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Would you like to write about happiness? It's 3-6k, and can be creative work or scholarly.

Chelsea Manning has been released from prison.

Let us begin. The Dead Pool claims Roger Ailes, a man responsible for what Fox News has become, at 77 years of age. Roger Ailes was not a hero in any sense of the word, and instead could easily be classed as a serious villain to democracy and functional government and media. (Even so, it's pretty likely that people of opposing political views visit the same news websites, even if only to bicker. And...people's preferences may not be changed by facts, even if people will agree that facts are facts. Because people sometimes tell lies that reinforce social ties in their group and efficiently Other other groups.)

Television networks are sending signals that they do not care for stories starring and talking about marginalized people. For many, this is in the same vein as various exercises of women tired of partirarchal behavior and those finding out that the location they live in still has giant impacts on whether they have access to good public services.

Eric S. Raymond believes that all true science fiction is libertarian science fiction, a conclusion in my opinion, that seems to follow on "if it would make Ayn Rand proud, it's proper science fiction", but without actually wanting to include anyone or anything a libertarian would find icky. Like women, minorities, or anything that is other than the cis-het-white-MASCULINE paradigm.

Nevada bans conversion therapy for minors, although it exempts clergy from the ban.

Puerto Rico is going bankrupt, and this has potential effects for the rest of the United States.

Poorer neighborhoods are not getting expensive projects to prevent flooding and so must deal with storm surge and water on a regular basis. Minority neighborhoods are targeted by police terrorism. The standard practice of plea bargaining gives prosecutors inordinate power over trials and sentencing. Except when someone's promising career might be cut short by actually being put in jail, apparently.

Having ADHD has costs that most people don't associate with the disorder. For things that get lost, or re-bought, or the medicines and time taken in keeping them filled. Or in being employed in a profession that doesn't take your issues into account. And then there are the social costs, as well, in addition to the need to let a person with a chronic illness or other condition fully accept it and grieve, should they need to.

To keep women in STEM jobs and degrees, change the men that are making women's lives hell.

A play about a play that was sent off from Broadway because two women kissed in it.

The benefits of immigration to immigrants are, well, substantial, as well as the benefits of immigrants to the places they immigrate to.

Infant mortality is down in the United States, but mother mortality is up, in stark contrast to comparable countries. The framing story is a woman who died of blood pressure-related complications that were noted but not treated when they were first noticed.

Invisible disability often means that the truth is no longer considered acceptable for why you are disabled. It also means you often look like nothing is wrong, especially when treatment regimens are working.

The current runner of the "Stever Rogers is a Nazi" storyline did not have very progressive views when running for local office more than a decade ago. Unfortunately, the storyline continues to run, despite the violence it does to the character of Steve Rogers. This is not a precedent to allow, especially now that white supremacist symbols are being given legitimacy by this HYDRA-based Steve Rogers. This culminates into Shut the Fuck Up, Marvel, a project intended to show off how this problem is not unique to this Steve Rogers, but is only the latest in a series of bad decisions by the comic house that refuses to admit when they've screwed things up badly.

Elsewhere in comics, Ms. Marvel is continuing to break ground and be sccessful.

Attempts to change behaviors so as to remove unconscious biases, sometimes with the knock-on effects of the people around a person who has received training seeing the best benefits.

Binary thinking is limiting, regardless of the context you try it in. It's extra damaging when that binary thinking deliberately erases a significant portion of the population or results in the death of babies. Religious communities that fail to provide hospitality to all their congregants fail at their stated missions. Pieces that want to talk about gender harms in relation to trans*ness miss the much bigger point of the systems that cause gendered harm. Because those systems happily hurt anyone they can on the basis of gender.

The Supreme Court of the United States reversed a decision by Alabama's state supreme court nullifying an adoption performed by two women in Georgia. One of the two women had denied visitation and shared custody to the other after the two split by claiming the state she and the children now lived in didn't recognize the adoption as legal. SCOTUS said "Georgia, where you adopted them, does, and their ruling applies here."

The story of Interval House, Canada's first shelter for women victims of domestic violence.

The story of a man who became the accidental getaway driver for a set of prison escapees.

Teaching children can mean having to remember that seminal influences of your lives are not even events of theirs. In this case, the Rodney King beating didn't register, because the average police interaction with a black man involves shooting or death instead of just a beating.

Black jockeys won plenty of big horse races until whites demanded they leave.

The influence campaigns being waged by Iran and Saudi Arabia in places like Senegal. But the United States would surely know a thing or two about trying to get countries that have a shared system and not much else to come around to their way of thinking.

The virtues of fanfic as exercises in writing characters and their feelings as primary focuses.

The mistaken belief that aesthetics are the reason why physical books remain as more than just pretty artifacts of a time gone by. Tor Books launching a podcast in August. Amazon finding new ways to prevent publishers from getting sales and paying royalties.

On the matter of making art that is a vessel for others to find their meanings in, rather than pouring the meaning in there or declaring there isn't one. On the use of going to the pub as a way of avoiding writing difficult things, or for characters to try and avoid their difficult things. A cheat sheet for writing first chapters and lines. Asking for intimacy in works by marginalized authors so as to make those works better and more broadly appealing. The ways in which bad translations can sometimes result in spectacular works.

Resources for those who want self care, who are looking for validation of their feelings of abuse, or those who are still recovering from abuse. How knowing the transience of feelings may contribute to being able to ride the bad ones out. Advice for living in a world that is mostly unknown.

Victims of bullying often suffer worse long-term health issues.

A National Geographic Magazine contributor who later took on the work of broadcasting Nazi propaganda. The critical reviews of a book written by someone related to the Current Administrator.

American Airlines is decreaseing the space in specific seats on their places so as to try and cram more of them onto the planes. Which can only be so, so, "helpful" for their passengers, many of whom are already being body-shamed at all points of their lives, including when their doctors use an improper measurement to determine their health.

James Otis, Junior, orator and firebrand and not-as-well-known figure leading up to the colonial rebellion that would become the United States. The ways in which plantations, and those that visit, do not acknowledge their heritage as sites of slavery.

Having been mistaken for a model, a teacher becomes one after blogging about the experience.

Children in Beijing that were not born there are finding it difficult to get an education there. The caste system in India still weighs heavily on the prospects of education and employment of its citizens.

You need a womens' studies or gender studies class. If you weren't lucky enough to get one at university, you'll have to make do with the class that is life around you. Pay attention.

A university football team cmposed of deaf and hard-of-hearing players, and all the work, communication, and academics that is needed to field them year after year.

Fixing infrastructure: proposals of how to spend a trillion that might actually do something.

Building into giant trees to keep them standing, preserving the trees and providing space for humans, maps of the national parks of the United States (and the favorites of the curator), the sense of smell for humans is very well developed, the possibility of mussel secretion as a way of healing wounds without scarring, votives using the imagery of toads, the increased presence of wildlife in urban areas (I can attest to a deer moving on the sidewalk as I was going into work last week), a wild pig that consumed significant alcohol and then fought other animals before perishing in an automobile collision, the data on dissolved oxygen in water is not encouraging, courting cephalopods, mongoose pups concealing who they are related to to avoid being killed by those less-related, earthworms disturbed by tillage farming, a bee swarm that faithfully followed its queen when she got stuck in a vehicle, photographic evidence that deer do occasionally munch human remains, endangered species rendered in cut paper, butterfly wings at magnifications that make them look like fish scales, a dog with the training to find lost cats, the attempts at properly dating the newest member of the Homo family, tits choosing their neighbors bassed on their similaritiy of personality to the chooser, the banana boom in Southeast Asia and its environmental effects, the bacteria awakening after many long eons being frozen in ice, trying to spot where the mass of insects has gone, a most excellent discovery of dinosaur fossils, cockatoos protecting tools (although tools are not the end-all of cleverness), the tonnage of plastic that has washed ashore on an island designated as a World Heritage site, 17th c. illustrations of insects and their flowers, the chomping power of Tyrannosaurus Rex, the fate of mating for left-coiling snails, tadpoles attempting to escape cannibalism by hitching a ride with strangers, stem cells that will develop blood cells have been grown in laboratory conditions, the resurgence of bumblebees in Detroit, the sharing of grief increases friendship in birds, the difficulty of migratory birds adjusting to new climate, the shifting of trees to new areas based on the changing climate, studying crows in the habitat of Seattle, the growing moss of Antartica, thanks to climate changes, a flood in a seed vault, and what might be a new form of symbiotic relationships.

Technology says a method that performs precision strikes against certain DNA segments may be able to defeat HIV.

It also suggests that kissing may be a sampling method of genetic compatibility.

In security leaks, certain HP laptops have a program related to the audio driver that captures all keystrokes and writes them unencrypted to a log file, a breach at a credit bureau's payroll division, a medical records website that made it very easy to let others access data, a claim that hackers have stolen the final cut of an upcoming Disney movie and will release it online if their ransom is not paid, Transmission and Handbrake for Macs were both infected with a backdoor software on one of the download servers,

Methods to reduce the amount of data gathered by various companies so as to reduce how much targeted advertising you are served and how much you are spied on at different sites.

A mnemonic for determining whether or not a mole could be a sign of skin cancer. Kidney diseases brought on by dehydration that makes the body manufacture far too much fructose.

Elsewhere, social networks as incarnations of the Deadly Sins, the infographic capabilities of Florence Nightingale, applying algorithms to pop music to see if lyric is more repetitive than it used to be, the thought that train rides could induce aggressive behaviors in their riders, industiral espionage using missionaries to gather the secrets of Chinese porcelain, giving artificial hands the ability to see objects, so they may react more instinctively, the period of time where IUD design was mostly a matter of experimentation, using toys and games to instill political ideologies, babywraps as old technologies given new life and chic, tear catchers as folklore making perfume bottles into something else, the places where oil rigs are deconstructed and their metal sold or recycled, the problems associated with finding, retrieving, and preventing the illegal salvaging of warships of previous years, the prevalence of sunscreen contributing to a vitamin D deficiency, the extreme difficulty of programming a watch to calculate Easter, the ways in which martial arts training may be helpful to the traumatized, the ways in which dress can restrict movement and make martial art impractical or useless, beautiful pictures of Jove, the way in which the deaf community of Mumbai uses train compartments to create a social network, the difficulty of demining beaches that have wildlife living peacefully over the explosives, the bikeways built in the United Kingdom in the 1930s, how standardization and technology produced the sweet spot of baking at 350, the ways that saly is defying conventional wisdom about itself, how wooden nutmegs made profit for hucksters, how a car foiled pavers for a bridge, creating a wooden floor from scrap pieces, artificial ova effectively gestating a mouse, conductive paper, very low freqency waves possibly protecting against radiation, the typefaces of Dwiggins, the scientist that figured out leaded gas additive manufacture was killing people, the way in which coffee and tea produced medical thinking revolutions, a temporary version of the gastric bypass, the near-parity of wind power with other nonrenewable forms of energy, and the ways in which social media are being exploited and tuned so as to make them very useful channels of propaganda and disinformation for governments.

Last for tonight, successful documentary work about hobbyhorsing as an activity and Wynton Marsalis' suggestions on effective practice.

The black woman who rode motorcycles across the country from the 1930s on until her death.

Even the most famous among Neils suffers from Impostor Syndrome. I wonder if, at some times, Impostor Syndrome comes from being cognizant of systems and how much work is done by so many people to create an event that makes one person famous or historical or otherwise successful. Because authors, astronauts, athletes, and others often recognize that there is a significant support structure backing them in their endeavours. It might be interesting to look at and see as to whether there's a potential correlation, not that I know how one would measure it, between Impostor Syndrome and an understanding of the invisible structure that surrounds a well-known person. How aware one might be of the Hufflepuffs that back the Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, and Slytherins that are routinely lauded.

Sometimes fandom is...not on its best behavior.

And at the very tail end, a surefire way to aggravate a lot of men - agree with their compliments.

Date: 2017-06-09 04:31 am (UTC)
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Why, yes! I am beautiful! ^_^

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From: [personal profile] redsixwing
I have fallen down a fascinating hole about shipbreaking today, and it's entirely to your credit. ;)

The point about seeing the support structure is timely and well-needed today.

Date: 2017-06-15 08:23 am (UTC)
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That article about Dwayne Johnson has made me go YES PLEASE THE ROCK FOR PREZ.


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