogers, but is only the latest in a series of bad decisions by the comic house that refuses to admit when they've screwed things up badly.

Elsewhere in comics, Ms. Marvel is continuing to break ground and be sccessful.

Attempts to change behaviors so as to remove unconscious biases, sometimes with the knock-on effects of the people around a person who has received training seeing the best benefits.

Binary thinking is limiting, regardless of the context you try it in. It's extra damaging when that binary thinking deliberately erases a significant portion of the population or results in the death of babies. Religious communities that fail to provide hospitality to all their congregants fail at their stated missions. Pieces that want to talk about gender harms in relation to trans*ness miss the much bigger point of the systems that cause gendered harm. Because those systems happily hurt anyone they can on the basis of gender.

The Supreme Court of the United States reversed a decision by Alabama's state supreme court nullifying an adoption performed by two women in Georgia. One of the two women had denied visitation and shared custody to the other after the two split by claiming the state she and the children now lived in didn't recognize the adoption as legal. SCOTUS said "Georgia, where you adopted them, does, and their ruling applies here."

The story of Interval House, Canada's first shelter for women victims of domestic violence.

The story of a man who became the accidental getaway driver for a set of prison escapees.

Teaching children can mean having to remember that seminal influences of your lives are not even events of theirs. In this case, the Rodney King beating didn't register, because the average police interaction with a black man involves shooting or death instead of just a beating.

Black jockeys won plenty of big horse races until whites demanded they leave.

The influence campaigns being waged by Iran and Saudi Arabia in places like Senegal. But the United States would surely know a thing or two about trying to get countries that have a shared system and not much else to come around to their way of thinking.

The virtues of fanfic as exercises in writing characters and their feelings as primary focuses.

The mistaken belief that aesthetics are the reason why physical books remain as more than just pretty artifacts of a time gone by. Tor Books launching a podcast in August. Amazon finding new ways to prevent publishers from getting sales and paying royalties.

On the matter of making art that is a vessel for others to find their meanings in, rather than pouring the meaning in there or declaring there isn't one. On the use of going to the pub as a way of avoiding writing difficult things, or for characters to try and avoid their difficult things. A cheat sheet for writing first chapters and lines. Asking for intimacy in works by marginalized authors so as to make those works better and more broadly appealing. The ways in which bad translations can sometimes result in spectacular works.

Resources for those who want self care, who are looking for validation of their feelings of abuse, or those who are still recovering from abuse. How knowing the transience of feelings may contribute to being able to ride the bad ones out. Advice for living in a world that is mostly unknown.

Victims of bullying often suffer worse long-term health issues.

A National Geographic Magazine contributor who later took on the work of broadcasting Nazi propaganda. The critical reviews of a book written by someone related to the Current Administrator.

American Airlines is decreaseing the space in specific seats on their places so as to try and cram more of them onto the planes. Which can only be so, so, "helpful" for their passengers, many of whom are already being body-shamed at all points of their lives, including when their doctors use an improper measurement to determine their health.

James Otis, Junior, orator and firebrand and not-as-well-known figure leading up to the colonial rebellion that would become the United States. The ways in which plantations, and those that visit, do not acknowledge their heritage as sites of slavery.

Having been mistaken for a model, a teacher becomes one after blogging about the experience.

Children in Beijing that were not born there are finding it difficult to get an education there. The caste system in India still weighs heavily on the prospects of education and employment of its citizens.

You need a womens' studies or gender studies class. If you weren't lucky enough to get one at university, you'll have to make do with the class that is life around you. Pay attention.

A university football team cmposed of deaf and hard-of-hearing players, and all the work, communication, and academics that is needed to field them year after year.

Fixing infrastructure: proposals of how to spend a trillion that might actually do something.

Building into giant trees to keep them standing, preserving the trees and providing space for humans, maps of the national parks of the United States (and the favorites of the curator), the sense of smell for humans is very well developed, the possibility of mussel secretion as a way of healing wounds without scarring, votives using the imagery of toads, the increased presence of wildlife in urban areas (I can attest to a deer moving on the sidewalk as I was going into work last week), a wild pig that consumed significant alcohol and then fought other animals before perishing in an automobile collision, the data on dissolved oxygen in water is not encouraging, courting cephalopods, mongoose pups concealing who they are related to to avoid being killed by those less-related, earthworms disturbed by tillage farming, a bee swarm that faithfully followed its queen when she got stuck in a vehicle, photographic evidence that deer do occasionally munch human remains, endangered species rendered in cut paper, butterfly wings at magnifications that make them look like fish scales, a dog with the training to find lost cats, the attempts at properly dating the newest member of the Homo family, tits choosing their neighbors bassed on their similaritiy of personality to the chooser, the banana boom in Southeast Asia and its environmental effects, the bacteria awakening after many long eons being frozen in ice, trying to spot where the mass of insects has gone, a most excellent discovery of dinosaur fossils, cockatoos protecting tools (although tools are not the end-all of cleverness), the tonnage of plastic that has washed ashore on an island designated as a World Heritage site, 17th c. illustrations of insects and their flowers, the chomping power of Tyrannosaurus Rex, the fate of mating for left-coiling snails, tadpoles attempting to escape cannibalism by hitching a ride with strangers, stem cells that will develop blood cells have been grown in laboratory conditions, the resurgence of bumblebees in Detroit, the sharing of grief increases friendship in birds, the difficulty of migratory birds adjusting to new climate, the shifting of trees to new areas based on the changing climate, studying crows in the habitat of Seattle, the growing moss of Antartica, thanks to climate changes, a flood in a seed vault, and what might be a new form of symbiotic relationships.

Technology says a method that performs precision strikes against certain DNA segments may be able to defeat HIV.

It also suggests that kissing may be a sampling method of genetic compatibility.

In security leaks, certain HP laptops have a program related to the audio driver that captures all keystrokes and writes them unencrypted to a log file, a breach at a credit bureau's payroll division, a medical records website that made it very easy to let others access data, a claim that hackers have stolen the final cut of an upcoming Disney movie and will release it online if their ransom is not paid, Transmission and Handbrake for Macs were both infected with a backdoor software on one of the download servers,

Methods to reduce the amount of data gathered by various companies so as to reduce how much targeted advertising you are served and how much you are spied on at different sites.

A mnemonic for determining whether or not a mole could be a sign of skin cancer. Kidney diseases brought on by dehydration that makes the body manufacture far too much fructose.

Elsewhere, social networks as incarnations of the Deadly Sins, the infographic capabilities of Florence Nightingale, applying algorithms to pop music to see if lyric is more repetitive than it used to be, the thought that train rides could induce aggressive behaviors in their riders, industiral espionage using missionaries to gather the secrets of Chinese porcelain, giving artificial hands the ability to see objects, so they may react more instinctively, the period of time where IUD design was mostly a matter of experimentation, using toys and games to instill political ideologies, babywraps as old technologies given new life and chic, tear catchers as folklore making perfume bottles into something else, the places where oil rigs are deconstructed and their metal sold or recycled, the problems associated with finding, retrieving, and preventing the illegal salvaging of warships of previous years, the prevalence of sunscreen contributing to a vitamin D deficiency, the extreme difficulty of programming a watch to calculate Easter, the ways in which martial arts training may be helpful to the traumatized, the ways in which dress can restrict movement and make martial art impractical or useless, beautiful pictures of Jove, the way in which the deaf community of Mumbai uses train compartments to create a social network, the difficulty of demining beaches that have wildlife living peacefully over the explosives, the bikeways built in the United Kingdom in the 1930s, how standardization and technology produced the sweet spot of baking at 350, the ways that saly is defying conventional wisdom about itself, how wooden nutmegs made profit for hucksters, how a car foiled pavers for a bridge, creating a wooden floor from scrap pieces, artificial ova effectively gestating a mouse, conductive paper, very low freqency waves possibly protecting against radiation, the typefaces of Dwiggins, the scientist that figured out leaded gas additive manufacture was killing people, the way in which coffee and tea produced medical thinking revolutions, a temporary version of the gastric bypass, the near-parity of wind power with other nonrenewable forms of energy, and the ways in which social media are being exploited and tuned so as to make them very useful channels of propaganda and disinformation for governments.

Last for tonight, successful documentary work about hobbyhorsing as an activity and Wynton Marsalis' suggestions on effective practice.

The black woman who rode motorcycles across the country from the 1930s on until her death.

Even the most famous among Neils suffers from Impostor Syndrome. I wonder if, at some times, Impostor Syndrome comes from being cognizant of systems and how much work is done by so many people to create an event that makes one person famous or historical or otherwise successful. Because authors, astronauts, athletes, and others often recognize that there is a significant support structure backing them in their endeavours. It might be interesting to look at and see as to whether there's a potential correlation, not that I know how one would measure it, between Impostor Syndrome and an understanding of the invisible structure that surrounds a well-known person. How aware one might be of the Hufflepuffs that back the Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, and Slytherins that are routinely lauded.

Sometimes fandom is...not on its best behavior.

And at the very tail end, a surefire way to aggravate a lot of men - agree with their compliments.
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I cannot ever catch up on links. - April-May 02017

Let's begin with this: information that challenges the things we hold as part of our core must overcome several mountains' worth of bias to change us.

Greetings. While the Internet can be anywhere from a completely civil place to a cesspit of horribleness, generally speaking, there is an unstated rule that children should be exempted from the horrible things adults will do to each other without a second thought. Thus, emergency custody was granted to the birth mother of two children who were heavily featured in mean "prank" videos perpetrated on them by their adoptive parents.

A young man was convicted of perpetrating a bomb hoax for planting what looked like an explosive device on a London Underground train.

Guards who cut off an inmate's water supply, leading to his death by dehydration, and then didn't actually tell anyone what they had done, could face charges for their action and subsequent inaction. Mrr. Perjury charges are being filed against recanting witnesses.

Programs that intend to help prisoners land on their feet when they exit prison.

Volunteer denistry in the front lines of Ukraine's war.

Massive arrests following the not-election of Turkey's president, a bid for power and to remove any sort of opposition that might exist.

The legacy of the Tropes versus Women series of videos, both for their content (which is excellent), and for the reams of harassment and support generated around the series, its content, and the fact that it is a woman talking about the ways women are represented in games, which some men believe is their exclusive domain.

The group of students that took on their school and forced them to have serious conversations and actually do things about sexual misconduct.

Kinkiness is more popular that people are willing to admit to publicly.

Little Free Libraries occasionally run into obstructive bureaucrats that insist the structures violate zoning ordinances and have to be permitted and licensed. Even though we generally want to promote a literate society, for some people, there are only the rules and whether or not those rules are being obeyed.

Men, especially those in political power, need to get a clue about women's issues, and then start treating it seriously. Not that this is a new problem, or a uniquely American one, as the story of Omaya Sutematsu demonstrates. But elected officials believing that women get abortions so that they can travel is an indicator of how far things have to go. Or when access to care becomes prohibitively expensive, even with an organization trying very hard to make it affordable. Or the fact that genital cutting for women still exists as a practice.

Chechnya, who deny the existence of anyone not straight, nonetheless is embarking upon a campaign to kill anyone not straight. As such purges go, the police are telling parents to kill their children and engaging in torture to get more names of supposed not straight people. Elsewhere, the comedy set that wasn't, as a final gift to those that have been coming to see Hannah Gadsby.

Mental health and healing is different for marginalized people - they do not have the luxury of contexts that the white majority believes is essential to healing.

The nature of Captain America allows for a much wider and diverse range of stories than what Marvel has been doing with him. This is the secret to his powerful following - that Steve, Sam, and Bucky are each in turn a rejection of the prevailing narrative about what a man "should" be. Fans are rejecting the idea of a Captain America that aligns himself with fascists in droves, and yet Marvel wants the fans to sit tight until the end and be patient with them. Which should sound very familiar to anyone who has tried to advocate for a social justice position or help for a minority group. Or anyone who takes a look at what the situation is really like in Gotham City.

Marvel is also asking store employees to wear and display the symbols of HYDRA in comic stores, to make a real-life promotion of the already underway alignment of Captain America with symbols of Nazism. Because there are plenty of white supremacists that are identifying with this new Captain America and are emboldened by Thor's Hammer supposedly finding him worthy, which smashes together the Norse fascination of many white Supremacists with an Aryan ideal body in Captain America. They've also been emboldened by recent political events, too.

Adam Savage supports gender as something other than a binary, and pushes back when accused of promoting pseudoscience with this support. The presence of queer characters in young adult fiction mirrors and anticipates the acceptance of queer people in society.

Ambition is both a thing that is and isn't essential, but the danger is that someone else gets to define the goals and endpoints of ambition.

Men without degrees in countries that are wealthy are feeling left behind - because they are. But rather than regress the clock by taking things away from women in their quest for equity, the focus should be on getting those men up to speed in the new world that they will have to navigate. Which will also include things that will help families stay together and meet their expenses, things that will pay workers wages that are enough to live on, instead of having any gesture toward fair pay be immediately eviscerated by large banks, debt owners, and others who believe that the investors in the company deserve all the money that gets made and further believe that they should be an uncontested monopoly in their sector (have we mentioned that the flight attendant, just like every other front-line customer service position, is being set up to fail at their work to provide that service should any tiny thing go wrong?), and give men who have been raised to expect a certain amount of patriarchy and define their manhood in ways that tend toward the toxic a place to cope or to let the pressure valve hiss for a while.

Maybe Ontario can figure it out, with their basic income experment.

Because poverty has effects, spreads, and otherwise can function as if it was a disease, which would mean the correct way to deal with it is as one might with an epidemic - prevntative care for those who are at risk, intensive treatment for those who are infected, with the idea of returning everyone to health and preventing the further spread of the disease.

A perverse incentive - the children of immigrant families in the United States spend less money raising the child by sending them away to be raised in their home countries and then repatriate them later. Which might be a subset of the perverse incentives that drive the adoption processes and refuse to give women contemplating their options complete information. When what might be better is programs to visit parents at home to mae sure they're okay and their kids are ready for schools.

The uniquely American smile, bigger in both frequency and size.

The story of trying to find more than five hundred children disappeared in Argentina during the reign of a terrible dictator and his torturous subordinates.

The idea that "radical Islamic terrorism" might be more about people who would be terrorists finding a convenient script to adopt.

A lawusit from the Cherokee Nation alleging that various pharmacetical stores did not do their part in trying to prevent an opiod crisis.

The removal of monuments to the Confederacy in New Orleans.

The idea that intimacy is crucial for good relationships and excellent sex, accompanied by the idea that the movie-version of soulmates is horse-excrement.

The idea of distributing glitter in honor of Carrie Fisher, who often used it as a way of combating her own mental health issues. If there was glitter in your life around 4 May, it might have been in honor of her.

It is entirely possible to be attracted to someone's presentation without being sexually attracted to them.

A details-accurate replica of the Anne of Green Gables areas is part of an abandoned Japanese theme park that intended to duplicate that part of Prince Edward Island.

The layouts and approximate rent costs of various Marvel superheroes.

Prepaid card manufacturers are using the offer of sweepstakes rewards to encourage their users to save money for the future. In other words, if you have a possible immediate reward for an action, people are more likely to take that, even if it's incredibly long odds, rather than going with the option that will build up more over time. It's lottery economics, now being put to use to get people to save money.

A movie that came from a First Nations child who was forcibly separated from her family and sent off to school to become white. An updating of a drug-related public service announcement to take into account the knowledge that certain types of people are more likely to be arrested and have their lives ruined for drug usage. Actors in support of making the treatment of refugees more humane.

Refugee camps in Bangladesh, unrest in Venezuela, the long history of Standing Rock as a place where white people tried to take the money and lives of First Nations tribes,

A nonstandard review of the dresses on display at the Met Gala, paired nicely with the amount of science and engineering that goes into dresses that very few people recognize as such. Avoiding poisoning someone through infusing toxic elements into their cocktails. Using the dirt on a vehicle to create works of art. Ear tattoos, a channel of dancers who dance selected parts of their Broadway resumes while providing a commentary track to the dance, the pictures of a state fair from 1941, pictures of the deadly women Soviet snipers who killed more than their share of Nazis, the best way to become a misandrist bloodsucker, the beautiful illustrations of the utterances of a two year-old child.

A thread about cat social behavior and how to best bond with your fuzzy butts. The birds of North America, dogs photograped from underneath, the use of lumpsucker fish to help salmon, cats standing on keyboards that have their picture taken by the security program, dogs photographed in very nice situations, animals cuddling with stuffed toys, what children will do with pets if given the opportunity, a podcast about the ways that animal words influence everything, the pet squirrel craze, a legendary corvid captured in photographs, the movie that answered whether all four limbs of a horse were off the ground at any given time, the use of moss as a bandage during the first Great War, dandelion seeds as perfect pipettes, female dragonflies that fake their own deaths to avoid being pursued by male dragonflies, the intelligence and memory capability of fish, cats and their props, finding cat hair in intimate places, finding a dog thought extinct while looking for intersexual pigs, getting animals iout of zoos in warzones and other horrible conditions, the super bloom of California, a corvid cafe, the abilities of sheep, artistic mollusks, feral chickens, a caterpillar that can eat plastic, chasing feral parakeets,

And then, the opposite - design decisions that shuld have been thought through more carefully and the knowledge that from the very beginning, the Fyre Festival was going to turn out badly.

Morbidity and literary time - on average, how many books you will read before perishing. Which may need some fluctuation. For example, at what point do all of these Internet pages and fanfic that I read count as a "book" toward the count of my average? Supposedly, people are too busy to read books, but I don't think that's quite right - I think that the text that would have been covered by books as leisure reading is now being taken over by social media feeds, articles, and possibly game text.

Or things like The Book Smuggler's Hugo Awards Packet.

Books and their electronic counterparts are finding their equilibrium, and it has nothing to do with what's in this article, really, about how books have returned to being objects d'art, and their various advantages to their electronic counterparts. People read on or off devices for reasons that have to do with convenience, ability, and the desires of the reader, not anything that has to do with the book, other than perhaps the author and the price point.

Posters from the past that request or demand that you read and/or buy books.

Content acquisition is happening through all available channels, legitimate and pirate, because consumers want access to what they want access to, and are increasingly unwilling to jump through the hoops and demands of cable monoplies.

Being on the autism spectrum may also mean an increased capacity to take in stimuli and pay attention to them, which can be good on tasks that require lots of input bandwidth, and problematic on tasks that don't.

Technology tells us Shoney's restaurants and the hub hospitality system for many major hotel chains were both breached and had credit card data stolen.

There is still inadequate protection for students and their data in education technology and cloud services. There are databases of facial recognition that can be used to identify you in your normal life and days, used by law enforcement without checks on the data or its usage.

It also mentions that creating sex scenes for video games is actually kind of difficult,

Letters from mathematical concepts to the mathematicians that discovered them, a company that synthesises cadavers from organic material using additive manufacturing processes, the ways in which our consumer data is being used to refine pricing for maximum profit, the knowledge that there are some twenty-five million digitized books on servers in Google that nobody has access to read or purchase, because a class-action settlement couldn't create the necesary infrastructure for it to happen, scientists attempting to defeat climate change so as to preserve coffee plants, an artifical womb that could be rather helpful for fetal development, the preferences of people and their chocolate bunnies, the fact that we don't really know what blood typing is for, even though discovering it was a crucial thing, the ancient origins of color printing, the beginning of testing of a malaria vaccine, the ways in which the nighttime is lighting up (or not) over time, being able to record a duet with yourself before and after transition, the introduction of sociology into a dungeon crawl, the reasons why life moved to the land - eyes work a lot better out of the water, the reasons why we need more and better choices than the Cult of Likes, the attitudes over time toward cannibalism, an investigation into whether or not heavy opiod use can cause memory loss, the interest of Iceland in licorice,

Last for tonight, some good news. And things that want to make you smile.

And celebrities, mostly without clothes, posing with fish. Gillian Anderson, naturally, has an eel.

Okay, and Ms. Frizzle at the March for Science.
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More things that you may or may or may not have wanted to know - March-April 02017

Kitty needs home. Or might have one, but kitty home-taker will need support to help keep kitten.

Good morning. Let's start with this: the white male terrorism problem in the tabletop gaming arena.

The realities associated with deciding to go no-contact with your abusers, including the parts where you have to consider other vectors, that you might lose a lot more than your abuser, and that having a support system in place that's Team You is very helpful.

Because grief is ambiguous and doesn't proceed in a straight line from more to less.

Despite this, there is a need for optimism, and it may best come from art. (Like Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat. Or women-focused Star Wars shorts.)

It might also come from remembering things, like Captain Kirk, as they are, instead of as what we think they are. And from Dwayne Johnson being a pikachu for his daughter.

It's not, however, coming from policies that don't promote diverse works and use the power they have as a juggernaut to bring up books that aren't necessarily going to sell forever, but are going to do well and bring in all sorts of new readers. And not from the story of the person who desperately wishes to be black, but doesn't have the experience or the coloration for it to have happened.

It is certainly not coming from the company that injured a passenger after demanding that he leave so that staff could board a flight, that dragged a person off the plane at the demand of a computer, and that did not make a substantive apology until well after the incident had happened and pressure applied. The corporation does not always have to win, and frankly, probably shouldn't most of the time. Here's what sort of apology should have been the base for the proper one.

A quick break while we talk a little bit more about the exodus - the history of Dreamwidth post is accumulating all sorts of tips, tricks, and introductions. Then there's this pair of batch-exporting your images from Livejournal and how to manage your images on Dreamwidth. And a script you can use to retain some access without agreeing to the new User Terms, a way of getting your ad-blocker to potentially do the same, fast ways of getting yourself imported in, or at least exported out, making the place a little less boxy, claiming an OpenID you may have used previously, creating a version of spoiler tags, and, ah, yes, many reasons why getting out now is a good idea.

A way of getting started in your new home, which doesn't have to happen all at once.

What might be the very best is this Dreamwidth Starter Kit, produced by [personal profile] bisharp.

Threats, vandalism, and destrucion of property by white supremacists have caused the Jewish congregation of Umea to disband.

The Syrian government is alleged to have used chemical weapons against civillians in territories not held by government forces.

Canada is not the utopia that many in the States would like it to be. (It may yet be still several leagues better than the States, but it is not perfect. For one thing, before joining, Newfoundlanders attempted to exterminate their corrupt prime minister using a disaffected mob of 10,000 or more.)

Some schools require elementary-age students to be humiliated for having a negative balance on their lunch accounts, whether by stamping them, refusing them food, or making them do work in the kitchen to make up the difference.

The absence of statuary of women is a thing born in and reinforcing patriarchal attitudes, no really. If you are not wearing plus sizes, like any other request for allyship, listening to those who are, and avoiding hurting them, is very important. That way you can be the person that doesn't get in the way of someone feeling good about themselves.

A PDF of how a very famous piece of art was determined to be a forgery.

The art of someone accurately depicting the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia.

One and a half million documents from the slavery era will be digitized to assist in genealogical research and knowledge for African-Americans.

The unenforceability of fetishy contracts, because of their very nature.

Fandom can retrain itself to put more weight and interest in promoting and writing stories that contain well-written minorities. It doesn't mean that it has to stop enjoying good works about privileged people, but that it can enjoy and promote works with marginalized people more. And works by marginalized people, as well. This is not a new concept - Shakespeare was working on the idea that a world where women are respected is one that can save itself from tragedy.

It can also do better about its convention committees, and avoid apologetics for serial harassers who have been removed from concoms for their behavior. (If it can't avoid that, it should listen to the letters being sent by possible GoH with their misgivings and worries. Or the letters sent by actual GoH withdrawing themselves from the convention because of the apologetics.) Best of all would have been to listen to the other conventions' reasons for excluding people and deciding they have a point, which eventually, yes, there was exclusion, but only after pressure.

Allyship is a continuous process, a verb without end, and often, without accolade.

Twenty-five years of Sailor Moon means a concert series. Twenty years on from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the titular character holds up well in the face of the repeated apocalypses. A Korean reimagining of Sherlock Holmes that makes her a housewife with a difficult mother-in-law.

The live-action Ghost in the Shell with Scarlett Johanson served up a healthy dose of whitewashing when it could have done a lot better. The actresses interviewed highlighted what I thought was the strongest point of the movie - Beat Takeshi.

A small Jyn Erso went to the Star Wars Celebration, and gave out plans of the Death Star to every Leia she found. Including the one that started it all, at least as much as it was possible. And her influence will be felt for quite a while, as she script doctored the movies that she acted in, and she made them better.

Lesbian Power Couples from before the mythic 50s.

Exercises for Self Compassion, as well as guided meditations for the same. The understanding that getting help, if you can, when things go wrong, could be very helpful indeed.

Shame is a social entity, not necessarily an individual one, and reframing it in that way may help people get over shame that is being forced on them. Or that they are internalizing, even if nobody else is telling them they should be ashamed.

Admissions of what happens on bad pain days.

Autism-friendly haircuts often means compassion for the sensory overload, rather than trying to force a child into doing it the NT way. Bits of what neutroatypicality looks like.

Using delayed gratification and mindfulness to learn and practice restraint.

Shopping for clothing as a bigger woman is an exercise in frustration, outside of very specific places. Finding magazines that are body-positive is not easy. Finding people that are body positive, through the abusers and concern trolls, is very difficult. If you want to improve the health and lives of people you think are unhealthy, fight to make sure that they have access to the best healthcare and fight to make sure that healthcare is affordable. Which also means making it possible to have people who are imperfect and yet still able to live a full life.

The Writer's Guild of America might be ready to strike again, a decade after the last strike made the television and movie industry suffer horribly. Which is unfortunate, because the original Beauty and the Beast story would be freaking awesome to adapt.

Young Adult literature is likely to be the space from whence the Good Future, if there is one, originates.

On the matter of convincingly using adult language in stories, or developing alternates. Where magical realism roots itself. The need for sincere commitment to a story to make it work as horror. Watching television as sharpening your writers' toolbox. The realization that you can make people suspend their belief on all sorts of things if you give them a plausible reason to do so.

Write the story that is yours. Send it to places, even the ones you think might not be interested in it, because that, at least, gets someone looking at your work, and the more you submit, perhaps one of them will strike the right way. Understand that sometimes the thing you wrote was not the thing you intended to write. And that sometimes someone will completely mispronounce the thing you tried to make a quick and dirty version of. And that occasionally punctuation decisions will require crossing swords. Give interesting characters, and readers will reward you. Insist on having time to write and on making that the thing you wish to be known for.

A list of books that had significantly polarizing effects on their audience.

Themself is a singular reflexive pronoun, according to the Chicago Manual of Style. w00t! Which builds on the AP's decision to allow for the singular they.

Trying to work out the anatomy that can provide the necessary nutritional intake for a centaur, photographing horses from underneath, the burrows of megafauna, a well-trained dog and their dance partner, the flight patterns of birds, the upgrade of manatees to threatened status, light-up sea creatures, a pit bull missing out on a good home because the UK bans specific breeds from being owned, a chicken with a dinosaur beak, elephants are self-aware, cephalopods that can rework their genes on the fly, the ability of snakes to move so quickly without consequences, the songs of trees, dragging a big creature out by the tail, and a super bloom of wildlflowers in the desert.

Technology tells us to be watchful of the use of Unicode to make something look like what it is not and a vulnerability in versions of Microsoft Word that allowed for the installation of arbitrary code.

Papers turned out to have been reviewed by fakes, because they actually turned their reviews in on time.

Golf ball pieces were inadvendently included in containers of hash browns.

Undereath the city, disused for a long time, rain a railway that carried the post in London. There will be rides available on the mail rail.

Engineers figuring out why shoelaces eventually come untied.

The business reasons why the NES Classic was never going to be a permanent product.

Last for tonight, rearranging the books to promote a different message, knowing which book you need to answer a question, and a literary map of the city of London.

Making friends on teh Internet with GIFs.

And transforming the long-sleeved kimono into a strapless dress.

At the very end, a good luck charm from the Romans.
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Yet again, a condensed dose of links - January 02017 - March 02017

[The Establishment requests money.]

LiveJournal gave its users a rather nasty shock by forcing anew Agreement on them that had to be agreed to, with an explicit disclaimer that a translated version wasn't legally binding. Here are some lowlights of the new agreement. Suffice to say, there are a lot of people trying to determine what all of that actually means. More of the problematic sections. fallout from the actions taken so far. And, of course, Actions you can take to disentangle yourself from LJ, should you so choose.

A possible workaround for comment posting. Getting people to comment in the right place on crossposted entries. Using an OpenID on Livejournal, in case there are places you still want to participate.

If you're new, the 2017 revival community can help with making new friends or translating names from the old to the new.

The server move to Russia by SUP basically gives the Russian government carte blanche to examine the data contained therein, warrantlessly.

(What many compliments can feel like. Which I put next to my thread on a love meme for a reason.)

Welcome to fandom! Here's a nice guide for those just joining us. Also, some useful vocabulary to the situation. Here's a hint: shaming someone for their fic choices is a bad idea. As is, likely, basing what happens in a show on the votes of the viewers. The Killing Joke did it already. Robin died.

Do enjoy, though, the Padawan learners, the calls for the Marvel shows to be more okay with the Marvel movies, the way in which Logan is probably the best mutant movie of the series, and the beautiful interpretation of gems and many other characters in cosplay.

And now that you're here, please take the Fan-explanation survey.

Begin with an affirmations deck for sex, sexuality, queer and trans* folk, and everyone else. Continue from there to a Victorain-era muder mystery involving lesbians and neither of them dies by the end. And another work exploring the life of an iconic lesbian. And some nice Jewish weddings.

Moral outrage alleviates guilt and helps a person buffer their mind against threats to their morals. For some, this means being morally outraged is compensating for being not morally good. For others, it's a way of trying to displace their own guilt at complicity in morally dubious things.

A circketer who admited to assault had his sentence suspended because the judge believed prison would cause him harm. Despite admitting to violence against someone else.

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as sandpaper to try and make a square peg round has bad, horrible consequences. Not the least of which it encourages the blaming of the patient for not taking on their own health instead of asking why the therapy isn't working. For those with a trauma background, that's adding fuel to a fire.

I think there's more than a little WTF to be had in the fact that queer representation in easily available mainstream comics in 2016 consists of so few characters and properties. Like, I should be scrolling for days on this instead of being able to get it done in a few minutes.

When your child is trans* and your community is transphobic, loving the child means changing the community. And reading the texts in ways that, in my opinion, are closer to the actual message delivered.

17 July as a date to realize that you are surrounded by the nonbinary and the genderqueer. If you're lucky, some of them might even identify as that to you. Have a look at the newest hot teen band in China, for example.

If you're really lucky, you'll be able to be present when someone decides who they are with a lifelong conviction. Or someone will signal to you something by being happy at a toy ad that tells gender stereotyping to get lost.

Trying to define a thing related to your identity is fine. Trying to make that definition extend past your person invokes the idea that gatekeepers are necessary. Gatekeepers may not be necessary at all. Raising littles to be themselves and not to take it from anyone, regardless of their identity is a good way to start. Recognizing that even in places that are ostracized, ostracism and hierarchy are still critical components will aid you.

Listen to the voices of those that have come before, because they have experience,

The AP Style Guide accepts the singular they, but restricts it only to people who identify as nonbinary, rather than advocating for its use in any situation where the gender identity of a person is not known.

Sometimes, it is the bits behaving badly, but that should be taken seriously, not dismissed. In the same way that someone shouldn't be dismissed because they have a uterus, someone complaining about the uterus should be taken seriously.

Fear of anaethesia and surgery is a thing. No, really.

Nevertheless, she persisted - in needlepoint and in short fiction.

A headband inspired by the needlework that creates pussy hats.

Finally repealing laws that are already ignored regarding women's bodies and rights.

Best friends as legal parents of a child.

The Disney adaptation of Beauty and the Beast turns things very dark compared to the original.

Choosing where to spend your money makes miniscule impact. Devoting your time and money to organizations trying to make big impacts is better. You'll have to do some research about the legitimacy of the organization first, as scammers infiltrate every aspect of our lives.

People on the autism spectrum can learn to disguise that status, and it might impede getting help, should they so desire it. Because, y'know, people are smart and can learn what behaviors get rewards and what ones don't. Perhaps the autistic Sesame Street denizen could help with getting rid of the stigmas associated with the spectrum. And possibly remove the blame that's being pushed on moms that somehow they ar at fault for their child's autism.

There is a plan in place for when Elizabeth II leaves this world. It has been in place for decades.

The act of customization is sometimes more important than the custom product, because you can point to it and say that it's yours.

If you are considering the work of the library, a modern Hypatia has an excellent primer on what to expect and what you will need.

Twenty years of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, whose greatest feat may have been taking a story that would have been middling had it starred a man and putting a cheerleader-type in the role, with all the powers and responsibilities. And by then grounding the fantastic with the utterly real of being a teenager, something very good got made. Some pictures of the cast after twenty years.

It wasn't all good, of course. We can thank Xander for spawning a character archetype that we'd rather avoid seeing. And the show hasn't aged all that well, even though many of its episodes are standout pieces of storytelling.

We can also raise an eyebrow at the idea of how a black tank top serves as a signal of a woman that wants to be badass but is still constrained by having to be marketable. And applaud a parliamentary debate about the sexist absurdity of requiring high heels and full makeup as a dress code for businesses.

Give Kamala Khan a movie. Enjoy that the women of NASA are getting their own Lego figurines.

Enjoy the way that the architect of The Good Place used standard television tropes to tell a completely different story. Be emotive at the way that Get Out so easily portrays racism and the black experience... such that white people might understand their role in it. The good screen stuff that we're getting has a lot to do with the stage writers that are in the room. Note that romance as a genre has very little patience for anything that's not feminist or intersectional. See how villains are sometimes the best characters for someone to like. Smurfette as a caricature of a Jewish woman, with anti-Semitic overtones. Jewish gangsters that took violent exception to Nazis.

Should men stop interviewing women, since they can't seem to stop thinking about how much they'd like to have sex with them instead? And magazines like Good Housekeeping believe that there's time for anyone to do the chores that keep the house clean and spotless.

A makeup artist, their craft, and several complete looks for Sailor Scouts. And the danger of trying to compare a real person to a posed photograph.

Guillermo del Toro and choosing to watch and do what you want to do and watch. And how that makes for some great things when you're choosing to do them. Getting out of the research loop, creating routines within tasks, instead of routines of tasks, one way of using the bullet journal, and other methods that might work for you. Because your path is made by writing.

The backstory of the Last War in Albion.

Hearing the voice of a character who speaks to us, outside of their media property, is a lot more common than you might think, and doesn't always have to be a negative voice in someone's hed. Remember that part where we talk about how literature and media properties can save lives? This is part of it.

Why using a sensitivity reader is a good idea - it helps a person have characters that are more authentic and avoid being horribly -ist in their writing. Like avoiding falling into the savage other sereotypes. Also, have you noticed how women spec fic writers are really good at predicting the contours of the future...and they tend to predict dystopian?

Winning an Academy Award can make you into underwear models. And being nominated for one means the release of screenplays.

Essays that could and probably should be made into films.

Art that looks like a photograph taken. a tunnel of books (half provided by a mirror on the floor). A science fiction version of Pakistan. Ancient forests appearing in cracks in the earth. A successful test of a seed vault. An underground space accessed through a rabbit hole. A very different picture of Los Angeles. A sun-dappled road.

One photo is not enough to base a narrative on. The recipe is a starting point, not the sacred canon. (Although, letting the neural network suggest what to eat isn't quite up to snuff.) Even though there's a man involved, Lemonade the album is all about women.

Parental bonding time, through shared exercise and fun.

Evolution of things, even pugilism, is an inevitability. Until someone decides things have evolved too far and then decides to go "back to the roots."

Keeping tangible objects as memory touchstones of pain as well as pleasure. On the other side, the attempts to stave off death through better eating.

How an all purpose word in a creole called a Pidgin can be used for anything you don't want to say, or that you want the listener to fill in the blanks for. Kind of like the Greek Canadian that created the Hawaiian pizza. English has more than a few dialects, creoles, and varieties of itself.

Britannica's best cat list, scratching post preferences for cats, the need to keep cat teeth clean and brushed, finding the history of a place in its cats, adopting older dogs to give them companionship to the end, classifying penguins and their eggs, chicken shaming, hats on toads, two cats that love the outdoors, a service dog's first day on the job, rare cats cared for by domestic surrogate mothers, cats sitting in chairs, the return of the peregrine, the interesting parts of life on Terra, cats that appear to be summoning infernal creatures, a quokka having a good time with a bloke, chinchilla butts, a missed attempt at helping bees, a library on horseback, parent cats with their children scruffed, cats in dollhouse beds, the tiger that delivers presents, the horse, reimagined, in speculative fiction, a dog meeting his namesake, a book of creatures, and shifting the phylogenetic tree of dinosaurs.

In technology, free software from NASA.

Mendeley, software that stores notes, sources, and citations in a cloud-based account. Good for those who might haveresearch needs and be accessing it from multiple terminals in multiple places, and/or their smart devices.

An app that can help a person keep track of their chronic illness symptoms and issues.

A tool for retrieving animated gifs from Twitter.

Recommendations for teenagers about keeping their communications secure. Advice on the selection of a VPN, if one does not want to have one's traffic potentially snooped and spied upon. Or sold to anyone who wants it. VPNs help make you a little less obvious to everyone on the Internet, but it's not necessarily a fully robust solution.

Also, if you ever wondered what someone can do with just "metadata", based on a couple bits of metadata, someone found what is likely the FBI Director's Twitter account.

A breach at a major payment processor, Verifone. Nearly electorcuting oneself on a loose but still energized plug.

Dalek designs from 01963.

A preference of print newspapers continues into the digital era - newsdumps happen at night. Also, the somewhat-feuding New York Times and Washington Post are giving us better work as a result of their competition.

A typeface that reorganizes a letter's embellishments based on the letters around it. The virtue of Comic Sans comes from its legibility. An entire gif library of American Sign Language words. Type case converters.

A vibrator manufacturer with an accompanying app settled to pay out money for not making their app secure and for tracking the sex habits of its users. A copy of the settlement motion is available to peruse at this NPR story. (Other surveys suggest that the average time for most couples in the UK is 19 minutes, divided approximately evenly between foreplay and intercourse.) No data on whether they also recorded the feeling of happiness that comes with having sex.

And also what they thought of products that make us worry about whether a relationship is okay. Because our models of what constitutes successful sexual encounters are skewed significantly. And things like wearable rings to quantify one's sexual experiences are not helping.

Flu vaccines tend to produce more social behavior in those infected.

The history of the StarCraft series, with also a free release of the original game in anticipation of the HD remaster.

Ghibli movies in theaters again. In both languages. WANT. Totoro by itself is worth the price of admissions.

Children understand what we need.

Last for tonight, a lawyer's pants caught on fire during a demonstration for the jury. Perhaps he was thinking of Jane Austen's fictitious marriages.

The reunification of family.

The construction of Porky Pig's speech patterns.

Bookcases hiding rooms.

And at the end, the index. Hugs for those that want them.
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And once again caught up - January-February 02017

Hopefully a more manageable one at this point.

A vulnerability in Cloudflare services may have left a lot of accounts and passwords vulnerable. Which potentially includes Dreamwidth, so password changes may be a good idea anyway.

Various security products are undermining security through improper handling of HTTPS requests.

Refuge restrooms, so that someone can pee safely in their identity.

I'm putting these up top because they have intersection in the Venn diagram. Why Does Dating Men Make Me Feel Like Shit strikes a resonant chord - women are used as the repositories for male sexual desires and feelings, because societally speaking, men don't talk about sex and sexual feelings openly. This absolves men of their feelings by blaming women for them. Straight women apparently have the fewest orgasms. Perhaps because of this focus and another that says only the male orgasm is important. So why don't men write about their sex lives? What's in the article makes sense - men talking about sex generally only have the language of conquest available to them to sound appropriately masculine. Saying something like "I really enjoy having sex with bigger women" (have an article about fat and powerful women taking up space) or "I really enjoy it when my partner pushes me down onto the bed, cuffs my wrists together, and then climbs on top" aren't things in the lexicon of male sexuality, no matter how true they might be, without there being some sort of signal of "freak", "pervert", or that somehow "this man's not normal". And there are a lot of things in the toxic masculine culture that say the not-normal get punished. Try, for example, to find something involving a man as a bottom to a woman that doesn't involve the man somehow being less manly for doing it. It'll take a while, unless you know where to look (or are hanging out in the right corners of the fanfiction universe). The world needs more straight male bottoms to exist and be okay, just as it has slowly started to get better with the idea of women as tops.

And look, a guild of people devoted to knot tying, so that someone could practice, say, their rigging skills in the open.

A cache of wartime letters exchanged between lovers. Who both happened to be men.

Book dragon describes me quite well, thank you.

Fidget Cubes, perfect for the person that needs something interesting in their hands to focus.

Women scientist posters that everyone needs.

Combating negative self-talk while neurodiverse, but many of the things that are there, like recognizing the chain of thought beforehand, apply more widely.

So you want to be a librarian? Here's how you might find success, from a modern Hypatia. Solid advice here. Because libraries matter. If you're not going out for work in the library professions, here are things you can do to support your local libraries. As well as a library built deliberately on the border between the United States and Canada, a building that makes certain people obssessed with security very nervous.

Book recommendations with aro or ace characters. Free aro and ace stories. Spec fic that's aro and ace. Young Adult aro and ace. Aro/ace F/F romances. Lots of good stories and books out there.

YA with neurodiverse main characters.

The freely-available hugo and Nebula nominees.

Characters stick with us into our world after we've finished works in theirs. So that whole soulbonding concept is not as far away as you might think...

The New York times got rid of the comics and graphic novels bestsellet lists they were maintaining, which may have indeterminate effects on the state of manga publishing in the United States.

The idea of the Little Free Library with nonperishable food to take and give. Which is probably better for a neighborhood, or could be done in conjunction with an LFL (that is managed by a public library).

The final speech given by Michelle Obama, on education, counselors, and what makes the United States great.

Bigot bites it because he was on tape being apparently okay with pedophilia. He came to power mostly because several threads got lost on the way to trying to get people to empathize with minorities, and it created a space for him to thrive. We can have empathy for him, while not excusing any of the damage done.

Chronic and variable conditions and their asssociated energy levels, as explained by a shopping metaphor.

An attempt to define an entire generation so that marketers can better sell to them. An advertising campaign meant to get people to buy IKEA by Googling common relationship problems.

Rewriting the terms of service for Instagram to be understandable by children, so that they can understand what is going on and what rights and data they're giving up.

Love Knows No Borders, and especially not those being imposed by Poliicians Without Clues.

A classroom where everyone is present, including disabled children, is better for everyone, including the not-yet-disabled children.

How someone can talk about the experiences of someone different than them, which, unsurprisingly, involves a lot of listening. Language, and all the unspoken things that come with it, matters. So much so that a perfectly good service got an apology because it used a different slang.

People who want to talk about sex-positivity, note that space where people can be themselves, free of harassment, is a thing desperately needed. Because trolls and employers and plenty of others want to use that positivity as a weapon against you. Others just want to invalidate and erase you from existence.

All the messages that are negative to fat people, including the extra difficulty of being on an airplane.

How to love a fat person.

Giving cognitive behavioral therapy to someone with trauma borne of abuse may be exactly the wrong thing for them.

The actual legacy and beliefs of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, including things that put him as one among many leaders of a movement.

Iceland has a very strong investment in youth programs after school, which seems to help keep them off drugs and alcohol.

A shooter in a Quebec mosque.

A blind man stungunned because his cane was mistaken for a gun.

Attempting to reframe experiences in more compassionate and less anxiety or worry-inducing ways.

A North Carolina billboard that insists on patriarchy and sexism.

A review site for psychiatric hospitals from those that have stayed there. Cannabis as a way of defeating PTSD.

New information about Indus Valley civilizations and their migratory patterns.

The difficulty of determining whether someone is truly, actually dead.

The War on (Some) Drugs in a brief but spectacular take.

Josei manga often shines a light on shojo manga that casts the dark shadows.

What editing and revising teaches about the process of writing. Suggestions on how to write an ensemble cast that's actually diverse. Finding the path to figuring out what to write next. Writing from the heart - dangerous, but oh-so-powerful. Especially when your story involves making the reader uncomfortable enough to understand what being assaulted constantly is like.

Snaglepuss gets new life in DC Comics - as an openly gay playwright. A comic about how doing a mision in the Bronx helped someone become okay with their identity. Watership Down as the seminal novel for many. Seanan McGuire's fanfic-inspired work-ethic...and also fanfic as lots of practice for original fic.

Reading for understanding praised over reading for speed. A criticism of "readability" as a word of praise when no other adjective will fit. In praise of "readability" as a way of getting to the things behind the words.

The arc of Iron Man and where things go off the rails in other MCU movies. Rewriting Cinderella to be a much better story of sisters.

The Watchmen Scenario - the Cold War would have been suspended in case of an invasion from extraterrestrials.

The first of a eries on costuming in SFF series. And one on horses, too.

Science-based diets fail in exactly the same way as other diets do, just making a little more money and seeming more credible.

Freely-released plans from an IKEA lab to construct a growroom that could feed a neighborhood.

A puppet band that desires that emo sound. How stock photography paints a poor picture of disability. A new show called "Dear White People". Making Princess Leia out of origami folding. Metallic bouquets made of spare utensils. A precisely engineered straw for a very specific drink. The very rare pigment preservation and comparison laboratory. The United States before the Enviromental Protection Agency.

Wildlife photographers with wildlife next to or on them, including a very friendly kitten. Cats in snow, zoos and aquaria having a cute animal tweet-off, very cute cats, Cardboard houses for cats that look like tanks, airplanes, fire trucks, and so forth, and more cute cats, the experience of fostering an emu, an attempt at sabotaging a film about a dog, a crab that keeps a fresh supply of allies by ripping them in half to clone them, cats snuggling into a foot warmer, bead dragon brooches, cat scarves, animals arranged as if they were bands on album covers, continued realization that bees are really smart, prize winning cat pictures, the use of eagles to destroy drone craft, goods at the intersection of books and cats, and the question of whether cats catch colds.

Technology presents tactile maps for learning geography manually. That may need changing if the continent of Zealandia comes into being.

How one might go about running an anonymous account that has a chance of staying anonymous against governmental surveillance and data mining powers.

the posibility of an antibody that can prevent the spread of HIV-1, and possibly reduce the amount of infection. The paper behind the article. And a quick primer on the various strains of HIV.

A product meant to help those who menstruate get through periods without loss of productivity - by temporarily gluing shut the bleeding orifice. Which, um, bloodcannon. Seriously.

Mothers and their children.

A robot that follows and stores your possesions. A hundreds of years-old robotic swan. The best and worst of minigames. A toaster for bacon. Having your ashes pressed into a working vinyl record. A classic cell phone being relaunched. a process that generates maps of fantastic terrains.

The evolution of the Wolverine character in Hugh Jackman's care.

Ingenuity allows adaptation of toys meant for other purposes to help make sex lives better. The approval of men is still not necessary for women to love themselves. A large, golden, and very sparkly scaled model of the clitoris. Beautiful women in gold.

Ways to help preserve the World Wide Web by suggesting pages for the Wayback Machine. Because the past deserves to be archived, even if you think it's kitsch.

The amount of investment that would be required to bring Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager up to the HD standards of Blu-Ray - tens of millions of dollars over a very long period of time. Which would almost suggest that if something could be Kickstarted to very grand amounts...

Color shifting happened a lot in the Original Series, making what was supposed to be green into gold.

The undergarments of the pre-Hayes Code Hollywood. Women protesting, across the world and across time. A woman who sclupted space and airplane pilot helmets. A women's library in Vancouver. Disabled women making political contributions. Proudly QUILTBAG women of the past. A 14 year-old girl is the fastest flier in indoor skydiving. The gave-no-fucks life of the inventor of the wireless brassiere. Kristen Stewart embraces herself as she is and gets us all to laugh while she's doing it.

Faster ways of making cookies.

Knowing where to look when you have a word question. And a useful summary of the new definitions of shade in relation to it being thrown.

Wikipedia has a contingent of people going about reccomending the deletion of stubs they on't consider worthy enough.

Protecting privacy in these times.

SEVEN EARTH-SIZED EXPOLANETS. And also the care that goes into creating artist's representations of those planets.

Last for tonight, what happens after Moana, the movie. Which was a decent effort, but still has some problems. Like the portrayal of Maui and the lack of Hina to go with Maui. And the hope that Susan may yet come home to Narnia.

Remember to buy class-specific outfits for your newborn to boost their stats appropriately. And keep them away from the creepier artifacts in our museums.

Observe the cherry blossoms. And then note the summoning sigil for a typographer.

We still need feminism. Perhaps now more so than ever.

And dealing with losing things, both small and great.
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I Have Been Remiss In Linkspam - November 02016 - February 02017

This is going to be massive, as I have been remiss at best in posting linkspam. There's new Dykes to Watch Out For, if you were a fan during the previous Republican administration. And lots of good comics to look forward to, as well.

Most women in your life are angry at things. Work toward making them not angry at things.

An extension for your browser that will find which of your local libraries has books you are considering buying on Amazon.

Hopeful tweets of Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Everyone matters.

Nellie Bly, patron goddess of journalists and women looking to break glass ceilings everywhere. Clare Hollingsworth, who broke the news of the start of the Second Great War, finishes her final assignment at 105 years of age.

The additional difficulty given to librarians and teachers about talking about what makes facts and data reliable, as our go-to sources of information are likely to be poisoned. Libraries must also discard the idea of being neutral and work in the interests of facts, the marginalized user, and helping those who need them most.

On the experience of moderating festivals of fanworks. Which makes abundantly clear what kind of time and spoons requirements such things may have. On the matter of being fannish and having disabilities that interfere with that desire.

The importance of the story of the Hidden Figures.

The appearances of President Obama in comic books over the course of his two terms.

The social media prowress of a company that puts out...a dictionary.

LiveJournal as a service may no longer be safe or practical to use, considering the migration of its servers to Russia and the complications and possible censorship that goes with that and the disabling of the HTTPS option. Where the servers are determine the laws that apply to them, and that's not the United States any more. There is an archiving project underway for it.

If you're here from Livejournal or other services, or getting back into the swing of using a platform like Dreamwidth, [personal profile] siderea offers ways of remembering to check in with people, and even to make Dreamwidth more of a platform that pings you when interesting things happen. Dreamwidth allows you to reply to comments from your email, as well, so if you're used to doing it all from inside an app, you can achieve much of the same functionality.

The Dead Pool claims unto itself Carrie Fisher, at 60 years, drowned in monlight, strangled by her own brassiere. A suggestion on how to honor her memory. Mark Hamill tried and enjoyed making her laugh. Carrie Fisher was very good at being a feminist. Her remains have been placed in a very large replica of an antidepressant pill. It's rather clear that Carrie Fisher was in on the joke from the beginning. She did a lot of great work for destigmatizing mental illness. And kept it real.

Stories of Carrie Fisher will almost always be good ones. Especially the ones she wrote or improved upon herself. Which includes the story of her own life. And now, difficult decisions must be made about Leia.

General Organa is the role model we desire. And the hero we need now. She made a princess grow up to be a General.

A proper obituary for the General.

Depression sucks, and it makes a lot of things harder that seemed easier. Like finding consistent ways of fueling the body. Or gathering a support group that can help when the spoons are low or nonexistent. Or even enjoying when things are going well.

Women in Harry Potter is an excellent series at Tor talking about the characters in the book series and their motivations and ideas and what makes them a character that deserves to be there. (I might also note it's a doable series because there are so few named and developed women characters in the books...) Dolores Umbridge is there to remind us that people do what they do often because they believe they are right. Molly Weasley rebels at all the structures and strictures that presume to tell her what she is, a trait Ginevra Weasley magnifies, radicalizes, and turns into a complete gives-no-fucks about anyone in her way.
Minerva McGonagall continues to fight, even though she loses in so many small ways all the time. Luna Lovegood is perenially optimistic, because she believes in herself. And then there's Hermione Granger, who defies the very structure of the story itself and goes beyond it to a liminal state, the hero of the story as much as Harry while she also performs the duties of The Smart One in Harry's Four-Attribute Ensemble.

A nightclub attack in Istanbul that killed 39.

A completely false story made its way across the Internet at lightning speed, proving that Twain's adage was still quite correct.

The possibility that you might hear flashing of light. Funny enough, while I'm watching the demo, I'm trying to put it to a beat pattern in my head. I don't hear it necessarily, but musical training is telling me that this is the easiest way to make the comparison.

the taxonomy of a particular kind of clickbait, the chumbox.

The return of a book to its institution, some 120 years after it was originally charged out.

If you have access to an email ending in .edu, .gov, or .mil, you can get a free subscription to the Washington Post online.

A four year old who has already read more than 1,000 books. Which is what happens when you have access and a culture of readers already at work on a child. This child is great. And every child should have the same achievement.

Jewel Staite is doing tea. Apparently. At Tea Runners, which is a subscription box service.

Voice actors are stirking against game companies for the rather ridiculous amount of vocal work a game takes and the strain it puts on the actors.

Those that hew the closest to the sexist idea of masculinity suffer the most toxic psychological effects from it. Unsurprisingly. But there are men doing the work of getting other men to understand how to advocate for themselves without stepping on women.

Avoiding appropriation seems like it should be easier than many people make it.

Two women dated after both being contestants on The Bachelor. Because it had to happen at some point.

A handy zine-form set of poems and devotions to Hellenic deities. Perfect for the curious or those looking to expand their possible worship options. Which we pair with some daily devotional practices, so that you can combine prayer and action together.

People come to hang out with you, and not to admire your spotless house. This is very true - clean enough is good enough. And if needed, the guests can help out with things.

Brain fog might be lessened in a clean space, but also requires accomodations for keeping things in mind that would othewise slide out. Mental illness creates sensitivities - and distrust of emotional states.

A meditation on the idea(s) of progress, and how they are all right and wrong together. Definitely worth the read, if for nothing else, than the papal simulation.

The Buy Nothing Project, hoping that you can find your needs without engaging in mindless consumerism. Or much consumerism at all, for that matter.

Writing Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel and embracing the Pakistani-American teenager Muslim aspects of it. (And a little bit of the fact that this Ms. Marvel is super-popular with the readers and a fanficcer in-universe.) Lin-Manuel Miranda on finding the story that appeals to you and deciding to tell that story. Wanuri Kahiu on Afrofuturism.

It is possible to have a plot without any conflict. Using Kishōtenketsu, you can create a story where there's a twist, but not necessarily a conflict that requires a winner.

It is not true that one editor can blacklist a writer across an entire genre. Those that claim they can are being abusive to the writer. Good enough is sometimes good enough if it beats perfectionism, and sometimes not good enough if it could be better good enough. Strong emotions can affect your writing. Take stock of them, what you want to do about them, and then see if you can get your writing to interact with them. Writing is hard. And that's the best sign that the writing is going well.

There are ways of helping a draft that don't involve hiring an editor. NASA talks about various science fiction terms and proper use of their concepts.

The ways in which regional dialects provide a second-person plural distinct from "you".

The history of the popular conception of the witch - unsurprisingly, there's a good deal more sex and drugs involved.

The successes of the all-black, all-women cowgirl team.

Allyship at work - doing body-positivity for plus-size women as a bodybuilder-type. Appearance-related comments that trans* people can do without. Unhelpful comments to people with disabilities.

An advert about the reasons why we learn and do things - to connect with our families, even the ones at a distance.

Advice on writing dialect in fiction, and the difficulties that can come with it.

Reflections from President Obama on his successor. And Obama-Biden memes, because serious and silly are best paired.

On the necessity of queer retellings of stories. And the necessity of bringing up the queerness of story writers. Because before there are large events, there are many paving the way.

Frank Sinatra Has A Cold, a piece of vintage journalism.

The freedom that comes with wearing clothes designed for comfort, rather than for sexual display. Or, how wearing suits and ties is an incredibly freeing experience for a woman. Because POCKETS. Seriously.

On the flipside, I sincerely hope nobody's mascluinity is ever so toxic or fragile as these examples culled from Tumblr.

Trying to enforce happiness on workers backfires.

Trying to more accurately describe and classify pain. Giving information about what breast cancer might look like. Trying to make doctors more compassionate and caring about their patients, with specific things they can do for trans* patients.

In defense of incremental care and the things that are small but helpful, instead of looking for the large leap forward.

A Surgeon General report on addiction, drugs, and aclcohol use and abuse.

Non-obvious things about becoming a chair user.

Orgasm as currency and method of control for sexual partners. The difficulty of finding a non-hormonal reversible birth control method, now that diaphragms are not being manufactured much, if at all.

The Star Wars Universe turns out the way it did thanks to a lack of women's health care. And what's going on with the data storage formats, anyway?

Letting go of fantasies that get in the way of you being what you're like.

a museum of rocks that look like faces, how much of Fury Road was made with practical effects, the sheer lack of musical identity in Marvel Cinematic Universe films, the many, many variations on Leonard Cohen's Hallelujiah, Tori Amos's fight to produce Boys for Pele, finding perfectly-preserved shipwrecks when looking for other things in the Black Sea, Holloways, pathways that appear because of traffic and time, giant snowballs of Siberia, some very nice rings, buildings that could totally be evil villain lairs, pillars of light in the night sky, the places in Iceland that form Game of Thrones locales, how the Trans-atlantic cable produced an uptick in mermaid pornography, well-designed geeky cakes, a weapon that fires the tears of the person wielding it, pictures of rainbows, surrealism and bus stops, a reminder of the private and public divide in a celebrity's life, photographs of Iceland, great pictures of the planet from space, pictures of mechanized weapons of war attacking peasants, Ukranian floral crowns, an ice circle in the middle of a river, snow sculptures created in the midle of Japan,

In SCIENCE, mice apparently have a predatory instinct. Who knew? Also, beeeeeeees and sugar water, dogs before and after their haircuts, ways to send tiny plush animals to those who could use them, good dog pictures, black cat facts, creatures in clay, a live kitten stream, cats with mischief in mind, a cat as a surveillance system, coyotes and badgers working together against prairie dogs, newly discovered species, cats reviewing cat toys, baby chameleons, transparent cityscapes for hermit crabs, funny cat tweets involving pictures, cat ownership in comic strip form, cute cat pictures, little kids and big dogs, incongruous "Beware of Dog" signs, dragons protecting baubles, giant otter species used to be in China, animals before and after being praised, a fluffy kitten that became a floofy cat, bat communication is more often than not argument, four years of a floofy kitty, the most important cats of 02016, felted dragons, up-close wildlife, the long history of cat pictures, pictures of a cat show,

and a Neko Atsume movie.

The possibility of being able to wash dry clean only clothes.

The power and history of gardening, and the ways it connects past to present. Synthetic organisms that can process carbon dioxide at extremely high rates.

Technology cannot bring down resource consumption. Because humans are infinitely creative on how to use things.

Moon Code, an alternative alphabet useful for those who lack the sensitivity of reading Braille's dots, among other things. And the story of how one makes computer representations of he glyphs of the ideographic language known as Chinese.

A significantly more efficient incandescent lightbulb.

The ways that phonetically balanced sentences are used to test audio quality and help make sure people are understandable when they speak.

Psychedelic drugs may be quite effective at comforting the dying and getting people out of depressive episodes. Psylocibin, in particular, could have really good results.

Fight DRM, everywhere and always. Track trackers by putting in where you signed up on your middle name.

The issues that happen with collective false memory, like what happens when you think a Shaq movie starred Sinbad. Or that childrens book authors spell their name with a second e, instead of an a. Or that things have not gotten better for a lot of people around the world...over the timeline of the last 150 years.

Solar power is considerably cheaper in residential options, thanks to significant interest from poorer countries to get a cheap form of energy. And subsidization of solar power is on par with other energy forms.

Evernote is making it so that emplotees can see some of your notes, for quality assurance purposes. For this, or any other reason, here's a guide on exporting your data from Evernote.

The sweet spot between being ignored and being yelled at for being too harsh in your tone. Which is easier to hit between people who have trust in each other, rather than people who don't. Advice on dealing with social engagements if you have things that make social engagements more spoon-heavy.

Photographs of the supermoon of November 02016. Re-creations of photographs from forty years ago. Photographs of life on the islands of Scotland. Failures of kerning make unintentional signage. Geometric sandcastles, NBs photographed in their preferred ways, the history of the Manic Panic store and later brand, the dancers of Mexico, annoyance at Victoria's Secret designs, coming of age day, with colors and vibrancy, the obsession with male figure skating in 18th c. Paris, shots of the Star Wars franchise, the feminism of Sailor Moon, the hope that Buffy got away from the Slayer business, a circus tiger trainer of the 1920s that was remarkable because she was a woman, and the ways in which we can use proxies for getting our own stories out.

Careful excavation and fortune in discovering a fully-stocked tomb requires rewrites of history of early Greek civilizations.

Gifts for the feminist killjoy in your life, accompanied by lots of movies one could watch instead of talking to people you dislike.

The Consequences of an Insightful Algorithm - Facebook allowed people to find their echo chambers, and in doing so, made it possible for the far right to get more traction than they should have. Information glut made it far too easy to discard truth for something that agreed with them.

Defeating abuse online requires you to both believe it can be done and take steps to beat it. Real name policies don't actually help.

Inexpensive smartphones installed with firmware that transmitted their conversations to Chinese servers.

Fighting racist remarks on Twitter by using accounts to send peer sanctioning messages.

URIs for use with Google Accounts. And an app that will digitize photographs already taken on film.

A phishing attack that uses a script to build what seems to be a properly functioning login page. And A malware piece called Gooligan that could be compromising smartphones.

Temporary tatoos with embedded electronics, allowing you to control your volume by touching your skin. Among other possibilities.

Guidance for the covert - perhaps Pokemon Go is not your best thought.

Gifts for the homebody.

A pocket guide to appeasing house spirits. And the horse-skulled spirit that shows up to contest you in a battle of rhymes.

Death by a strain that resists all known antibiotic treatments.

The restaurant where they can guarantee everything on the menu is Grandma's. The history of cheese curls. Unicorn drinks! And also, extremely old hamburgers.

A tiny printer that allows you to doodle on a device and print a stickable note.

Last for tonight, when it's a man in a group of women, it's weird, but if it's a woman in a group of men, it's normal. With lots, and lots, and lots of examples. Perhaps also part of the reason why men stay away from things that seem girly?

Linguistic oddities, where a word can be defined to mean opposite things.

Friendship. Sometimes in very unexpected places. The power of loneliness. And the sad truth that many things are practice for dealing with endings.

Snarking recruiters that haven't done their homework.

Using maths to demonstrate how weird 02016 was for celebrity deaths. And how many fucks were given in 02016.

How penny book selling operations work and remain profitable.

Possible comfort shows and movies, in case you need them, and also comfort foods. Instant ramen power rankings, and the issues of trying to run a ramen shop in New York. Unicorn Macarons.

A really, really, pretty, Urban Tarot deck. And a piece of fiction for the night - A Dead Djinn In Cairo. (Also, contenders for the Bad Sex prize.)

The reasons why relationships stay together and thrive. (A story of what life lived together is actually like.)

(Triple Spiral Domino Drop. Worth the 2.5 minutes.)

Boxes delivered with Canadian goods inside.

And a very long Twitter thread of random facts.

Cards Against Humanity would like a very particular person to be their CEO.

Words of Sir Pterry that may be needed in the upcoming years.

And truly at the end, a defense of sliced white bread.
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Political Linkspam - November 02016-January 02017, or so.

This is going to be big. And hopefully reasonably organized. But all politics and such. If you are a paid user, you can screen out such naked political work by excluding the tag "political links" from my journal. Manage your subscription filters at this link.

For your reading sensibilities. )
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2017-01-24 08:46 pm

Political Parking Space

Everything here is under cut, because it involves politics or political figures. At least for this entry, you don't have to go there if you don't want to.

Here we go. )
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Fandom Snowflake 15 - Without You, I Am Nothing

Fandom is both long-remembering and always distracted by the new shiny. Shows and media properties stay in our lives for a while, some leaving because the viewership isn't there, others because they've reached the end of their story and now it's time to go. Some creators love their fans and are happy to share the space of their creations with others. (Some only if no money is made from the transaction.) Others are okay with fans, but only if they keep their distance and observe.

More than a few come to the fandom because their media failed to show they existed, and those stories needed to be told. Some came because their media had managed to populate itself with plenty of people like them, and lots of other diverse people, and posted invitations at the boundaries for anyone to come in. Others came because they loved the show and were certain a couple were destined for each other, and it never happened. So clearly there has to be a point where it does happen.

And then it gets stranger from there. Some come because they think characters should be subjected to new and strange scenarios, like being part of an apocalypse, or all members or patrons of a coffee shop (or a bar), or entwined in ways that transcend death and reincarnation. Some have built an elaborate universe of social functions that are enforced by instinct so deeply ingrained that they couldn't break it even if their lives depended on it. There's idfic, crack pairings, and plenty of Plot? What Plot? to go around. The enthusiasm of fandom in its excesses and opinions, and the diversity of those opinions, is quite the thing to behold and appreciate, even when those opinions differ.

Fandom takes care of its own (a lot of the time, anyway.) There are plenty of stories of people meeting, whether for drinks or romance, people providing aid to each other to meet bills, provide happiness, and even sometimes help with long-distance moves. That protectiveness can sometimes get in the way of things. Some people use fandom to cloak their beliefs and prejudices. Others use it to take advantage of others and behave poorly and disrespectfully, counting on fandom to be too afraid of getting rid of one of their own to discipline them or demand improvement of their behavior. Sometimes we succeed at getting them gone anyway, sometimes they turn out to be not a single entity but a small (or large) group that wants to speak for fandom and normalize their own behavior. Sometimes they turn out to be trolls, sometimes that turn out to be just intent on hurting anyone they can get within their sights, sometimes they want to burn the place down and replace it with their own version of it, whether for good or for ill. Those things cause disruptions, but they are either handled and sent back to the darkness from which they came, or welcomed and listened to and integrated as best as possible. (At least on the fannish side. Creators and studios often are hostile to ideas that request diversity of characters and avoiding retreads of problematic tropes and storylines.)

Fandom is vast, it contains multitudes. Whether for gen, het, slash, femslash, multi, poly, or any and all of the pronouns, identities, and ways that characters and creators identify themselves, it's a great way of making connections and sharing creativity and the things that make art artistic and enjoyed by those who experience it. Long may it reign.

In your own space, write a love letter to Fandom in general, to a particular fandom, to a trope, a relationship, a character, or to your flist/circle/followers. Share you love and squee as loud as you want to.

And that's it for another year. I hope this has been an enjoyable journey through fandom.