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A bright spot before the rest of politics: Dwayne Johnson, stage name The Rock, might make an excellent President, based on virtues other than his celebrity and physique.

Greek citizens went on a mass strike to protest the continued austerity measures keeping their counry poor.

And now, we examine the latest of the United States and its administration. If anything in here makes you want to contact your elected officials, ResistBot is a way of getting your message delivered to the correct places, as it handles the lookup of finding your elected representatives.

Watching the United Staes now may seem like a very eerie retread of those who followed the South Koream president's downfall and scandals.

The Attorney General revivified the War on (Some) Drugs by revoking guidance that gave leeway for drug charges that would otherwise trigger harsh mandatory minimums.

Those places engaging in lethal injections have not done sufficient science to know what their drugs are doing and how they feel to those who receive them.

A journalist was arrested for asking the Health and Human Services Secretary a tough question.

The administration continues to be in scramble mode as journalists refuse to go away and stop talking about their actions.

Protesters still face lengthy jail sentences on whatever charges are available.

The accusation that millions of ineligible voters participated in the 2016 election is baseless. And the administration wants to put someone who will make even more grandiose lies in charge of an election integrity commission. Where the focus should be is in the very real acts of voter suppression that state legislatures friendly to Republicans engaged in.

White supremacists are still emboldened by the current environment.

The Administrator fails to understand the most basic of ideas, asking for more inefficient systems of war based on their aesthetics. And failed again at understanding how interacting with law enforcement woks as President.

Televisions at the Food and Drug Administration were switched to Fox News, actively broadcasting what could be fake news in government buildings.

The independence of judges is routinely threatened by this administrator.

The administrator believes that public libraries should receive no federal funds at all.

Corruption in the Border Patrol makes things even more difficult.

Immigration issues delayed a wedding for nearly 18 months without actually providing anyone to talk to about what the delay was. This is before the "hostility to all immigrants" administration took over. Single acts of violence in the context of an administration hostile to immigrants may reverse many of the gains made in parts of the country that are experiencing both tech and immigration booms. Care in detention facilities for immigrants is substandard. Refugees are staying in Mexico rather than trying to get into the United States, and for good reason, considering states are considering passing lobbyist bills that would benefit private prisons whose business is holding refugees and others while their immigration hearings are scheduled. And those who are caught often have no legal assistance near them that they can afford for their deportation cases, while their families are forced to struggle even more without them.

All this in the backdrop of attempting to ban travel to the United states for anyone of certain Muslim-looking national origin, local attorneys using their discretion in charging so as not to make immigrants a bigger target for deportation,

A bill currently working toward the Senate would grant employers the ability to coerce their employees into working overtime and receiving compensatory hours for it...with the problem that employers then also get to decide when those hours can be used.

The Current Administration is making sure that none of their websites mention climate change as an idea, so that if it doesn't exist, they don't have to do anything about it. Their plans to sell or lease public lands away from ranchers results in stiff resistance.

Building the wall with Mexico is a political risk that several infrastructure companies are not willing to take.

The Current Administrator continues to praise leaders he should not, including the leader of Turkey, whose guards assaulted demonstrators in Washington, D.C..

One of the major issues under attack is health care. The current attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act will result in deaths due to the reinstatement of limits in relation to "pre-existing conditions". Medical care and costs are increased and compounded by perfectly usable drugs being destroyed, instead of donated, when the person they are prescribed for dies. But also, plenty of people voting to repeal health care are doing so because they believe the sick are morally inferior and deserve to suffer. The others want to give as much money to the rich as they can get away with.

A list of those who voted for the repeal that exist in potentially vulnerable locations. Indivisible offers additional resources on stopping the bill from moving forward, because there are basically no good scenarios for the country if any of the possible bills become law. For a preview of what that might be like, the tuberculosis epidemic in Alabama serves excellently, as does the way that Russian heroin addicts are stigmatized and given ineffective treatments. Also the likelihood that those addicted to opiates won't be able to get their necessary treatment.

Perhaps the easiest thing to note is the fact that so many people in the country have no dental care, or must rely on free mass clinics of charity to get even the most routine oral care.

A major issue involves the dissemination of incredibly secret information furnished by Israel to Russia during a visit by the Russian foreign minister. The visit also included the Russian ambassador, and no United States press were allowed into the meeting. After the report that classified information had been leaked, the National Security Adviser, Mr. McMaster, denied such had happened. After the Administrator said he had the right to give that information, Mr. McMaster reversed course and towed the line, calling such actions wholly appropriate, and the echo chamber that helped to elect the Administrator followed suit.

For anyone wondering, the current administrator believes Edward Snowden should have been killed for the information he provided.

The other major issue involves pretenses sought and used to fire Mr. Comey from the directorship of the FBI, as the Michael Flynn affair now has grand jury subpoenas issued and investigations continue into other official with ties to Russia. After understanding that the Administrator was willing to dismiss the FBI director to try and get rid of the investigations, and that members of the Republican Party were hostile to the idea of having an outside special prosecutor take over, the Democrats on the appropriate committees are demanding documents, and starting to call for impeachment. There will be plenty of excuses as to why Mr. Comey was fired, but the Administrator hurt those causes by appearing to claim that the reason for the firing is because the FBI director was still investigating the ties to Russia that his Administration has. If that's true, at least one Republican legislator has said that warrants an impeachment charge. Mr. Comey will get the ability to testify to his knowledge. His memoranda and notes on the matter are already being sought as evidence toward building a case for obstruction of justice and impeachment. The cracks in the armor are potentially growing, but the amount of evidence that comes up next will help either seal them or push them wider.

Here is a timeline of the entire saga from NPR, including the eventual appointment of the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller III, a previous director of the FBI.

And then there's all of what happened since.

To escape all of this, the Administrator goes on a trip abroad, but having an anti-Muslim speechwriter writing your address to Saudi Arabia is probably a bad idea. As is giving a commencement address at a military academy about how much you are persecuted, far more than anyone else in the position.

Complacency or becoming inured to the effect of the Administrator is how the Administrator gets things done. To avoid being caught, fight early, when the stakes are smaller, and gather allies and support. Understand that the Handmaid's Tale is fiction, but it is fiction based entirely in the facts of the United States, including the many ways in which popular flavors of Christianity have abandoned their commitment to hospitality and inclusion. The history of the United States, as noted in textbooks, is well-wrought fiction.

To combat the amount of people demanding the FCC keep net neutrality rules in place, some entities are falsifying names and addresses of people with boilerplate language against neutrality, committing fraud and potentially identity theft.

Muslim Americans are stepping up to education and leadership in greater quantities in this era. They have to, as supporters of the Administration sometimes get t in their head to try and kill them in numbers.

(Democrats who do not understand intersectionality cannot save us. Hillary Clinton would not have been a perfect president. But much better than what we got. So, really, politicians need to get over to where their people already are.)

The amount of demonstrably true statements uttered by the Administrator in an interview is...slim. At least one historian expects an attempt at a coup, orchestrated with the Administrator at its head.

The rest of us need to see all the signs that this Administration intends fascism. Even if it has competency problems in executing its designs, which will lead to being unable to recruit competent people to their administration and further desertion of the Administrator by his own support group.

Approval ratings are, unsurprisingly, very, very low.

Strength against this administrator is not in unity, but in becoming united in our causes. Because they are looking for someone to blame for things not being perfect, and you will do just fine.
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