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This should hopefuly be lighter on the links, if not the atrocious behavior. Have an aggressive self-care coloring book. And the knowledge that all of the United States' Senators have a copy of Secret Hitler.

In our America, we treat people as people, and not as pawns or chits.

Carnivale brings out the float-builders with messages for their leaders. They were unflattering ones, to say the least.

A women's strike is planned for 8 March 2017. I could only hope that every woman in my profession decides to strike on that day.

Up top, the record of the votes of the Senate. In case you have Senators who need to get an earful for their choices about nominations. Or other things. Or just need an earful from their constituents about how much they are sucking (or succeeding) at their jobs.

Texas legislators believe that doctors should be allowed to lie to their patients about their child's disabilities, especially if it would prevent an abortion.

Coursework on the United States Constitution and the history of its interpretations.

The remixing of popular characters for political purposes. Because Khamala Khan would have a lot to say about the Current Administrator. And lots of people have done just that with her. The Statue of Liberty was originally going to be a Muslim peasant. Princess Leia, General Leia, and Carrie Fisher are all symbols of the fight against the current administration, all of whom would likely approve of their usage in such a way. Superman has been a lecturer on tolerance for a while.

We can only fight the opposition as ourselves. Because the opposition has no qualms about spawning fake selves to get more of themselves elected around the world. And because they'd rather be campaigning than governing. Because they want to appear like they are powerful and winning. So much so that they'll try to engineer the applause they crave. Or try to maximize outrage so they get plenty of eyeballs.

(The entire Presidency thing could be very taxing on the Current Administrator.)

Surviving in an intersectional feminist space, lesson one and being effective in intersectional feminist spaces, lesson two.

VoteRiders intends to make sure nobody is denied their franchise because of a state's exclusionary ID policy. To that end, they also offer clinics where people can make requests for the appropriate documents that will satisfy the records requirements to obtain ID.

The Current Administrator is not mentally ill. The person who wrote the DSM diagnostic criteria is sure about that. Which means there's a different root cause to the problem than one person. Have an annotated press conference to dig into and see if you can find something.

Ways of resistance when neurodiverse, spoonie, or otherwise human. Stepping up while a nervous wreck. Ways to support from afar. Moving to the idea that one must be sustainably upset.

Plenty of women leading efforts against the Current Administrator. Southerners on New Ground offer a space for a queer community in a place that's not generally friendly to queer people.

A reminder of ways to try and influence Congresscritters that might work. And a reminder that sometimes you have to step back and stay out of it for your own health. The balance between activism and self-care has to be struck to stay in it for the long haul. Stay outraged without burning out. Take the time you need for yourself, because you being here is a victory. You can avoid getting crushed by your newsfeed.

The Current Administrator believes that only friendly outlets deserve to be at press conferences. And they will attempt to ruin the reputations of those that report against them. CNN, for one, thinks being denigrated by the Current Administrator is a mark of pride.

That said, while they scandalize themselves, they're also dismantling the government.

Five calls, for those that can.

Making substantive coment on proposed regulations (or proposed repeals of them) is also a way of protesting and trying to defeat laws and changes.

If something pisses you off, make a donation to stop it.

Black Lives Matter isn't stopping because of the change - they're accelerating.

We cannot tell the difference between a weak leader and a strong one, or an incompetent and a competent one, by their actions alone. So the point is to prevent the actions, regardless of the intent of the leader.

Thus, those who call dictators and put their preferred patsies in national security roles are unlikely to be seen as strong leaders.

Those looking for the messiah to bring the country to a Christian theocracy have the Current Vice-Administrator at the levers of power. (Gentle reminder: the codex known as The Bible was developed long after the creation of the Christian Foundational Writings, and therefore could not have been read by the person whose life it purports to tell.) He wants women to suffer because of his own beliefs. Women will bite back.

White supremacists are cheered to see Steve Bannon at the helm, especially now that he sits at the top of the national security apparatus. (Unsurprisingly, Bannon enjoys it when the media chases unimportant things. And frankly, him being that close to the President should be terrifying, since it means in practice, he might be running the country.)

The marriage of the white supremacist and the Christian who has abandoned their precepts is not abnormal.

Fake news will happily fool and troll anyone they can, liberal or conservative. And anyone can troll anybody else into publishing the fake stuff, it seems. Google could help some by publishing truth scores along with results, but as usual, it's on us to get informed about spotting fake news and discounting it. Problem is, the chronic lying of the Current Administrator may be hard to unseat, and attempts to do so may only reinforce the falsehoods. And given that his interview technique seems to be all about evasions and falsehoods, it's going to be a bit tricky to get anything out of him. Perhaps sticking to a single subject and not moving on until there is an answer is the way to go. This assumes of course, that the hard right media empire doesn't become the exclusive place to find the Current Administrator. Because his administration seems to believe they're entitled to deference. Liars deserve no such thing. And especially not if there are attempts to break into journalists' e-mails and accounts from state-sponsored hackers, regardless of which state is sponsoring them.

The Current Administrator revoked visas for all refugees and many others on the day that the world remembered the Nazi program of ethnic and religious extermination, a move that was criticized from every available corner. The ban was targeted to avoid places where the Administrator has business interests. As one might suggest, chaos ensued, as well as airport-wide protests. International protests appeared, as well.

Because the language itself was poorly drafted so as to not do what it claimed it was doing, and any statement that claims immigrants and refugees aren't vigorously vetted is flagrantly false.

The immigration ban may have been a trial balloon on how to bypass the systems of government, but again, more context is needed. Even without that, though, border agents are demanding to examine the social media accounts of those returning the United States for "terrorism"-type purposes and demanding the names and passwords to those accounts, as well as those entering the country for the first time.

Even without a ban, deportation has been stepped up against anyone who looks deportable, (and what constitutes "the border" is 100 miles past the border) and anyone who might be undocumented.

State legislator positions on the executive order while it was still in effect.

At least one complaint centered around the tone-deaf-ness of the Administrator's daughter posting a glam picture while families were being torn apart. And another points out the statement made on the day of rememberance is rather short on rememberance and condemnation. This idea was backfilled with the insistence that because the Nazi program targeted others as well, there was no need for specific mentions. Even as the ban specifically targeted Muslims.

The Administration was deliberately coy about how many people the ban affected, deliberately lowballing the number to make it seem less important. Lowballing by a couple orders of magnitude, that is, as anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 visas were revoked by the order.

All in all, though, a federal court specifically blocked the ban nationwide after Washington State filed suit, making a more broad ruling than other courts. Not that it stopped the Administration from continuing to do actions ruled improper. Even when the appeal didn't reinstate the ban while it was being considered and the appeals court rejected the ban as well. Eventually the State Department allowed people in and Homeland Security also stopped preventing people from entering.

There's a problem, though - immigration enforcement went a-raiding, and so the travel ban was one thing, but the actual attacks are another. (They want to reinstate the travel ban anyway.)

Building a wall is not going to help with immigration crises. Leaving immigrtaion enforcement to the federal government is a good idea.

A rule against talking about slavery abolition was used to silence a woman Senator from speaking the words of a civil rights pioneer. A letter that is freely available to read, and then was read in by male Senators.

And then there's the rest of what's going on. Including a freeze on grants and contracts to the Environmental Protection Agency with an accompanying gag order to prevent the EPA from discussing it and a concerted effort to remove and destroy data that the agencyhas already produced. At least one National Park tweeted data in defiance, before being shut down, and now has spawned a long list of alternative Twitter accounts of various agencies.

An anti-LGBT order may have been put off its path by Ivanka Trump and her husband. The draft of the order would have set itself up as a horrible thing. That's the Pence part showing through.

Anti-science worked for the Harper administration in Canada, so let's not make it two successes in a row, shall we?

National Security Adviser Flynn resigned his position after it came to light that he was far too close to Russia, and may have broken the law in giving advice to a Russian ambassador about sanctions during te last administration. Which was then swiftly confirmed - Flynn and others were talking to the Russian government repeatedly during the entire presidential campaign.

A rather dire prognostication of how things might turn out that hinges on corporations being themselves.

Oh, tax cuts for the wealthy, how you remain a mainstay of Republican eceonomic plans. And so are tarrifs that are counterproductive. So, yeah, definitely not a populist economically.

The thought of an infrasturcture plan is great, but there have to be enough skilled workers to take advantage of it. And it would require not kowtowing and doing what Wall street says is the right idea.

The opposition could really do well by figuring out how to mobilize the active protest base into electoral results. They could help their cause greatly by forcing a higher vote threshold for the Current Administrator's pick to the Supreme Court. And then holding a seat open until the party that was denied the opportunity can return to make a pick. The party that elected the Administrator could get their heads out of their asses and fight what they've done. (Even some members of the mouthpiece media are starting to fight back.)

Being inclusive in activism helps you do better activism - include the disabled in your health care activism, for example.

The list of what happened today that is worthy of the f-word. And Yet more efforts to fact-check the Twitter proclamations and another daily list of things that happened. The Scalzi list, three weeks in.

The poorly-informed voter supports Trump because he sounds good and they don't know that he's waaaay off.

Questions about the Current Administrator's vacations, meant mostly to point out how much he complained about he previous administrator's trips.

Impeachment would be easy...assuming the Democrats win a majority in both houses in 2018.

Punching your local Nazi is, perhaps, the only way to get them to feel what you are feeling. Other parts of government should do the equivalent to Administration actions. Everyone seems ready to provide an opposition. Eventually, there will be enough to stop him. Assuming, that is, that the United States public doesn't decide to stop caring about these things. (Even then, a small minority with effective tactics can win.)

We may learn more through leaked information than through official channels with this administration. Translation of the pronouncements and ideas is...difficult.

A neutral Internet is essential for allowing all voices to be heard.

Indiscriminate data dumps are allowing both vetted journalists and the worst of /b/ to create their own stories about the world around them. And with the unseating of statistics from its place as the purveyor of the factual, it's even harder to find good numbers anywhere that haven't been massaged, tainted, or manipulated by hostile interests.

Putting together your own emergency prep kit. In case of police custody of your phone, what you could do to protect yourself. Protecting your data while traveling internationally.

If you can frame your arguments in your opponent's moral window, you have a better chance of convincing them to listen to you. Work toward creating new patterns of stories. As weird as it sounds, try to gently prise up the deeply-held beliefs, instead of going in with something that will make them defensive. (Maybe satire, although that's potentially dangerous.)

Because persistence wins the day. And pressure seems to be working to make things harder, if not stop the occasional thing.

Run for office yourself so that you can kick out the people who don't represent you and your beliefs. Scientists especially - there's backing for you.

If outside the US, Suggestions for Canadians to prevent and defeat the same ideals, along with an advocacy guide for Canadians.

Continue to do what you are doing, if you are protesting. Join and create your own protests, as you can. Make art, especially now. Hope tells us the path we think we're on is not certain, and can be changed. Being able to open up, give and receive help, and be honest with each other can see us through. We had a part in the creation of this situation, but we can realize that nobody else will save us and go to work saving ourselves.

Because it can't wait. And because technology is already being leveraged to influence us and make us believe we are correct.

One thing the current administrator is good for - helping students learn the ins and outs of casual English.


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