Mar. 2nd, 2017

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Hopefully a more manageable one at this point.

A vulnerability in Cloudflare services may have left a lot of accounts and passwords vulnerable. Which potentially includes Dreamwidth, so password changes may be a good idea anyway.

Various security products are undermining security through improper handling of HTTPS requests.

Refuge restrooms, so that someone can pee safely in their identity.

I'm putting these up top because they have intersection in the Venn diagram. Why Does Dating Men Make Me Feel Like Shit strikes a resonant chord - women are used as the repositories for male sexual desires and feelings, because societally speaking, men don't talk about sex and sexual feelings openly. This absolves men of their feelings by blaming women for them. Straight women apparently have the fewest orgasms. Perhaps because of this focus and another that says only the male orgasm is important. So why don't men write about their sex lives? What's in the article makes sense - men talking about sex generally only have the language of conquest available to them to sound appropriately masculine. Saying something like "I really enjoy having sex with bigger women" (have an article about fat and powerful women taking up space) or "I really enjoy it when my partner pushes me down onto the bed, cuffs my wrists together, and then climbs on top" aren't things in the lexicon of male sexuality, no matter how true they might be, without there being some sort of signal of "freak", "pervert", or that somehow "this man's not normal". And there are a lot of things in the toxic masculine culture that say the not-normal get punished. Try, for example, to find something involving a man as a bottom to a woman that doesn't involve the man somehow being less manly for doing it. It'll take a while, unless you know where to look (or are hanging out in the right corners of the fanfiction universe). The world needs more straight male bottoms to exist and be okay, just as it has slowly started to get better with the idea of women as tops.

And look, a guild of people devoted to knot tying, so that someone could practice, say, their rigging skills in the open.

A cache of wartime letters exchanged between lovers. Who both happened to be men.

Book dragon describes me quite well, thank you.

Fidget Cubes, perfect for the person that needs something interesting in their hands to focus.

Women scientist posters that everyone needs.

Combating negative self-talk while neurodiverse, but many of the things that are there, like recognizing the chain of thought beforehand, apply more widely.

So you want to be a librarian? Here's how you might find success, from a modern Hypatia. Solid advice here. Because libraries matter. If you're not going out for work in the library professions, here are things you can do to support your local libraries. As well as a library built deliberately on the border between the United States and Canada, a building that makes certain people obssessed with security very nervous.

Book recommendations with aro or ace characters. Free aro and ace stories. Spec fic that's aro and ace. Young Adult aro and ace. Aro/ace F/F romances. Lots of good stories and books out there.

YA with neurodiverse main characters.

The freely-available hugo and Nebula nominees.

Characters stick with us into our world after we've finished works in theirs. So that whole soulbonding concept is not as far away as you might think...

The New York times got rid of the comics and graphic novels bestsellet lists they were maintaining, which may have indeterminate effects on the state of manga publishing in the United States.

The idea of the Little Free Library with nonperishable food to take and give. Which is probably better for a neighborhood, or could be done in conjunction with an LFL (that is managed by a public library).

The final speech given by Michelle Obama, on education, counselors, and what makes the United States great.

Bigot bites it because he was on tape being apparently okay with pedophilia. He came to power mostly because several threads got lost on the way to trying to get people to empathize with minorities, and it created a space for him to thrive. We can have empathy for him, while not excusing any of the damage done.

Chronic and variable conditions and their asssociated energy levels, as explained by a shopping metaphor.

An attempt to define an entire generation so that marketers can better sell to them. An advertising campaign meant to get people to buy IKEA by Googling common relationship problems.

Rewriting the terms of service for Instagram to be understandable by children, so that they can understand what is going on and what rights and data they're giving up.

Love Knows No Borders, and especially not those being imposed by Poliicians Without Clues.

A classroom where everyone is present, including disabled children, is better for everyone, including the not-yet-disabled children.

How someone can talk about the experiences of someone different than them, which, unsurprisingly, involves a lot of listening. Language, and all the unspoken things that come with it, matters. So much so that a perfectly good service got an apology because it used a different slang.

People who want to talk about sex-positivity, note that space where people can be themselves, free of harassment, is a thing desperately needed. Because trolls and employers and plenty of others want to use that positivity as a weapon against you. Others just want to invalidate and erase you from existence.

All the messages that are negative to fat people, including the extra difficulty of being on an airplane.

How to love a fat person.

Giving cognitive behavioral therapy to someone with trauma borne of abuse may be exactly the wrong thing for them.

The actual legacy and beliefs of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, including things that put him as one among many leaders of a movement.

Iceland has a very strong investment in youth programs after school, which seems to help keep them off drugs and alcohol.

A shooter in a Quebec mosque.

A blind man stungunned because his cane was mistaken for a gun.

Attempting to reframe experiences in more compassionate and less anxiety or worry-inducing ways.

A North Carolina billboard that insists on patriarchy and sexism.

A review site for psychiatric hospitals from those that have stayed there. Cannabis as a way of defeating PTSD.

New information about Indus Valley civilizations and their migratory patterns.

The difficulty of determining whether someone is truly, actually dead.

The War on (Some) Drugs in a brief but spectacular take.

Josei manga often shines a light on shojo manga that casts the dark shadows.

What editing and revising teaches about the process of writing. Suggestions on how to write an ensemble cast that's actually diverse. Finding the path to figuring out what to write next. Writing from the heart - dangerous, but oh-so-powerful. Especially when your story involves making the reader uncomfortable enough to understand what being assaulted constantly is like.

Snaglepuss gets new life in DC Comics - as an openly gay playwright. A comic about how doing a mision in the Bronx helped someone become okay with their identity. Watership Down as the seminal novel for many. Seanan McGuire's fanfic-inspired work-ethic...and also fanfic as lots of practice for original fic.

Reading for understanding praised over reading for speed. A criticism of "readability" as a word of praise when no other adjective will fit. In praise of "readability" as a way of getting to the things behind the words.

The arc of Iron Man and where things go off the rails in other MCU movies. Rewriting Cinderella to be a much better story of sisters.

The Watchmen Scenario - the Cold War would have been suspended in case of an invasion from extraterrestrials.

The first of a eries on costuming in SFF series. And one on horses, too.

Science-based diets fail in exactly the same way as other diets do, just making a little more money and seeming more credible.

Freely-released plans from an IKEA lab to construct a growroom that could feed a neighborhood.

A puppet band that desires that emo sound. How stock photography paints a poor picture of disability. A new show called "Dear White People". Making Princess Leia out of origami folding. Metallic bouquets made of spare utensils. A precisely engineered straw for a very specific drink. The very rare pigment preservation and comparison laboratory. The United States before the Enviromental Protection Agency.

Wildlife photographers with wildlife next to or on them, including a very friendly kitten. Cats in snow, zoos and aquaria having a cute animal tweet-off, very cute cats, Cardboard houses for cats that look like tanks, airplanes, fire trucks, and so forth, and more cute cats, the experience of fostering an emu, an attempt at sabotaging a film about a dog, a crab that keeps a fresh supply of allies by ripping them in half to clone them, cats snuggling into a foot warmer, bead dragon brooches, cat scarves, animals arranged as if they were bands on album covers, continued realization that bees are really smart, prize winning cat pictures, the use of eagles to destroy drone craft, goods at the intersection of books and cats, and the question of whether cats catch colds.

Technology presents tactile maps for learning geography manually. That may need changing if the continent of Zealandia comes into being.

How one might go about running an anonymous account that has a chance of staying anonymous against governmental surveillance and data mining powers.

the posibility of an antibody that can prevent the spread of HIV-1, and possibly reduce the amount of infection. The paper behind the article. And a quick primer on the various strains of HIV.

A product meant to help those who menstruate get through periods without loss of productivity - by temporarily gluing shut the bleeding orifice. Which, um, bloodcannon. Seriously.

Mothers and their children.

A robot that follows and stores your possesions. A hundreds of years-old robotic swan. The best and worst of minigames. A toaster for bacon. Having your ashes pressed into a working vinyl record. A classic cell phone being relaunched. a process that generates maps of fantastic terrains.

The evolution of the Wolverine character in Hugh Jackman's care.

Ingenuity allows adaptation of toys meant for other purposes to help make sex lives better. The approval of men is still not necessary for women to love themselves. A large, golden, and very sparkly scaled model of the clitoris. Beautiful women in gold.

Ways to help preserve the World Wide Web by suggesting pages for the Wayback Machine. Because the past deserves to be archived, even if you think it's kitsch.

The amount of investment that would be required to bring Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager up to the HD standards of Blu-Ray - tens of millions of dollars over a very long period of time. Which would almost suggest that if something could be Kickstarted to very grand amounts...

Color shifting happened a lot in the Original Series, making what was supposed to be green into gold.

The undergarments of the pre-Hayes Code Hollywood. Women protesting, across the world and across time. A woman who sclupted space and airplane pilot helmets. A women's library in Vancouver. Disabled women making political contributions. Proudly QUILTBAG women of the past. A 14 year-old girl is the fastest flier in indoor skydiving. The gave-no-fucks life of the inventor of the wireless brassiere. Kristen Stewart embraces herself as she is and gets us all to laugh while she's doing it.

Faster ways of making cookies.

Knowing where to look when you have a word question. And a useful summary of the new definitions of shade in relation to it being thrown.

Wikipedia has a contingent of people going about reccomending the deletion of stubs they on't consider worthy enough.

Protecting privacy in these times.

SEVEN EARTH-SIZED EXPOLANETS. And also the care that goes into creating artist's representations of those planets.

Last for tonight, what happens after Moana, the movie. Which was a decent effort, but still has some problems. Like the portrayal of Maui and the lack of Hina to go with Maui. And the hope that Susan may yet come home to Narnia.

Remember to buy class-specific outfits for your newborn to boost their stats appropriately. And keep them away from the creepier artifacts in our museums.

Observe the cherry blossoms. And then note the summoning sigil for a typographer.

We still need feminism. Perhaps now more so than ever.

And dealing with losing things, both small and great.


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