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In our America, all people are equal. Love Wins, Black Lives Matter, Immigrants and Refugees are Welcome, Disabilities are Respected, Women are In Charge of Their Own Bodies, People and Planet are Valued Over Profit, and Diversity Is Celebrated.

An invitation from the Women's Strike - walk away from social media platforms that fail to let you moderate your own space.

Girls just want to have fun(damential rights), the shirt. Girls just want to have fun(damental rights), the song. Because there's a long history of men taking credit for women's achievements.

Understand that our memories of this time will likely rewrite themselves based on what we collectively decide is the truth about it.

A good list of books for those coming into their own political consciousness.

Making nice rarely makes progress. It can lead to friends being lost due to their carelessness. It also means not finding the data in a large study was altered so as to provide more favorable results.

Useful Wrinkle In Time quotes for the current era. Ways of staying with it even when it seems like nothing is happening. A message from Michelle Obama about hope.

Seattle upped their minimum wage significantly, and guess what? Unemployment dropped.

More than a few Christian denominations can't handle the idea of the deity looking like Octavia Butler. They're so entrenched with the idea that a Supreme Being must look like...what, exactly? The small noise that follows all the great clashing and wind and fire? If your religious tradition encourages you to completely discount anything not approved by that tradition, it might make you more likely to believe falsehoods. And that's on top of all the ways that facts tend to make people entrench harder in their mistaken opinions.

Countries that are invested in their own supremacy often will do harmful things to themselves rather than accept a place at the table. Travelogues can easily contribute to imperial and colonialist narratives. Here's some counter-propaganda.

There is no "one size fits all" in fighting systemic oppression. It has the same malleability that water does, and will hide and move and otherwise do its very best to avoid being destroyed. It doesn't help that many of the people who could help the most don't know enough to be effective at helping. The learning curve to join is both steep and necessary. Have a FAQ, part 1, a FAQ, part 2, and a FAQ, part 3. And then remember that sometimes the best part about being an ally is amplifying the voices of those that need to be heard.

A small guide for the spec fic community on ways they might get involved.

An executive order about making sure all the government branches submit plans on how to make themselves smaller.

The only way to prevent your data being sold out by your ISP is to vote out the Congresscritters that sold you out to your ISPs. Because that's what many of them did, on the payments and lobbying of giant media cabals. Those same cabals that very much want you to be locked into their version of the Internet, with nobody else able to offer you a choice.

To achieve a proper socialized welfare and care system, one must first abandon the system that privileges whites with good jobs.

The administration is focusing on the wrong things, trying to create a place where nobody publicly speaks ill of the administraton and their agenda passes easily, instead of doing the work of figuring out why that's not happening and moving their positions.

Investigations and hearings continue to probe the connections between the administration and the Russian government. The administration tried to deflect this with accusations that their campaign had been spied upon. When clear links between their administration and Russsian operations intended to influence the election (and steal intelligence) continue to form and be corroborated on a regular basis. Firing responsible parties is a good start, but you have to get everyone if you want it to be truly effective.

An HHS new appointee has anti-women views on women's health. The power of the Secretary of Labor, and why it's a bad idea to give it to someone who hates labor. The State Department, once an activity hub so vast it was difficult to keep up, is languishing in neglect and active hostility. Heaven help us if a pandemic starts, because there's nobody ready to quash it.

Because, in the end, the democratic experiment could come to its end by neglect, rather than by action. Especially if we let people with money and an agenda influence reality and facts to the point where the lies lead.

We have to keep in mind, though, that the actual effects of actions in our times may not be felt or known for generations afterward.

In the meantime, however, feel free to let the far right know what kind of future (and present) liberals want. And then get stickers with the message of fighting fascism. And printables to add your pronouns to your name badges or other such.


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