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Greetz, all. Enjoy a laugh (or a headscratcher) as you try to figure out who actually owns the rights to the film Nude Nuns with Guns, and is thus the person who can sue downloaders for copyright infringement.

More seriously, also consider that many of the people who are now judges ruling on matters of law have probably had a hand lobbying for or against those laws when they were lawyers, if not helping to write the laws. Which makes for some very thorny conflict-of-interest issues.

And then, wash it down with A review of the movie Sucker Punch that says Zack Snyder gave us a two-plus hour cinematic of what diassociation from trauma looks, feels, and sounds like.

This is Country Music - patriotism and jingoism, Jesus and all, sad songs, happy songs, and all in between - what does your favorite music genre say about those who listen to it and those who make it? And what does the way you were taught history say about you and the country you grew up in?

One of the most fundamental questions in the world to consider - what if I'm wrong about the post-life experience?

An infographic for you to realize how un-free the Internet truly is. And that's on the governmental side. Despite what columnists would have you believe about FCC regulations to prevent it, corporations are also hard at work censoring, shifting, and influencing the free and open Internet to fit their interests.

Finally, another Twilight posting, this time on how movies can sometimes make bad writing easier on the eyes.

Out in the world today, just because the news crews have left does not mean the revolution in Egypt stopped - now the hard part begins. And what's going on in Yemen continues, even if the cameras aren't paying attention.

Accounts from London at the UK Uncut protest, and how the police, who were supposed to be keeping order, revealed themselves to be the private army of corporations intent on ensuring that nobody puts up a serious fight against the status quo.

France will soon put into action a ban on the wearing of garments that cover the face, a move that many Muslims see as specificaly targeting them, even if the legislation does not do so explicitly. Elsewhere, after a Florida pastor burned a copy of the Quran, Afghanis outraged at the insult protested in Afghanistan and innocents died in the protest. One can expect the response from our conservative commentariat, namely - "Those barbarous Muslims were true to the barbaric form of their barbaric religion and killed people over a person in our country exercising his First Amendment rights. Aren't those barbaric Muslims stupid and barbaric?" And doesn't the President show his secret Muslim roots by cherry-picking bible quotes to make it sound like Christians are stupid, too?

In Canada, examine whether or not your MP is anti-choice, if that's a factor in deciding who to vote for in your riding.

Finally, something lighter - India beats Sri Lanka 277-4 to 274-6 to win the Cricket World Cup. Hats off to the batsmen of India for beating the target with only four dismissed.

Domestically, 4 April is the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Lther King, Jr. You know, the tireless adovcate for working people against greedy corporations and their political puppets. Someone who understood the things he was talking about, and practiced them, as well, like dangerous unselfishness and Christian brotherhood for all people, not just his chosen group.

You are not being told the truth about the American economy, unless, that is, you're being told that the rich and Wall Street are going gangbusters and the rest of us have little to no growth and are headed toward another recession. Or that nepotism is a way of getting yourself a high-paying job in Republican administrations.

Military tribunals it is for the alleged mastermind of the 11 September attacks and four alleged accomplices, after the Congress deliberately sabotaged that Obama administration's attempt to put them on for a civilian trial, sabotage brought on mostly by a result where only one of more than two hundred charges actually stuck based on teh way the last administration handled interrogation and detention.

House Republicans pass a bill that would make the Federal Aviation Administration subject to the whims of the private sector, as well as trying to block new safety regulations the National Transportation Safety Board would like to see enacted.

An Atlantic City casino fired several of its middle-aged watistaff after rolling out new flapper-style uniforms clearly meant to look good in younger waitstaff. According to some of the waitstaff there, the uniforms available were only in sizes that younger women could wear.

American University in Washington, D.C. had a higher-up block a $300,000 sexual assault prevention grant application because they didn't want the seminar required by the grant to be mandatory, as the grant requires. Excepting, as we mostly know, when someone has the option of not attending, those who need it most are the least likely to attend.

Alabama would like to define personhood at the moment of fertilization of an egg, which could potentially lead the way for "miscarriage is murder!" type arrests and legislation.

CNS alleges that this administration has been having political appointees review FOIA requests to determine which ones to do and which ones to slow-walk. We only mention this because CNS wants to frame it like this is the worst that it's ever been. Y'know, unlike all the previous administrators, who most likely have done their "worst it's ever been" as well, and the most recent one was pretty well proven to be appointing based on poltical philosophy instead of competence. Pot, meet kettle.

Finally, a correction - a psychologist who was previously thought to be appointed to a task force on military family mental health has been downgraded to only a claim of appointment.

In technology and sciences, Engineer and head of Scaled Compostes, the company that successfully won the Ansari X-Prize with SpaceShipOne, is retiring from the company.

Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin will be honored with a statue in London.

Last out, [staff profile] denise takes time to explain the concept of technical debt, and why updates that contain nothing but backend improvements are just as important, if not more so, than user space improvements and new features for a platform. This piece could apply to any platform, any program, at any time.

In opinions, a delineation between taking offense and showing contempt, in regard to words utterred or expressed with historical baggage attached. As someone who like accuracy in language, I like this kind of delineation - "taking offense" generally indicates that what was said or done is innocuous and someone made a mountain out of a molehill. "Expressing contempt", however, acknowledges that the things said or done was oddensive and deserving of that contempt. It changes the argument away from the person being sensitive or uptight or not and plants it back on the issue of whether the thing itself is a problem. It's where the discussion should take plave for effective change. I like it.

A new proposal for how we evaluate whether to do things - the people who are accused of potentially doing harm have to really prove that they're not doing harm before they can move forward, and if harm does happen, their profits are seized and redistributed to their victims, and the people responsible are put on trial for the harms they have done.

Mr. Penn suggests that the President shadow box if he wants to run a successful campaign - run against the caricature of himself the Republicans have painted and show his genuine, working-on-the-problems self. With the announcement of Mr. Obama's official re-election bid, we will see what his strategy for winning the electorate already poisoned by a lot of rhetoric of dubious truth value.

Ms. Noonan laments the attitude that the United States used to be seen as a sane and rational actor, and blames the 24-hour news cycle and its constant need for drama and action along with the increasing partisanship of the media.

Messrs. Blackwell and Morrison praise Senator DeMint for his opposition to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child - whichi would be fine if they didn't commit several blatant lies in their reasoning why Mr. DeMint should be praised. For example, they claim that the CRC would be above United States law. Had they Paid Attention In School, they would have learned that treaties have the same force as United States law, but they are not given any special super category above it. They also make non-sequiturs about how barbaric Muslims are, because Muslims kill those who convert to Christianity and have no religious freedom. They attempt to tie this in by mentioning the CRC says that children are to be guaranteed the ability to choose their own religion, and parents are only advisors in the matter. They also say that Planned Parenthood will get children to have sex outside of wedlock and then get them abortions without parental notification, because the CRC says children have a right to information about sexuality. Gross exaggerations, demonizations, and lies. Kind of wish they had decided to talk about it on its merits and demerits instead.

Mr. Greenberg believes that the transfer of control to NATO doesn't change that the Libyan operations are primarily American, and thus the U.S. President still needs to have a plan. Which only works if you believe that the President has no plan. Although, based on some rather low polls, it's pretty clear that the electorate is buying into the idea that the President has no plan on anything. Or that his plan isn't what they want. Once again, the Congress seems to get nothing in this equation, as if they were of the same party and ideology of the President.

Last out for tonight, The Infamous Brad reviews Sex At Dawn, a books that disproves the notion that humans are naturally monogamous creatures and exposes just how much doctoring has been done to the historical and anthropological record to make it seem like humans and most primates are mate-for-life monogamists. Mr. Hicks then lays out the point of "Where do we go from here?" after the book concludes. It is nicely paired with reasons why we need to stop thinking about humans in strictly two sets of genitals, instead of the spectrum on which we all reside, and how not thinking about gender dyadism might also help us feel a little less of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. - Also, some advice to the younger set about gender and gender identity.


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