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[The Establishment requests money.]

LiveJournal gave its users a rather nasty shock by forcing anew Agreement on them that had to be agreed to, with an explicit disclaimer that a translated version wasn't legally binding. Here are some lowlights of the new agreement. Suffice to say, there are a lot of people trying to determine what all of that actually means. More of the problematic sections. fallout from the actions taken so far. And, of course, Actions you can take to disentangle yourself from LJ, should you so choose.

A possible workaround for comment posting. Getting people to comment in the right place on crossposted entries. Using an OpenID on Livejournal, in case there are places you still want to participate.

If you're new, the 2017 revival community can help with making new friends or translating names from the old to the new.

The server move to Russia by SUP basically gives the Russian government carte blanche to examine the data contained therein, warrantlessly.

(What many compliments can feel like. Which I put next to my thread on a love meme for a reason.)

Welcome to fandom! Here's a nice guide for those just joining us. Also, some useful vocabulary to the situation. Here's a hint: shaming someone for their fic choices is a bad idea. As is, likely, basing what happens in a show on the votes of the viewers. The Killing Joke did it already. Robin died.

Do enjoy, though, the Padawan learners, the calls for the Marvel shows to be more okay with the Marvel movies, the way in which Logan is probably the best mutant movie of the series, and the beautiful interpretation of gems and many other characters in cosplay.

And now that you're here, please take the Fan-explanation survey.

Begin with an affirmations deck for sex, sexuality, queer and trans* folk, and everyone else. Continue from there to a Victorain-era muder mystery involving lesbians and neither of them dies by the end. And another work exploring the life of an iconic lesbian. And some nice Jewish weddings.

Moral outrage alleviates guilt and helps a person buffer their mind against threats to their morals. For some, this means being morally outraged is compensating for being not morally good. For others, it's a way of trying to displace their own guilt at complicity in morally dubious things.

A circketer who admited to assault had his sentence suspended because the judge believed prison would cause him harm. Despite admitting to violence against someone else.

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as sandpaper to try and make a square peg round has bad, horrible consequences. Not the least of which it encourages the blaming of the patient for not taking on their own health instead of asking why the therapy isn't working. For those with a trauma background, that's adding fuel to a fire.

I think there's more than a little WTF to be had in the fact that queer representation in easily available mainstream comics in 2016 consists of so few characters and properties. Like, I should be scrolling for days on this instead of being able to get it done in a few minutes.

When your child is trans* and your community is transphobic, loving the child means changing the community. And reading the texts in ways that, in my opinion, are closer to the actual message delivered.

17 July as a date to realize that you are surrounded by the nonbinary and the genderqueer. If you're lucky, some of them might even identify as that to you. Have a look at the newest hot teen band in China, for example.

If you're really lucky, you'll be able to be present when someone decides who they are with a lifelong conviction. Or someone will signal to you something by being happy at a toy ad that tells gender stereotyping to get lost.

Trying to define a thing related to your identity is fine. Trying to make that definition extend past your person invokes the idea that gatekeepers are necessary. Gatekeepers may not be necessary at all. Raising littles to be themselves and not to take it from anyone, regardless of their identity is a good way to start. Recognizing that even in places that are ostracized, ostracism and hierarchy are still critical components will aid you.

Listen to the voices of those that have come before, because they have experience,

The AP Style Guide accepts the singular they, but restricts it only to people who identify as nonbinary, rather than advocating for its use in any situation where the gender identity of a person is not known.

Sometimes, it is the bits behaving badly, but that should be taken seriously, not dismissed. In the same way that someone shouldn't be dismissed because they have a uterus, someone complaining about the uterus should be taken seriously.

Fear of anaethesia and surgery is a thing. No, really.

Nevertheless, she persisted - in needlepoint and in short fiction.

A headband inspired by the needlework that creates pussy hats.

Finally repealing laws that are already ignored regarding women's bodies and rights.

Best friends as legal parents of a child.

The Disney adaptation of Beauty and the Beast turns things very dark compared to the original.

Choosing where to spend your money makes miniscule impact. Devoting your time and money to organizations trying to make big impacts is better. You'll have to do some research about the legitimacy of the organization first, as scammers infiltrate every aspect of our lives.

People on the autism spectrum can learn to disguise that status, and it might impede getting help, should they so desire it. Because, y'know, people are smart and can learn what behaviors get rewards and what ones don't. Perhaps the autistic Sesame Street denizen could help with getting rid of the stigmas associated with the spectrum. And possibly remove the blame that's being pushed on moms that somehow they ar at fault for their child's autism.

There is a plan in place for when Elizabeth II leaves this world. It has been in place for decades.

The act of customization is sometimes more important than the custom product, because you can point to it and say that it's yours.

If you are considering the work of the library, a modern Hypatia has an excellent primer on what to expect and what you will need.

Twenty years of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, whose greatest feat may have been taking a story that would have been middling had it starred a man and putting a cheerleader-type in the role, with all the powers and responsibilities. And by then grounding the fantastic with the utterly real of being a teenager, something very good got made. Some pictures of the cast after twenty years.

It wasn't all good, of course. We can thank Xander for spawning a character archetype that we'd rather avoid seeing. And the show hasn't aged all that well, even though many of its episodes are standout pieces of storytelling.

We can also raise an eyebrow at the idea of how a black tank top serves as a signal of a woman that wants to be badass but is still constrained by having to be marketable. And applaud a parliamentary debate about the sexist absurdity of requiring high heels and full makeup as a dress code for businesses.

Give Kamala Khan a movie. Enjoy that the women of NASA are getting their own Lego figurines.

Enjoy the way that the architect of The Good Place used standard television tropes to tell a completely different story. Be emotive at the way that Get Out so easily portrays racism and the black experience... such that white people might understand their role in it. The good screen stuff that we're getting has a lot to do with the stage writers that are in the room. Note that romance as a genre has very little patience for anything that's not feminist or intersectional. See how villains are sometimes the best characters for someone to like. Smurfette as a caricature of a Jewish woman, with anti-Semitic overtones. Jewish gangsters that took violent exception to Nazis.

Should men stop interviewing women, since they can't seem to stop thinking about how much they'd like to have sex with them instead? And magazines like Good Housekeeping believe that there's time for anyone to do the chores that keep the house clean and spotless.

A makeup artist, their craft, and several complete looks for Sailor Scouts. And the danger of trying to compare a real person to a posed photograph.

Guillermo del Toro and choosing to watch and do what you want to do and watch. And how that makes for some great things when you're choosing to do them. Getting out of the research loop, creating routines within tasks, instead of routines of tasks, one way of using the bullet journal, and other methods that might work for you. Because your path is made by writing.

The backstory of the Last War in Albion.

Hearing the voice of a character who speaks to us, outside of their media property, is a lot more common than you might think, and doesn't always have to be a negative voice in someone's hed. Remember that part where we talk about how literature and media properties can save lives? This is part of it.

Why using a sensitivity reader is a good idea - it helps a person have characters that are more authentic and avoid being horribly -ist in their writing. Like avoiding falling into the savage other sereotypes. Also, have you noticed how women spec fic writers are really good at predicting the contours of the future...and they tend to predict dystopian?

Winning an Academy Award can make you into underwear models. And being nominated for one means the release of screenplays.

Essays that could and probably should be made into films.

Art that looks like a photograph taken. a tunnel of books (half provided by a mirror on the floor). A science fiction version of Pakistan. Ancient forests appearing in cracks in the earth. A successful test of a seed vault. An underground space accessed through a rabbit hole. A very different picture of Los Angeles. A sun-dappled road.

One photo is not enough to base a narrative on. The recipe is a starting point, not the sacred canon. (Although, letting the neural network suggest what to eat isn't quite up to snuff.) Even though there's a man involved, Lemonade the album is all about women.

Parental bonding time, through shared exercise and fun.

Evolution of things, even pugilism, is an inevitability. Until someone decides things have evolved too far and then decides to go "back to the roots."

Keeping tangible objects as memory touchstones of pain as well as pleasure. On the other side, the attempts to stave off death through better eating.

How an all purpose word in a creole called a Pidgin can be used for anything you don't want to say, or that you want the listener to fill in the blanks for. Kind of like the Greek Canadian that created the Hawaiian pizza. English has more than a few dialects, creoles, and varieties of itself.

Britannica's best cat list, scratching post preferences for cats, the need to keep cat teeth clean and brushed, finding the history of a place in its cats, adopting older dogs to give them companionship to the end, classifying penguins and their eggs, chicken shaming, hats on toads, two cats that love the outdoors, a service dog's first day on the job, rare cats cared for by domestic surrogate mothers, cats sitting in chairs, the return of the peregrine, the interesting parts of life on Terra, cats that appear to be summoning infernal creatures, a quokka having a good time with a bloke, chinchilla butts, a missed attempt at helping bees, a library on horseback, parent cats with their children scruffed, cats in dollhouse beds, the tiger that delivers presents, the horse, reimagined, in speculative fiction, a dog meeting his namesake, a book of creatures, and shifting the phylogenetic tree of dinosaurs.

In technology, free software from NASA.

Mendeley, software that stores notes, sources, and citations in a cloud-based account. Good for those who might haveresearch needs and be accessing it from multiple terminals in multiple places, and/or their smart devices.

An app that can help a person keep track of their chronic illness symptoms and issues.

A tool for retrieving animated gifs from Twitter.

Recommendations for teenagers about keeping their communications secure. Advice on the selection of a VPN, if one does not want to have one's traffic potentially snooped and spied upon. Or sold to anyone who wants it. VPNs help make you a little less obvious to everyone on the Internet, but it's not necessarily a fully robust solution.

Also, if you ever wondered what someone can do with just "metadata", based on a couple bits of metadata, someone found what is likely the FBI Director's Twitter account.

A breach at a major payment processor, Verifone. Nearly electorcuting oneself on a loose but still energized plug.

Dalek designs from 01963.

A preference of print newspapers continues into the digital era - newsdumps happen at night. Also, the somewhat-feuding New York Times and Washington Post are giving us better work as a result of their competition.

A typeface that reorganizes a letter's embellishments based on the letters around it. The virtue of Comic Sans comes from its legibility. An entire gif library of American Sign Language words. Type case converters.

A vibrator manufacturer with an accompanying app settled to pay out money for not making their app secure and for tracking the sex habits of its users. A copy of the settlement motion is available to peruse at this NPR story. (Other surveys suggest that the average time for most couples in the UK is 19 minutes, divided approximately evenly between foreplay and intercourse.) No data on whether they also recorded the feeling of happiness that comes with having sex.

And also what they thought of products that make us worry about whether a relationship is okay. Because our models of what constitutes successful sexual encounters are skewed significantly. And things like wearable rings to quantify one's sexual experiences are not helping.

Flu vaccines tend to produce more social behavior in those infected.

The history of the StarCraft series, with also a free release of the original game in anticipation of the HD remaster.

Ghibli movies in theaters again. In both languages. WANT. Totoro by itself is worth the price of admissions.

Children understand what we need.

Last for tonight, a lawyer's pants caught on fire during a demonstration for the jury. Perhaps he was thinking of Jane Austen's fictitious marriages.

The reunification of family.

The construction of Porky Pig's speech patterns.

Bookcases hiding rooms.

And at the end, the index. Hugs for those that want them.

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So, Studio Ghibli movies in theatres, you say?

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