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Here's a thing: the lies being told by the Administration are being believed by his supporters, possibly because it's what they want to believe, and touches them at their core. Because almost all of the people who voted for him say they'd do it again.

The Current Administrator is desperately loking for something to blame for his ineffectiveness, even as he boasts about all the things that he believes he's accomplished or that other people have said about him and quietly makes permanent the temporary installations of people in the government. It's not good to have an Administrator that so clearly has demonstrated the Dunning-Kreuger effect, and that continues to do so on a wide variety of subjects.

To the point where there were threats of a government shutdown, an act that has seignificant consequences every time it happense.

The missing moods in those who want to fight awful things by doing awful things. Or those who advocate for or against a market with more regulation.

The best way to revive an economy that's going too far is to focus governmental action on the promotion of democracy, instead of the economy, because focusing on the economy changes the rules so that the worst actions are the most profitable ones. Like the ways that prices go up on medication without significant outcry.

The attempts at invesitgation into the Russian connections of the current administration continue to be mired by partisan obstruction that isn't interested in learning the truth. Not that it's just the U.S. that Russia wants to interfere with - France's elections show signs of electioneering from Russia, as well.

Steve Bannon shows his roots, calling another Administration advisor a "cuck" and "globalist". As well as his zealotry against Islam. His removal from the National Security Council doesn't mean that he's out of the Administrator's ear, just that he's not on the Council.

The administrator needed significant explanation about the fundamentals of the European Union, a thing in danger with the Brexit and possible Bad End to the French Prime Minister election (Which did not have a Bad End).

To add to that, The UK Prime Minister called for a snap election, even though many of the members of her party are dealing with electoral fraud prosecutions. Most of the attack on the Liberal Democrat candidate on his LGBT record doesn't reflect the record.

The recent missile strike in Syria was characterized as "after-dinner entertainment" by the Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, demonstrating a very cavalier attitude toward lives and personnel that bodes ill should the Current Administration decide they want to openly get engaged in more military conflicts. The ones that leave trauma even on the drone pilots that have to watch war daily.

While the debating for the repeal/replace/Trumpcare/AHCA was going on, there were choice words to be had about the effects of the bill, and dismissals of those words as womanly hysteria. This is also not a uniquely American phenomenon - all over the world, women in power are subjected to crude stereotype and misogynistic attacks about whether they can wield that power, or whether men have to listen to them at all. Knowing the history of hysteria gives light to the ways in which women seeking equity are often treated as if they were mentally ill.

Some families are desperate enough already that they're buying up black market insulin, because it's what they can afford. Some legislators believe that sickness is an indication of moral failing. (They're wrong.)

Despite this, a bare majority of the House of Representatives decided to pass an unscored, unknown-consequences bill that would repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a tax break for the wealthiest of people. Perhaps sensing what sort of incredibly politically radioactive content is inside the House bill, the Senate is not taking anything from that bill in crafting their own version. The Democrats, for their part, decided to remind the Republicans how particularly problematic the idea was (kind of like ICE getting trolled when they opened a way for people to call in and get fuel to feed their paranoia about their neighbors and published a list of crimes committed by the undocumented and an attempt to shame citites that decline to act as extra ICE agents, a rather stark contrast to many of the propaganda efforts underway to get immigrants and get immigrants naturalized), and we can only hope that the population is able to remember what sort of travesties were inflicted upon them when it comes time to make decisions about who should be in office in the next election, while also advocating for ways to prevent more damage from being done. Not one would go and explain themselves on the morning talk show rounds, at least not on anyone who might be anything other than completely friendly. There are plenty of reasons for those Republicans to try and shirk the consequences of their actions.

Here's the worst part about it: The Current Administrator would really much prefer single-payer health care systems.

A bill that would expand the ability of people and families with disabilities to save money without it impacting their government services.

The Current Administrator signed an executive order directing the IRS to exercise maximum discretion in whether or not to yank the tax-exempt status of a church or other religious organization organized as a nonprofit that makes direct and official political endorsements. What came out was different than a planned draft, which would have been much harsher and specifically unfriendly to women and QUILTBAG people, something more in line with the thoughts and feelings of the Republican Party. Which are the values of the party that makes The Handmaid's Tale a reality.

Considering the ACLU declined to file a lawsuit over the content of the executive order, that's probably the strongest sign that what was actually signed is toothless. Actually, it might be quite pervertible to the purposes of non-Christians...

The United States, in aggregate, believes the wall between the United States and Mexico is a bad idea, even before the environmental consequences come to light.

The city of San Francisco looks into opening its own city bank.

Facing being deported can cause serious psychological issues. The thing is, it's really easy to be charged, convicted, and then deported these days. Even worse: it's equally easy for employers to abuse their undocumented workers and then send them off to ICE if they advocate for anything. And so, the undocumented live lives controlled by fear and they avoid doing things that might gather too much scrutiny.

It doesn't help that the Administration wants to blame the undocumented for all of society's ills, regardless of whether there's any truth to that statement and is pursuing policies and directives to insist that there be more prosecution and arrest of people who are undocumented and attempts to intimidate cities into doing their bidding by withholding grant money.

All this intimidation is having the intended effect of lowering border crossings, but it's entirely possible that Mexico could retaliate in ways that really hurt the United States.

Because of this and other things, both present and past, and attitudes that try to make police officers into warriors instead of community servants, it should be no surprise that groups opposing fascists with tactics up to and including violence against fascists should appear.

Tax resistance from those who do not want their money being spent on the war machine.

Parole violations on the smallest of premises puts people in jail for supposed gang associations. Or many other small actions that are then used to further incarcerate people.

There may be one silver lining - it looks like being on television is the way to capture the attention, and possibly get things done, with this Administrator. Silver lining, that is, for those that can appear on the television programs the Administrator is likely to watch.

The beautiful resistance is calling us all. Assuming there isn't a bill passed in your area soon that criminalizes some aspect of protesting.

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*survives another day*


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