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Accountability matters - and so does the makeup of your social justice organization.

Getting out of poverty (or avoiding falling into it in the first place) is not just a matter of your attitude. Sometimes there isn't even enough food to feed everyone where you are.

The Russian government suggests military response if Sweden wants to join NATO.

Possible independence for the Kurds, assuming stable government can be created in Iraq and Syria. Which could be a long way off, given that more than a few actors are fighting for control.

The Current Administrator's trips to Florida are very expensive to the public coffers. A piece of legislation suggests the Administrator should have to pay for the necessary security and trips out of his own pocket.

There is no Muslim world, in the same way there is a United States or a European Union.

As the Current Administration decides it's uninterested in a treaty that nearly every other nation on Terra has signed on to, (based on a likely faulty reading of research and ) there are some members that need some prodding in the right direction. The agreement, which even military personnel understand has beneficial ramifications if adhered to, is meant to help slow the growth of warming.

plenty of backlash came nearly immediately, with several enegy and chemical companies protesting the exit. The Vatican, who can be rather slow to accept scientific research at times, compared the Current Administrator to a flat-earther. Europe essentially told the Current Administrator "No deal" on his offer to renegotiate. Several states banded together, along with cities, to enforce the agreement in their domains anyway and to get funding to pay for the portion that would have been the United States' contribution.

It seems, however, that ignorance runs in the Administration.

A bill in Congress would impose delays on anyone wanting a business owner to get in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, giving 60 days from notification to acknowledge, and then another 120 days to attempt to do better before the Justice Department potentially gets involved.

The proposed cuts to various social safety nets have the effect of striking out at the people who supported the Administrator that wants to see them suffer. The wealthiest people would have their own bottom lines increased heftily, while education opportunities for the poorest would be resticted and the expansion that allowed for more people to get on the health insurance rolls would vanish.

Regulatory agencies are getting far too cozy to the people they're supposed to be overseeing.

The United States believes it has the right to ask people entering the country for their social media names, so as to comb them for associations it would find problematic.

The attorneys who are providing representation to those collected in ICE raids or detained at the border are receiving cease & desisit letters from the government.

The Administration also removed several of the protections of consumers against predatory banks.

There's also all the disappearing data that needs to be captured and preserved.

Finally, a very large list of current conflicts-of-interest for the Current Administrator.

Facing significant heat from their own constituencies, some Republicans are being put on the record as disagreeing with the Current Administrator. Which shouln't be as teeth-pulling an affair as it appears, since the agenda of the Current Administrator and his party are basically unpopular and Russia and China seem to be benefiting the most from his actions.

And yet, the supporters of the Current Administrator are doing their very best to ignore all of the problems. Even the ones that involve the makeup chair.


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