Feb. 11th, 2017

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This is going to be big. And hopefully reasonably organized. But all politics and such. If you are a paid user, you can screen out such naked political work by excluding the tag "political links" from my journal. Manage your subscription filters at this link.

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This is going to be massive, as I have been remiss at best in posting linkspam. There's new Dykes to Watch Out For, if you were a fan during the previous Republican administration. And lots of good comics to look forward to, as well.

Most women in your life are angry at things. Work toward making them not angry at things.

An extension for your browser that will find which of your local libraries has books you are considering buying on Amazon.

Hopeful tweets of Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Everyone matters.

Nellie Bly, patron goddess of journalists and women looking to break glass ceilings everywhere. Clare Hollingsworth, who broke the news of the start of the Second Great War, finishes her final assignment at 105 years of age.

The additional difficulty given to librarians and teachers about talking about what makes facts and data reliable, as our go-to sources of information are likely to be poisoned. Libraries must also discard the idea of being neutral and work in the interests of facts, the marginalized user, and helping those who need them most.

On the experience of moderating festivals of fanworks. Which makes abundantly clear what kind of time and spoons requirements such things may have. On the matter of being fannish and having disabilities that interfere with that desire.

The importance of the story of the Hidden Figures.

The appearances of President Obama in comic books over the course of his two terms.

The social media prowress of a company that puts out...a dictionary.

LiveJournal as a service may no longer be safe or practical to use, considering the migration of its servers to Russia and the complications and possible censorship that goes with that and the disabling of the HTTPS option. Where the servers are determine the laws that apply to them, and that's not the United States any more. There is an archiving project underway for it.

If you're here from Livejournal or other services, or getting back into the swing of using a platform like Dreamwidth, [personal profile] siderea offers ways of remembering to check in with people, and even to make Dreamwidth more of a platform that pings you when interesting things happen. Dreamwidth allows you to reply to comments from your email, as well, so if you're used to doing it all from inside an app, you can achieve much of the same functionality.

The Dead Pool claims unto itself Carrie Fisher, at 60 years, drowned in monlight, strangled by her own brassiere. A suggestion on how to honor her memory. Mark Hamill tried and enjoyed making her laugh. Carrie Fisher was very good at being a feminist. Her remains have been placed in a very large replica of an antidepressant pill. It's rather clear that Carrie Fisher was in on the joke from the beginning. She did a lot of great work for destigmatizing mental illness. And kept it real.

Stories of Carrie Fisher will almost always be good ones. Especially the ones she wrote or improved upon herself. Which includes the story of her own life. And now, difficult decisions must be made about Leia.

General Organa is the role model we desire. And the hero we need now. She made a princess grow up to be a General.

A proper obituary for the General.

Depression sucks, and it makes a lot of things harder that seemed easier. Like finding consistent ways of fueling the body. Or gathering a support group that can help when the spoons are low or nonexistent. Or even enjoying when things are going well.

Women in Harry Potter is an excellent series at Tor talking about the characters in the book series and their motivations and ideas and what makes them a character that deserves to be there. (I might also note it's a doable series because there are so few named and developed women characters in the books...) Dolores Umbridge is there to remind us that people do what they do often because they believe they are right. Molly Weasley rebels at all the structures and strictures that presume to tell her what she is, a trait Ginevra Weasley magnifies, radicalizes, and turns into a complete gives-no-fucks about anyone in her way.
Minerva McGonagall continues to fight, even though she loses in so many small ways all the time. Luna Lovegood is perenially optimistic, because she believes in herself. And then there's Hermione Granger, who defies the very structure of the story itself and goes beyond it to a liminal state, the hero of the story as much as Harry while she also performs the duties of The Smart One in Harry's Four-Attribute Ensemble.

A nightclub attack in Istanbul that killed 39.

A completely false story made its way across the Internet at lightning speed, proving that Twain's adage was still quite correct.

The possibility that you might hear flashing of light. Funny enough, while I'm watching the demo, I'm trying to put it to a beat pattern in my head. I don't hear it necessarily, but musical training is telling me that this is the easiest way to make the comparison.

the taxonomy of a particular kind of clickbait, the chumbox.

The return of a book to its institution, some 120 years after it was originally charged out.

If you have access to an email ending in .edu, .gov, or .mil, you can get a free subscription to the Washington Post online.

A four year old who has already read more than 1,000 books. Which is what happens when you have access and a culture of readers already at work on a child. This child is great. And every child should have the same achievement.

Jewel Staite is doing tea. Apparently. At Tea Runners, which is a subscription box service.

Voice actors are stirking against game companies for the rather ridiculous amount of vocal work a game takes and the strain it puts on the actors.

Those that hew the closest to the sexist idea of masculinity suffer the most toxic psychological effects from it. Unsurprisingly. But there are men doing the work of getting other men to understand how to advocate for themselves without stepping on women.

Avoiding appropriation seems like it should be easier than many people make it.

Two women dated after both being contestants on The Bachelor. Because it had to happen at some point.

A handy zine-form set of poems and devotions to Hellenic deities. Perfect for the curious or those looking to expand their possible worship options. Which we pair with some daily devotional practices, so that you can combine prayer and action together.

People come to hang out with you, and not to admire your spotless house. This is very true - clean enough is good enough. And if needed, the guests can help out with things.

Brain fog might be lessened in a clean space, but also requires accomodations for keeping things in mind that would othewise slide out. Mental illness creates sensitivities - and distrust of emotional states.

A meditation on the idea(s) of progress, and how they are all right and wrong together. Definitely worth the read, if for nothing else, than the papal simulation.

The Buy Nothing Project, hoping that you can find your needs without engaging in mindless consumerism. Or much consumerism at all, for that matter.

Writing Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel and embracing the Pakistani-American teenager Muslim aspects of it. (And a little bit of the fact that this Ms. Marvel is super-popular with the readers and a fanficcer in-universe.) Lin-Manuel Miranda on finding the story that appeals to you and deciding to tell that story. Wanuri Kahiu on Afrofuturism.

It is possible to have a plot without any conflict. Using Kishōtenketsu, you can create a story where there's a twist, but not necessarily a conflict that requires a winner.

It is not true that one editor can blacklist a writer across an entire genre. Those that claim they can are being abusive to the writer. Good enough is sometimes good enough if it beats perfectionism, and sometimes not good enough if it could be better good enough. Strong emotions can affect your writing. Take stock of them, what you want to do about them, and then see if you can get your writing to interact with them. Writing is hard. And that's the best sign that the writing is going well.

There are ways of helping a draft that don't involve hiring an editor. NASA talks about various science fiction terms and proper use of their concepts.

The ways in which regional dialects provide a second-person plural distinct from "you".

The history of the popular conception of the witch - unsurprisingly, there's a good deal more sex and drugs involved.

The successes of the all-black, all-women cowgirl team.

Allyship at work - doing body-positivity for plus-size women as a bodybuilder-type. Appearance-related comments that trans* people can do without. Unhelpful comments to people with disabilities.

An advert about the reasons why we learn and do things - to connect with our families, even the ones at a distance.

Advice on writing dialect in fiction, and the difficulties that can come with it.

Reflections from President Obama on his successor. And Obama-Biden memes, because serious and silly are best paired.

On the necessity of queer retellings of stories. And the necessity of bringing up the queerness of story writers. Because before there are large events, there are many paving the way.

Frank Sinatra Has A Cold, a piece of vintage journalism.

The freedom that comes with wearing clothes designed for comfort, rather than for sexual display. Or, how wearing suits and ties is an incredibly freeing experience for a woman. Because POCKETS. Seriously.

On the flipside, I sincerely hope nobody's mascluinity is ever so toxic or fragile as these examples culled from Tumblr.

Trying to enforce happiness on workers backfires.

Trying to more accurately describe and classify pain. Giving information about what breast cancer might look like. Trying to make doctors more compassionate and caring about their patients, with specific things they can do for trans* patients.

In defense of incremental care and the things that are small but helpful, instead of looking for the large leap forward.

A Surgeon General report on addiction, drugs, and aclcohol use and abuse.

Non-obvious things about becoming a chair user.

Orgasm as currency and method of control for sexual partners. The difficulty of finding a non-hormonal reversible birth control method, now that diaphragms are not being manufactured much, if at all.

The Star Wars Universe turns out the way it did thanks to a lack of women's health care. And what's going on with the data storage formats, anyway?

Letting go of fantasies that get in the way of you being what you're like.

a museum of rocks that look like faces, how much of Fury Road was made with practical effects, the sheer lack of musical identity in Marvel Cinematic Universe films, the many, many variations on Leonard Cohen's Hallelujiah, Tori Amos's fight to produce Boys for Pele, finding perfectly-preserved shipwrecks when looking for other things in the Black Sea, Holloways, pathways that appear because of traffic and time, giant snowballs of Siberia, some very nice rings, buildings that could totally be evil villain lairs, pillars of light in the night sky, the places in Iceland that form Game of Thrones locales, how the Trans-atlantic cable produced an uptick in mermaid pornography, well-designed geeky cakes, a weapon that fires the tears of the person wielding it, pictures of rainbows, surrealism and bus stops, a reminder of the private and public divide in a celebrity's life, photographs of Iceland, great pictures of the planet from space, pictures of mechanized weapons of war attacking peasants, Ukranian floral crowns, an ice circle in the middle of a river, snow sculptures created in the midle of Japan,

In SCIENCE, mice apparently have a predatory instinct. Who knew? Also, beeeeeeees and sugar water, dogs before and after their haircuts, ways to send tiny plush animals to those who could use them, good dog pictures, black cat facts, creatures in clay, a live kitten stream, cats with mischief in mind, a cat as a surveillance system, coyotes and badgers working together against prairie dogs, newly discovered species, cats reviewing cat toys, baby chameleons, transparent cityscapes for hermit crabs, funny cat tweets involving pictures, cat ownership in comic strip form, cute cat pictures, little kids and big dogs, incongruous "Beware of Dog" signs, dragons protecting baubles, giant otter species used to be in China, animals before and after being praised, a fluffy kitten that became a floofy cat, bat communication is more often than not argument, four years of a floofy kitty, the most important cats of 02016, felted dragons, up-close wildlife, the long history of cat pictures, pictures of a cat show,

and a Neko Atsume movie.

The possibility of being able to wash dry clean only clothes.

The power and history of gardening, and the ways it connects past to present. Synthetic organisms that can process carbon dioxide at extremely high rates.

Technology cannot bring down resource consumption. Because humans are infinitely creative on how to use things.

Moon Code, an alternative alphabet useful for those who lack the sensitivity of reading Braille's dots, among other things. And the story of how one makes computer representations of he glyphs of the ideographic language known as Chinese.

A significantly more efficient incandescent lightbulb.

The ways that phonetically balanced sentences are used to test audio quality and help make sure people are understandable when they speak.

Psychedelic drugs may be quite effective at comforting the dying and getting people out of depressive episodes. Psylocibin, in particular, could have really good results.

Fight DRM, everywhere and always. Track trackers by putting in where you signed up on your middle name.

The issues that happen with collective false memory, like what happens when you think a Shaq movie starred Sinbad. Or that childrens book authors spell their name with a second e, instead of an a. Or that things have not gotten better for a lot of people around the world...over the timeline of the last 150 years.

Solar power is considerably cheaper in residential options, thanks to significant interest from poorer countries to get a cheap form of energy. And subsidization of solar power is on par with other energy forms.

Evernote is making it so that emplotees can see some of your notes, for quality assurance purposes. For this, or any other reason, here's a guide on exporting your data from Evernote.

The sweet spot between being ignored and being yelled at for being too harsh in your tone. Which is easier to hit between people who have trust in each other, rather than people who don't. Advice on dealing with social engagements if you have things that make social engagements more spoon-heavy.

Photographs of the supermoon of November 02016. Re-creations of photographs from forty years ago. Photographs of life on the islands of Scotland. Failures of kerning make unintentional signage. Geometric sandcastles, NBs photographed in their preferred ways, the history of the Manic Panic store and later brand, the dancers of Mexico, annoyance at Victoria's Secret designs, coming of age day, with colors and vibrancy, the obsession with male figure skating in 18th c. Paris, shots of the Star Wars franchise, the feminism of Sailor Moon, the hope that Buffy got away from the Slayer business, a circus tiger trainer of the 1920s that was remarkable because she was a woman, and the ways in which we can use proxies for getting our own stories out.

Careful excavation and fortune in discovering a fully-stocked tomb requires rewrites of history of early Greek civilizations.

Gifts for the feminist killjoy in your life, accompanied by lots of movies one could watch instead of talking to people you dislike.

The Consequences of an Insightful Algorithm - Facebook allowed people to find their echo chambers, and in doing so, made it possible for the far right to get more traction than they should have. Information glut made it far too easy to discard truth for something that agreed with them.

Defeating abuse online requires you to both believe it can be done and take steps to beat it. Real name policies don't actually help.

Inexpensive smartphones installed with firmware that transmitted their conversations to Chinese servers.

Fighting racist remarks on Twitter by using accounts to send peer sanctioning messages.

URIs for use with Google Accounts. And an app that will digitize photographs already taken on film.

A phishing attack that uses a script to build what seems to be a properly functioning login page. And A malware piece called Gooligan that could be compromising smartphones.

Temporary tatoos with embedded electronics, allowing you to control your volume by touching your skin. Among other possibilities.

Guidance for the covert - perhaps Pokemon Go is not your best thought.

Gifts for the homebody.

A pocket guide to appeasing house spirits. And the horse-skulled spirit that shows up to contest you in a battle of rhymes.

Death by a strain that resists all known antibiotic treatments.

The restaurant where they can guarantee everything on the menu is Grandma's. The history of cheese curls. Unicorn drinks! And also, extremely old hamburgers.

A tiny printer that allows you to doodle on a device and print a stickable note.

Last for tonight, when it's a man in a group of women, it's weird, but if it's a woman in a group of men, it's normal. With lots, and lots, and lots of examples. Perhaps also part of the reason why men stay away from things that seem girly?

Linguistic oddities, where a word can be defined to mean opposite things.

Friendship. Sometimes in very unexpected places. The power of loneliness. And the sad truth that many things are practice for dealing with endings.

Snarking recruiters that haven't done their homework.

Using maths to demonstrate how weird 02016 was for celebrity deaths. And how many fucks were given in 02016.

How penny book selling operations work and remain profitable.

Possible comfort shows and movies, in case you need them, and also comfort foods. Instant ramen power rankings, and the issues of trying to run a ramen shop in New York. Unicorn Macarons.

A really, really, pretty, Urban Tarot deck. And a piece of fiction for the night - A Dead Djinn In Cairo. (Also, contenders for the Bad Sex prize.)

The reasons why relationships stay together and thrive. (A story of what life lived together is actually like.)

(Triple Spiral Domino Drop. Worth the 2.5 minutes.)

Boxes delivered with Canadian goods inside.

And a very long Twitter thread of random facts.

Cards Against Humanity would like a very particular person to be their CEO.

Words of Sir Pterry that may be needed in the upcoming years.

And truly at the end, a defense of sliced white bread.


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